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By Pete Moore On April 11th, 2014

Police Alert!

A swan nesting at Warwick University has been accused of attacking students from ethnic minorities

Warwick University has erected a fence around a campus lake to stop a spate of swan attacks on students.

A 4ft tall bird, which boasts an 8ft wingspan, has been accused of behaved aggressively towards foreign students as they cross over a footbridge near its nesting place at the university’s Gibbet Hill campus in Coventry, West Midlands.

I think I’ll have a long lie down this weekend. Maybe for a couple of days. This is where the Progressive mania to Ban All The Things takes you. We giggle about the people of Hartlepool once hanging a monkey out of suspicion that it was a French spy, or at the medieval French who once tried a pig for murder. In fact animal trials are recorded throughout history, until the 18th Century. And then we stopped being so stupid. Clearly the Left is desperate to take us back centuries in more ways than just energy tech.

I half expect plod to arrest the swan. Such is the terror that the politically correct state holds over its employees, who cower in fear at being accused of some thought crime, maybe the swan is in a cell as I type, sans belt, shoelaces and wallet.

Come on plod, where are you? The state will not tolerate racism anywhere or in any form! Arrest the swan!


  1. When living in South Africa, I was persuaded by my daughter to choose and adopt a dog from the local rescue kennels. We got landed with the doziest, lovable black labrador bitch which never barked, never made a fuss, was great with all the kids, and was just an ordinary dog.

    But with one strange wrinkle in her make-up; she just did not like black people at all. Anyone else coming to the garden gate, she would raise one eyebrow, wag her tail maybe once or twice, and that was it. But let a black-skinned person even walk past our garden fence, and she was up straight, coat standing rigid on her back, a low, menacing growl in her throat, and tensed to spring straight at the possible intruder. As this dog was a slightly-large sized labrador, the menace alone kept all unwelcome on the other side of the gate.

    Funny that! Just the sort of dog to down a treat at Warwick University!

  2. Someone trained that dog to behave that way.

  3. The police in the UK have arrested somebody for calling a police horse “gay” which I would have thought that the police would view as a compliment. Another man in Stirling was arrested for “revving his car in a racist manner”. I expect that the swan will be arrested if it has not already happened.

  4. Animal biology can be quite interesting, especially when it throws up things which are not PC. Leaving ‘racist’ swans for the moment, here is a study of the genome of the bonobo compared with that of the chimpanzee and the human. The ‘problem’ is that when the genome of the ‘human’ is split into African and European, it is found that reproductive behaviour of the African is closer to the bonobo than to the white European – see figure 4 :


  5. Phantom , An alternative reason for the dog’s behaviour could be that it was ill treated by blacks , they are not known for being animal lovers .

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