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By David Vance On April 30th, 2014

Did you see that around 150,000 eastern European migrants are putting just £1 a week into Britain’s tax coffers.

Others in low-paid jobs contribute virtually nothing after tax credits and benefits are taken into account. And as a result of our topsy-turvy benefits system some immigrant families are even costing the taxpayer nearly £300 a week. The shocking figures were set out in a report from think-tank Migration Watch into the hidden costs to public funds of the mass influx of newcomers from the EU. It dealt a blow to claims by supporters of open borders that mass immigration boosts the economy.

In NO WAY does third world immigration HELP the UK economy, but the left play fast and loose with the facts, continually switching the argument. Pakistan and Bangladesh are two of the LARGEST sources of UK immigration, the report does not deal with that aspect of things. Instead it deals with EU immigration, and in particular that from eastern Europe. In essence it argues that low pay is a magnet because you automatically then get tax credits. The Left tried to debunk this by stating that immigrants pay indirect tax, eg. VAT. This is beside the point. The POINT is that they are contributing £1 a week in INCOME tax.

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  1. Latest polls are putting the UKIP at 38%, 11% ahead of second place Labour. What is interesting is another poll asked if the UKIP was a racist party, one-third of those asked answered with a firm ‘yes’. Yet support is still growing. Although UKIP is not a nationalist party, it has been subject to all of the usual ‘racist and bigot’ labels by the media with the opposite effect as intended. It appears the frog is starting to feel the heat.