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By ATWadmin On June 28th, 2008

It’s a death-wish and eventually one that will be granted.  I refer to the negotiations that have taken place to arrange the release from a British jail of one of al-Qaeda’s most important operatives in Europe.

The prisoner, who can be identified only as U, is expected to be released from the high-security wing at Long Lartin jail next week.

Appeal Court judges ruled in April that the man, a 45-year-old Algerian veteran of al-Qaeda’s Afghan training camps, should be freed on bail. But discussions between security agencies and U’s lawyers became deadlocked over the conditions restricting his movements and whom he can meet when he leaves prison. The authorities are understood to have sought bail terms more stringent than the 22-hour curfew imposed on the radical cleric Abu Qatada when he was freed last week. These conditions would require U to spend all his time indoors.

Why does our Judiciary show such callous disregard for the security of this Nation? Why is is that this is the SECOND Al Queda leader we have released in the space of just a few weeks? Is it possible that we are trying to cut some sort of deal with the Jihadists in the false hope they will leave us alone? Appeasement runs DEEP in the British establishment, always has done, and I do wonder at this latest release of a trained Islamic terrorist. Don’t you?

9 Responses to “BRITAIN HEARTS AL QUEDA ….”

  1. I know this isn’t strictly speaking on topic, but please please please change the title of this post. I can’t stand the current fad for using the word heart to mean love. I know it derives from the iconic I love NY T shirts with the heart symbol , but it only works when you use the symbol, it doesn;t work as text. It looks stupid and it gets on my nerves, so stop it please NOW!

  2. I agree with Colm. It is a terrible use of my second favorite organ.

  3. Mahons

    I didn’t know you had such affection for your Kidneys 😉

  4. Wow! – a red letter day, you, me and him!, and we all agree wholeheartedly on something, together and at the same time…

    What a wonderful day…! 🙂

  5. Ernest

    I heart days like this 🙂

  6. It’s going to snow, because I agree with all the above.

    As for Britain I don’t understand her revulsion for keeping terrorists locked up, whether they be irish or arab, and what I find even more scary is my nation with recent rulings is about to follow suit

  7. They ought to identify this guy, if he is to reside among law abiding people, and he is a terror threat to their safety, he should not be released into their midst protected by annonomity.

    Why will they not identify him. I hope the press sniff him out.

  8. Gerard,

    You have to realise we are now all living in ‘cloud cuckoo land’, That nirvana of egalitarians….where right is wrong, and black is white. Where to be at all judgemental is seen as a crime against humanity, – well you can see just what a problem our judges have.

    How can you be a judge, without being judgemental? – in short, – you cannot. So what price the very concept of justice? – from recent news, it seems that it no longer exists, we have ‘therapy’ instead.

    No crime is now so heinous that it merits something so barbaric as ‘punishment’. If a victim suffers, well too bad, they should learn to forgive, and they will feel all the better for it, and as in the rape case mentioned elsewhere, the victim may get some parsimonious concillatory platitude from the Judge.

    We are now governed by a pack of fools!…

    p.s. Apologies for jumping on you the other day!

  9. p.s. Apologies for jumping on you the other day!

    Thats nice of you. Thank you.