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Who indeed are the guilty?

By ATWadmin On November 4th, 2006

Read how Israeli troops are said to have opened fire on ‘unarmed women’ who were attempting to break a siege on a mosque where Palestinian terror suspects were holed-up! Now apart from the people, both Israeli and Palestinian who were actually involved, no-one knows exactly what went on in those hectic minutes of gunfire; but apparently at least two women are dead, with more injured.

As to the morals of this action, with the Palestinians claiming that they were all innocent, and the Israeli’s claiming that the women were attempting to smuggle female clothing to the gunmen; the Palestinians claiming that they were shot at recklessly, and the Israeli forces claiming that sniper fire was directed against male participants only!

The rights and wrongs will echo past the funerals, the weeping and the rending of clothing; the left-wingers calling for the Israeli soldiers to face imprisonment, and the counter-calls of the supporters of Israel denying ‘massacre’ accusations!

But isn’t it rather strange that Margaret Beckett, our own ‘bedouin caravanner’ calls on only ISRAEL to show restraint, and not the terror groups of Hamas, of Fatah and of Hezbollah?

10 Responses to “Who indeed are the guilty?”

  1. Mike,

    See http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/783637.html:

    British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett also expressed concern Friday at the mounting death toll, calling on Israel to obey humanitarian law and for an end to Palestinian rocket strikes on Israel.

    "We are concerned by increased violence in Gaza, in particular by reports of civilian deaths," said Beckett. "Israel has a right to defend itself but any action should be proportionate and in accordance with international humanitarian law.

    "We call for an immediate end to the launching of rockets against Israeli civilian targets, and to all forms of violence," she said.

  2. Let’s try that link again:


  3. The women are guilty. Case closed. They were not there to give humanitarian aid. They became combatants by trying to spirit the terrorists away using themselves as shields. Unfortunate.

  4. Chas,

    Would you consider the area a war zone, therefore "guilt" is an inappropriate term?

    Snipers, street fights, dead civilians: It all sounds like Northern Ireland to me.

  5. They chose to enter a battlefield in order to influence the outcome, as Charles says they volunteered to be combatants.

    Alhough given that only two were killed it seems likely that the Israelis were still trying to treat them as civilians, as Hamas calculated when they asked they women to be human shields. The fact that Hamas clearly recognise that Israel seeks to minimise the deaths of all but hardcore terrorists suggests that their view of Israel is actually more moderate than that of their western apologists who insist that the Israelis are mass murdering nazis who have no respect for Palestinian life.

  6. These women answered a call from Hamas the terrorist organision who have shown an intention to commit indiscriminate murder in a hitherto unknown industrial scale against. They held the keys to their own future. Yet they failed the moral concept of basic humanity by bringing their own children to act as human shields to their own Musque. Suposedly, in a stupid attempt, to help terorists who had murdered innocents,escape and probably to assist them to do the same again. The onus of responsibility ultimately lies with them – no question about it.

  7. Well said Parnell – and spot on.

  8. So, all the contributors to this thread were there and knew exactly what happened?

  9. The woman were willing participants and therefore combatents. The Israelies showed immense restraint. First of all the terrorists held up in a mosque which right there is a somthing only a terrorist does to try and protect themselves against return fire second they used the #1 terrorist body armour Unnarmed woman and children…..

    The Israelies should have hit the whole crowd and the mosque with Napalm….

  10. 100% agree with you Troll. Although I’d also like the entire Gaza strip to be thoroughly cluster bombed and Napalm’ed until the entire area is a charred mass grave!!!!