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By ATWadmin On December 16th, 2006

Right. Sit up and pay attention. Aileen has set you another puzzle for this (cold) Saturday evening – hopefully working it out will generate some mental heat…

 In the city of Enigmamia every person is either a saint (every statement is the truth)or a sinner (every statement is a lie). One night, two robbers managed to break into the Enigmamia Central Bank.

Five men were brought to the police station for questioning. It was certain both robbers were present.
To narrow the field, each man was individually interrogated about the identities of the robbers. The results were:
Alex: 1. At most one of Bill and Eddy is guilty. 2. Dave is guilty.
Bill: 1. Both Alex and Carl are guilty. 2. Eddy is not guilty.
Carl: 1. At least one of Dave and Eddy is guilty. 2. Bill is not guilty.
Dave: 1. Exactly one of Alex and Bill is guilty. 2. Carl is guilty.
Eddy: 1. Neither Carl nor Dave is guilty. 2. Alex is guilty.
Which two suspects robbed the bank?  And show your working out ….



  1. Carl and bill robbed the bank. As for how I worked it out , well that’s my little secret 🙂

  2. it was the IRA wot dun it

  3. Leave that sort of comment out of this thread please. Let this remain what it is a non political bit of intelligent fun and don’t spoil it.

  4. Thank you Colm.

  5. Colm

    You know by now that you don’t get any credit for wild guesses.

    There isn;t enough there to justify an arrest never mind conviction.

  6. Colm When I think about it. The comment above yours fits in with Alison’s thread "In extremely Poor Taste"

  7. Aileen

    "Wild guesses" – you know me too well 🙂

    There isn’t any point me even trying to work it out. I would still be trying to work it out when you have posted your Christmas 2008 brainteaser !

  8. Colm

    You demonstrate a logical mind.You have just yet to fully embrace your inner Mr Spock ;o)

  9. Colonel Mustard in the Ballroom with a spanner!

  10. Ok Mad so now we know what your Christmas plans are but who broke into the bank? ;o)

  11. LOL Aileen! You’re getting naughtier and naughtier by the day.

  12. Colm

    sorry, just couldn’t resist :o)

  13. That’ll be your downfall !

    Now here’s my brainteaser before the vote comes in. Will it be Ray or leona, and who deserves to win ?

  14. Colm – She’s starting to scare me!

  15. Mad

    I’m sure your man enough to cope , no matter how wild aileen becomes 🙂

  16. The Unconventionals ;0)

    and if not them then Ben. I also liked Robert and the Mc D’s (I still youtube 500 miles)

    I don’t much care which of Ray or Leone gets it.

    I think that Shayne from last year sang Somehere over the Rainbow even better than Judy!

  17. I haven’t heard Shayne’s Over The Rainbow, but someone I know told me he thought it was the worst version ever !

    I didn’t like Ben or Robert but dodn’t mind the McDs .

    I would like Leona to win but I wouldn’t mind if Ray got it.

  18. <Q>I’m sure your man enough to cope , no matter how wild aileen becomes :)</Q>

    Heck, I don’t think even Bruce Willis would be man enough to cope ! No wonder Fermanagh wasn’t big enough to contain her 😉

  19. D and E robbed the bank.

    1) If A is a sinner B & E must both be guilty.

    2) If B & E are guilty then C is not guilty and therfore D is a sinner.

    3) If D is a sinner that A and B are either both innocent or both guilty. Both of which contradict line one.

    4) Therefore A is a saint and D is guilty.

    5) B accuses A snd C, so must be a sinner. Therefore his statememnt of E’s innocence is false.

  20. Hi all,

    I’m gonna cut to the chase – are Dave and Eddy the culprits?

    I have my reasoning all prepared – so no need for Colm’s punishment just yet.

  21. By looking at which men stick up for each other, you also get:

    Dave and Eddy

    A sticks up for C
    B for E and D
    C for B
    D for E
    E for C and D

    These are the only two combinations that stick up for each other.

    No need to label them sinner/saint.

  22. I have one, if I may, my brother was given it at a job interview for Leham Brothers:

    A betting game is played on a circular table of any size. There are only two players and each takes turns to put a £1 coin anywhere on the table.
    The £1 coin must not overlap another coin, or stick out over the edge of the table.
    The last person to put a coin on the table wins all the coins.

    This is a flawed betting game.
    There are 3 rules to a strategy that, if followed, always win.
    What are they?

  23. *claps Ross"

    right reason and beautifully explained :o)

    Gold star!

  24. Ann

    I’m intreged.

    You have the right answer in terms of whodunit, but I’m not sure what the "stuck up for means".

    you need to label them saints and sinners because working out what are the lies and what is the truth is what the puzzle is about..

    Of course the counter intuitive possibility, which hasn’t happened here is that being a saint or a sinner is only in terms of telling lies or the truth not on whether or not you rob banks. :o)

  25. Ann I’ll give your a go.

    and we have Colm with us tonight so be careful ;o)


    WONDERFUL! :o)

  26. Guess I was stumped by the sinner/saint reference, not knowing whether or not this meant that there were only two sinners in the equation.

    My ‘alternative’ reasoning was that the robbers would not incriminate each other.

    By looking at who the men didn’t incriminate (i.e. who they stuck up for), logically two would coincide.

    As it happens, this was the case!

    Not exactly by the book, I know.

  27. This is my resonse to wailing men:


  28. Ann that is absolutely ADOOOOORABLE :o)

  29. Aileen

    Just listened to it. Yes it is good I must admit, but my mate told me the version he has heard which Shayne might be releasing is a sort of reggae version. Let’s face it though, Shayne has been badly launched and is a virtual has been now without ever having really had a career. .

  30. It’s time somebody greened this thread 😉

  31. And I wonder who might do that 😉

    Shayne Ward’s family are Irish. Does that help ?

  32. Colm Reggea ????!!!!

    Why tamper with perfection

    I don’t understad why Shayne isn’t an international superstar. He has a fantastic voice, sings with emotions and is the ultimate in being a wee honey.

    I love this as well. I think that Mrs O crosses the line somewhat but I can definitely see where she is coming from.


  33. Aileen

    I think we will have to throw a bucket of cold water over you!

  34. I tried to warn you Colm!

  35. Is nobody going to comment on the laughing baby? Isn’t he funny?

  36. I’m starting to see your point Mad – The woman is crazed with lust!

  37. <Q>Shayne Ward’s family are Irish.</Q>

    "Shayne" is a funny way of showing it !

  38. What laughing baby ?

  39. Aaaargh! I pop out for a couple of swift ones, and when I come back it’s all been solved!
    No, really, well done Ross & Ann. I looked at this a few hours ago and I couldn’t make any headway on it at all.

  40. ann’s post at 10:05.

    If you don’t chuckle you are in a very bad way or really don’t like babies.

  41. Tom I wondered what happened you. Ann got the right answer for the wroing reason but she’s had posted another one at 9:32.Colm and Mad are distracting me and I haven’t got anywhere with it.

  42. Mad

    It’s a unionist conspiracy They forced him to stick a Y in his name before allowing him to win the X factor 😉

  43. "Colm and Mad are distracting me"

    Typical woman. Blaming men for leading her astray. This is the age of feminism. You can’t blame us anymore.

    PS – I have just seen the baby video. Very cute and sweet. Even making me broody!

  44. "Colm and Mad are distracting me"

    You wish 😉

    Now unhand that Pizza Delivery boy!

  45. Colm

    did you chuckle?

    Mad, I told you to wait in the car ;o)

  46. 1. Write down the value pi to the 20th decimal place. You’ll need this for step 2.
    2. Measure the diameter of the table, and of a £1 coin. Using the formula (Td=table diameter, Cd=coin diameter) (4pi/((2Td/3Cd)^3)*(1/(Td-Cd)^2))*Cos(4pi^2), work out whether the optimum number of coins is odd or even.
    3. If odd, you go first, if even, let the other chap go first. And in case your calculation is out, when the table is nearly full of coins, shoot your opponent and take the coins.

    Am I warm?

  47. Aileen – Yes who wouldn’t chuckle at such a lovely infectious giggle – although I could think of a few ATW misery guts who wouldn’t.

    Are you comparing Mad to a Pizza delivery boy – The only Pizza Mad might have delivered as a boy would have been the first one cooked in 1892 !

  48. Tom, you’re getting warmer than warm.

    Can you tell already (without Pi’s help) if it’s odd or even that wins? And, what would the arrangement need to be for one to always be the case?

  49. Tom apart from your plan B. Surely what if you don’t ahve any control over who goes first. The other thing that occurs to me is that you can’t stop the other person puttong a coin on the table that is not a multiple of coin widths from the nearest.

    That doesn’t seem to get me any further.

  50. And, the answer (Tom, how this all pies up, I don’t know!):

    The 3 rules:
    1) You must go first
    2) You must put the first coin right in the middle of the table
    3) You must mirror each of your opponent’s moves to keep the layout

    1) must be true in order to win on a table the size of a £1 coin.
    2) and 3) result in an odd number of coins on the table at the finish.

  51. Ah yes! The symmetry will always result in an even number, but the one in the middle makes it odd. That is cool.

  52. Brilliant!

  53. Night all – sweet dreams of winning tables laden with £1 coins.

  54. nite Ann

    I don’t think that I would risk trying if Tom was my opponent. By the look of his 111:06 he’s a sore loser!