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By ATWadmin On June 20th, 2008

alan_johnston2.jpgYou will recall that BBC reporter Alan Johnston was kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists in the Hamas stronghold of Gaza. He was held captive for four months and then released as an act of  "goodwill" by the deranged Palestinian killers – a group that the British government had been in "dialogue" with leading up to his release.

The question NOW being asked if the release from prison this week of Abu Qatada  – a radical Islamic cleric once described as Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe – part of a deal that Britain made with Gaza-based terrorists for the freedom BBC reporter Alan Johnston?

Speaking from jail last summer, Abu Qatada himself offered to help mediate the prisoner exchange. Hamas sources and Israeli diplomatic sources familiar with the Johnston release talks confirmed to WND last summer there were third-party discussions between Gaza’s Hamas rulers, a mediator and the British government for the release of Johnston. A second track of negotiations were opened between Hamas and the Army of Islam kidnappers, the sources said. Also, the BBC was in direct contact with Hamas, said the sources.

Palestinian sources involved in the Johnston negotiations said Hamas passed to the British government the Army of Islam’s demand for the freedom of Abu Qatada. They also warned if Hamas stormed the Gaza compound in which Johnston was known to have been held, the BBC reporter likely would have been killed during any rescue attempt.

Abu Oubaida, a spokesman for Hamas, would not confirm any deal was reached. The British embassy in Tel Aviv did not return calls for comment on the issue. Officials from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ office said they believe a deal was made for the release of Johnston. They also accused Hamas of paying off the Army of Islam.

So, is it possible that the British government and the BBC have colluded to engineer the release of a BBC journalist by doing a shoddy deal that gets an alleged Islamic terrorist mastermind a "get out of jail free" card? I think we should be told, don’t you? Can we trust the BBC to tell us?  


  1. David –

    It’s an interesting and plausible theory. I wouldn’t put trust the British government nor the BBC not to engineer such a shoddy deal. But then I’m me and they are them.

    Mind you, I’d discount the "Officials from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ office said they believe a deal was made for the release of Johnston" evidence. Abbas and Hamas are no friends.

  2. If that was the case, and even if only partially true. Would anyone in our government actually care enough to to do anything about it? that is after all the apologies and handwringing that would take place.

    While I am pleased that no-one lost their life in this incident, it would seem that the long and much declared awowal that we wouldn’t deal with terrorists in a hostage situation has now gone the way of so many other political promises. I wonder how many lives will be lost, in the future, because of the precedent this will set, – if true…

    One can almost see the BBC as some Machiavellian figure, steering a hypnotised government along the proverbial’ garden path’.

  3. Surely the judge who granted bail to scumbag Quatada this week would have to be in on any deal? Unlikely, I’d say.

    But the government could have "hinted" that bail was likely in a few months, given the collapse of the extradition to Jordan and the lack of charges in the UK.

  4. Peter,

    Ways and means. A left-wing judiciary has its advantages.

  5. Your source is world net daily, conspiracy theorists extraordinaire.

  6. Abbas and his gang confirm it. Are they lying? If so, are they also lying when they posture as partners for peace? Why DID Hamas let Johnston go – kindness???

  7. Much as I loathe Al-Beeb, I have to agree with Gerard and call shenanigans on this. The only evidence is the old chestnut of ‘according to Palestinian sources’, which basically means ‘according to people lying to fit our agenda’ or ‘we made it all up’ in the real world.

    And Hamas (nice to see someone acknowledge the truth) let him go because the deal they *did* make the media scum that shill for them was to present the united fiction that it was a random mini-faction who grabbed Johnston, and not Hamas themselves.

  8. I thought if a deal was doen there would have to have been a shorter time period between Johnston’s release and Abu Qatada’s bail.

    Frankly the whole things seems unlikely

    DSD – what is this about the Hamas "deal"? – when you say someone "acknowledge the truth" do you mean the accusations by the office of Abbas – who as you know is a political opponent of Hamas?

    You may bre right of course but unless I’ve missed something I cant see any confirmation of a deal.

  9. I don’t believe there was a deal. I think the release of Abu Qatada was a completely seperate issue and is just another example of the judiciary’ exaggerated ‘Human Rights’ agenda.

  10. if it was the deal it was a major mistake. Will we ever know the truth ? Not likely

  11. In situtaions like this , the truth is only what people choose to believe.

  12. Andy,

    I think you misunderstood my point. The truth I was referring to was that it was Hamas who had Johnston, not some random mini-faction that Hamas heroically negotiated with and then were lauded by the media for doing so. As far as Qatada goes however you simply cannot trust Palestinian ‘sources’ of any affiliation, hence my calling shenanigans on the rest of it.