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“….And it’s Brazil-14…..England-0

By ATWadmin On December 16th, 2006

Had a chatter with my eldest brother regarding the organisational triumph which was the German hosting of the FIFA World Cup, and the possibilities of seeing the superstars of Brazil hosting their own tournament in 2014, as I posted on my own site earlier. Apart from one unfortunate glitch when the Germanic host nation stipulated that only MasterCard credit card payments would be acceptable for ticket purchase, brought on by a sponsorship deal with that particular Company, speedily sorted out when it was quietly explained to our German friends that “Befehl ist Befehl” wasn’t a commonly accepted financial ruling, especially when over ninety-seven percent of the payments were thought to be made on-line through credit card arrangements!

As I had registered for my brother, who is the family sports-nut-case, but failed to gain tickets in any of the lotteries run for the Games, he was talking about the possibility of pre-registering for the Brazilian World Cup tournament; and also wondering how much the tickets might cost. I told him that as they had just sent in the ‘Letter of Intent’ and there wasn’t even a decision, never mind a website, it may be a little premature!

However, I was able to tell him that the South African World Cup 2010 ticket site was said to be doing brisk business, with one strange, but typical, Third World addition:

the South Africans were paying people to come to their Tournament!


s a logo 2.jpgUpdate:-  There are discussions on-going regarding the logo used by the South Africans, as it has been argued that the logo should be made larger, as the wording is incomplete, as it should be reading:-

South Africa…..Alive with possibilities of murder, rape, armed robbery,  car-jacking, AID’s and HIV, lawlessness and general mayhem!



8 Responses to ““….And it’s Brazil-14…..England-0”

  1. I’m missing the connection…where was it said elsewhere that SA was paying people to attend?

  2. You’re supposed to be able to recognise attempts at humour, even my feeble attempts at humour!!

  3. Phantom,

    Waddayagonnado? These people think soccer is football, AND they think they are funny!

  4. I think you’re confusing football, which is played by eleven thugs a side with no protective devices whatsoever, with the sanitised ruckus held in the former Colonies, where upwards of seventy clowns get all togged up in full body armour, and run up and down shouting "Hup" or something, American Football.. forget it!

  5. Phantom,

    MC says "fuggedaboudit" to our way of playing football! Anyway, how about those Bills last week, eh?

  6. Ah, here is my pecking order of the top ten widely played sports

    1- National League baseball- the king of them all. Maximum strategy, and the pitcher must come to bat like everyone else.
    2- American League baseball- almost as good, but too tilted towars the offense and less strategy due to the bogus DH Rule
    3-American Football- I don’t really diagree with Cunningham’s points. But it is OK in the long baseball-free months of the sad winter.
    4- Rugby- glad I never played it, as those I know who do keep going to the surgeon even long after their playing days are over. Who wants a replacement knee?
    5- Horse Racing- a great sport, slowly dying
    6 Basketball
    7- Cricket- don’t know what’s going on there, but someone likes it
    8- NASCAR, Formula One and all the rest of that car racing nonsense
    9- Boxing- would be Number One if it were not so utterly corrupt.
    10- Soccer- the Seinfeld of sport, where nothing ever happens.It is Europe’s grand practical joke upon the world, this sport or whatever it is.

  7. Phantom,

    "4- Rugby- "

    The Rockaway Rugby Club has its heaquarters two blocks from where I grew up. (I never played it either.)


  8. George Will said that American Football contained the two worst aspects of American Culture – Violence and Committee Meetings (the huddle). I concur.

    I’ll take baseball, but I acknowledge it helps if one grew up with it. Football, as our European friends mistakenly refer to soccer, is much maligned here in the U.S. but is really an excellent sport that we, by some miracle, have yet to fully embrace.