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News from the bunker

By ATWadmin On December 17th, 2006

tony-blair.jpgWhat are we to make of the latest “damaging leak” from No. 10? The first thing we must bear in mind is that that there are two types of leak: authorised and unauthorised. Those responsible for the latter generally find themselves hunted down ruthlessly, out of a job and/or prosecuted, wheras what we have here is merely a press release via the back door. That being the case, it would be wise to regard everything in the memo as for our consumption.

Is it really the case that Labour are all in a tizzy over Cameron’s “resurgent” Tories? There are reasons why they would want to paint the Conservatives as the favourites, for one thing it focuses the mind of back-benchers in marginal seats and the party faithful, but not only is the next election some years away (one assumes), due to the electoral system the Tories would now need an unprecedented landslide to take power, so even a grossly unpopular Labour Government stands a good chance of winning.

Whatever the case, the memo reveals a Government with no agenda other than keeping their greedy snouts in the trough, who have never grasped that there is a difference between spinning stories for the media and effectively governing a country.


5 Responses to “News from the bunker”

  1. Wow – if this is a genuine document then Labour are in full-throttled panic mode.

    It might vindicate David Cameron’s tactics if their claim that Labour voters are moving across to a ‘more likeable’ opposition is borne out. Which, to some extents it isn’t; Labour is atrocious and yet the Conservative lead is minimal and, at times, non-existent – and not at all in keeping with this memo’s apocolyptic tone.

    Could it be a Blairite plot to undermine Brown and have the Party skip a generation and choose, say, Milliband?

  2. Gary,

    whatever it is, there’s no way things like this come out of No.10 unless No. 10 wants them to

  3. I received a google link to this Web page and I have spent the last hour trawling over much of it.
    I come to the "Log In" page, but to log in you need to be registered or at least a member. I am neither. But I could find no way to register or to join.
    Until this morning, I had every intention of allowing my Website to close, now though I intend to revive it and have another go at persuading the Taxpayers,that it is quite legal and rather a simple manoeuvre to change the system and avoid all Direct Taxation. If tax demands from Central Government are abandoned, it should be recognised that a "Flat Tax" will have to be paid on a Local Authority basis.But of course, at this point, the Taxpayer has the control of all public finances. Meaning that all Government spending Has to be sanctioned by you, the payers of Taxes.
    Regards, A T Flynn

  4. I wonder what difference STV instead of FPTP would make?

  5. It is all just shadow boxing until the Brown regime takes over.