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It’s all for your own good

By ATWadmin On December 16th, 2006

1984.jpgIf you’re wondering why your local Accident and Emergency ward is facing closure, look no further than two of this foul Government’s actions. Firstly, their Private Finance Initiative policy, which enables them to conceal huge amounts of public debt, but costs the tax payer and the NHS dearly, and secondly the most expensive computer system ever before devised.

As with so much of this Government’s plans, it involves collecting data on each one of us, and reads as if culled from Orwell’s most fevered dystopian nightmares. The Government’s “Patients Czar”(?) declares that everyone’s records will be compulsorily included, notwithstanding the gross violation of our confidentiality this involves, unless you can prove (how?) the inclusion will cause “substantial mental distress.”

“Substantial mental distress”? It is not enough that you don’t want your records available to all and sundry, you must be driven to the point of mental breakdown by the very thought. Perhaps marching side by side will be another law where someone suffering “substantial mental distress” can be dragged off and thrown in a padded cell.

How long before we will be required to submit for our microchip insertion? Another term in power should do it.


5 Responses to “It’s all for your own good”

  1. This is very worrying. What exactly is the definition of "medical records" in this case. It is one thing if it is a list of alergies or the information that you are pregnant. Even then it should be volentary.

    This thins about substantial mental distress is also worrying. Why should it need to cause you Substatial mental distress. How much distress will that be concidered to be. If if would cause you substantial mental distress, then there is every chance that having to prove that it would cause you substantial mental distress would cause you substantial distress.

  2. Aileen,

    it’s the logic of totalitarianism. It all makes sense if you assume they are trying to create a big brother police state.

  3. Richard,

    It’s just another page in the great Labour plan to know all about those who it wishes to control! As I posted in http://atangledweb.squarespace.com/httpatangledwebsquarespace/the-database-nhstate-is-coming-and-to-a-site-near-you.html, the only way to stop these clowns is to individually place your ‘objection’ letter, as I have done, into the hands of your G.P., because that is the only place your wishes will be respected!

  4. Mike,


    You’re link was kiboshed by the comma at the end! I did read your post, and this is a timely reminder to send the letter to my GP.

  5. I mean "your link", not "you’re link"