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By ATWadmin On November 1st, 2006

Well, here it is, our new home for A Tangled Web! Can't write anything.

I hope you like it. We’re pretty well finished unpacking our things and I wanted to show you around the new ATW site.

You’ll notice a few points of difference.

There is the familiar ATW blog, of which this is the first of MANY posts to come. All you need to do to be able to comment is to register the once – that way, I’ll find out where you live and send the boys’ round to have a word should you ever disagree with me! The rules of the new ATW are as of the old, try and be civil, no gratuitous swearing and no taking the name of Elvis Costello in vain. Other than that – it’s all yours!

There is also a new feature, entitled Tangled Articles. Here you will find longer, more detailed contributions from the team. Blogging is best when its brief and to the point – but many topics warrant more space and this is where you will find them.

You can also find out more about the ATW team of writers in the biog section.

You can email me by clicking on the email tab and I’m working on a way that will enable you to contact any individual writer.

We also feature vastly enhanced link sections – and these will continue to grow. There is some great writing out there and I hope we have not missed any quality sites.

Finally, the idea behind this site is to stimulate debate. I am sure you may not always agree with us (though I hope sometimes you will!) but I trust you will always find us engaging.

That’s enough from me – now, time to put the world to right…. !

50 Responses to “WELCOME TO A TANGLED WEB!”

  1. Well done on the move David.

  2. David

    Love the new layout and good luck with the new site.

  3. Very Slick David!

  4. Its all very slick looking

  5. Hmm…just posting to try register

  6. I’m glad it’s not too radically different. I got so used to the layout and style of the old web , and i hope this new one continues to spin to greater and stronger success.

  7. Sorry, just to be clear is registering done simply by posting a first comment or was there something else that needed to be done ?

  8. This site deserves to prosper in its new format. Let comment begin.

  9. If I may be so bold, there doesn’t appear to be anywhere to register or is it by invitation only?

  10. David,

    Good luck in the new home. It looks well.

  11. The clean, simplified layout is a real plus.

    I just want to check out the <B>Post a New Comment</B> warning that <I>HTML will be escaped</I> and the promise that a Hyperlink will be created if I enter a URL like http://impeachbushcoalition.blogspot.com/.

    Best of luck to ya!

  12. Colm/Garfield/Kloot,

    I’m trying to sort out the registration issue – please stick with it until I can get this resolved. I want to ensure you can all post instantly but it needs tweaking at this end!

  13. Congratulations DV. The time and effort expended has been well worth the effort. However, the departure from the norm we can do without, "I’ll find out where you live and send the boys’ round to have a word should you ever disagree with me". LOL

  14. Congratulations on the new move. Who said conservatives could never change?

  15. Well it would be a miracle if there weren’t any teething troubles with the commenting system , and as David has not yet been canonised (although I’m sure it’s only a matter of time) he cannot be expected to perform them.

  16. How do I register David?

  17. David,

    One design change request. Can you show the time as well as the date of each commenter’s comment? I think it is helpful sometimes in a long thread to be able to point to a specific comment when there are multiple postings by one commenter in the same day.

    Oh, yes, and, Death to Kim Jong Il!

  18. if we are talking about design changes, I think David is using Courier New as the font in the comments box, which makes me feel like I’m in a creepy 1970s movie at the start of the computer age.

    Anything but Courier New, it’s like water torture.

    Or is this retro now?

    Agree with the time.

  19. I did prefer the generous sized font on the typepad site, but otherwise this format looks clean and simple. My only recommendation would be to enlarge the font size just a tad.

    Buona fortuna.

  20. Oh, and another geeky comment

    This is a comment, not a post. But the buttons below say create or preview POST. But only you and your team can create posts.

    Recommend that the buttons below say "Create comment" and "Preview Comment"

    The Typepad alternative was "preview" ( which could not be misinterpreted) and POST ( as a command, not a noun )

    Precisely yours,


  21. Looks nice David.

  22. Nice job – looks good.

    I second the requests for a bigger font & adding the time of the comments though.

  23. David, I see you’ve finally shifted from UUP dark blue to DUP dark red!

  24. David

    See now you have Mr. O’Dwyer and I agreeing on things. There’s no telling what the new site can accomplish.

  25. Gosh, all this warmth and good feeling reminds me of the scene from "Miss Congeniality" —

    Stan Fields: What is the one most important thing our society needs?
    Gracie Hart: That would be… harsher punishment for parole violators, Stan.
    [crowd is silent]
    Gracie Hart: And world peace!
    [crowd cheers ecstatically]
    Stan Fields: Isn’t she lovely? Thank you, Gracie Lou.
    Gracie Hart: And thank *you*, Stan.
    [Gracie walks offstage]
    Victor Melling: That was charming. Are you drunk?
    Gracie Hart: I’m glad you enjoyed it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go unscrew my smile!

  26. genuine query. whats this site linking to? i see it pauses while transferring data to or from this site.

    Center for Cancer Research Nanobiology Program (CCRNP)

  27. Just to say that posting should be just as normal – no need to do anything other than..post!

  28. Oooooh. I don’t know. It’s so empty and clean looking here. I hope I get used to it. I don’t like change…

  29. david. whats the craic with the link below?

    Center for Cancer Research Nanobiology Program (CCRNP)

  30. non?

  31. Tripper,

    Not sure what your question is?

  32. that website links to ATW. you can see it transferring data when you refresh the page. there are no links or banners referncing the site, so i was wondering what it is?

  33. I have no idea! Where is the atw link?

  34. it was present in the status bar at the bottom of the browser, when you refresh. although it now has mysterisously disappeared.

  35. DT,

    It’s the other way round, ATW seemed to be linking to that site. Maybe a post linked an image there, dunno. Oddly it was not in the HTML source when I looked.

  36. Frank/DT,

    Maybe it was a Halloween prank!

  37. Frank, yeah i it worded badly. ATW was linking to it. not the other way round. if i had my sygate FW running at home i couldve captured the entire transaction.

    i know several other blogs linked to it. rightwing american ones particularly. i investigated it then, but forgot to follow it up.

    i just find it odd that sites were linking to a location that had no direct reference on the blog.

  38. David,

    You’ll never convince DT that black helicopters were not involved 🙂

  39. Gulp! It’s all a cover-up!!!!

  40. yeah, a bit like the republican congressional page issue. eh dave 😉

  41. ok so i actually hear helicopters overhead now frank. who did you call?

  42. Nice clean look David. I hope you’ll do a follow up in a few months and compare and contrast this platform with your previous experience.

  43. Good luck with it David.

    First complaint. I really don’t like not being about to see the recent comments links when I’m in the comments bit of a post. This is a step backwards.

  44. Ooops

    Cancel that! I’m just having trouble negotiating arround the page. :o(

  45. Daytripper, I have been aware of that lecb.ncifcrf issue for ages (I sometimes get it on other sites as they load). It is some sort of anti-spam device. The data being transferred to your browser cache is a huge long list (about 10,000) of false email addresses which are automatically generated by that url.
    I’ve asked lots of people where it comes from before, and without exception, the website hosts are unaware of it and have not deliberately set it up.
    It’s a mystery to me where it comes from or how it gets onto so many sites. I’ve even emailed people at ncifcrf.gov before and asked them, but got no response. I find it extremely annoying, it causes a big delay in this page loading. David, I emailed you about this a few weeks back while we were testing out the site, if you recall.

    (PS, the thing is, only Firefox actually tells you on the statusbar that the data is coming from there, but FF encrypts its cache so you can’t see the file. Try loading this website using IE. You’ll get the same delay while the data transfers to the IE cache. Then go into "IE settings" and take a look at the cache, you’ll see it there, it’s a html file about 3.8Mb in size. Copy it and paste it elsewhere, and open it. You’ll see it contains this massive list of email addresses. Weird. )

  46. Test. ("Recent Comments" bar hasn’t listed my comment above this one. Just trying again, logged out)

  47. So it is: http://www.lecb.ncifcrf.gov/~toms/spam/trap.html

    (Is there any way to get this thing to remember the author info like typepad did)

  48. Frank,

    If you email me using email link above, I will set you up as registered user.

  49. Well I don’t know what you did there but now it is storing the info. Sweet.

    Further <strike>demands</strike> requests:
    a) Bigger comment font
    b) allow some basic HTML in comments!
    c) RSS feeds to allow subscribing to comments on individual posts would be tremendous.


  50. Gotcha. I know what is causing this spamtrap. It’s a java applet activated by this line in the blog template:

    [script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="http://capnbob.us/graphics/never.php"%5D%5B/script%5D%5B/div%5D

    I know this because I’ve seen it before. This line is supposed to produce that well-known "Remember 9/11, never forget what happened, never forget who did it, never forget our resolve" animation. Interestingly, it’s not even working on this page (the animation is supposed to appear on the sidebar, in that blank space between the "Religion of Peace" logo and the Israel flag).
    If you remove this line of html from the template, my guess is that the outdated spamtrap will disappear from the site.