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By David Vance On June 4th, 2014

First, let’s think about these guys, shall we? These are the faces of real heroes – soldiers who lost their lives in the search for the deserter Berdahl.


Then, let’s think about this guy, the “hero” of the hour.


Bowe Berdahl – American deserter. A concise summary of what he contributed to the US mission in Afghanistan…

“Sometime after midnight on June 30, 2009, Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl left behind a note in his tent saying he had become disillusioned with the Army, did not support the American mission in Afghanistan and was leaving to start a new life.”

He said a few other things too.

Bowe Bergdahl told his parents he was “ashamed to even be American” and was disgusted with the U.S. mission in Afghanistan and with the Army, according to emails quoted in Rolling Stone magazine.

I suspect this is what he has in common with Obama. The media seem genuinely shocked that many Americans feel very unhappy about the utterly sordid deal that has been struck by the Taliban, just like the White House seems also taken aback. Whether Bergdahl is a traitor we cannot say, but it is clear he is a deserter and as such it is incomprehensible how the Obama White House would seek such naked appeasement of the Taliban to spring his release.


  1. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Q3k27dA5IUg/S_VAzFlw9YI/AAAAAAAACCg/VXO8SlE2JGA/s1600/obama+terrorist.jpg

  2. The poster ” We sacrificed six. Remember their names “ stings.

    If I were Bergdahl, I’d stay far away from any gatherings of former or current military. They might not take kindly to him, after what he did.

  3. It’s a pretty sordid business all round, but the US is on dodgy ground here as President Ford once offered amnesty and “mercy” to Vietnam deserters back in the 70’s.

  4. A rather more simple set of circumstances then though, Bernard. America had a much clearer vision of what they stood for and who was the enemy .

    People did desert as they always have in every country. That they were offered amnesty may not have been popular with those who fought, but it made sense.
    Today even after 9/11 America seems to be confused about who they are and what they stand for, perhaps because President Bush exposed the limits of military power when dealing with a fanatical enemy, and President Obama is either confused about what he stands for, or else he is deliberately hiding what he stands for..

  5. Desertion is a serious crime , but

    The Vietnam deserters would have included many draftees, who joined the military against their will. I bet that most of them were not in combat situations when they deserted.

    This guy was a volunteer – in a forward combat position, where each man was dependent on the other for survival.

    If the facts are as presented, he has a lot to answer for.

  6. He would have volunteered at least twice – one to join the Army, and again to be in a combat brigade. No one is compelled to join such a unit, not these days.

    And if he wished to leave the battle, even that could have been accommodated if he had asked for it.

    You simply don’t drift off the base without warning, in a dangerous environment where your comrades are counting on you.

  7. If the facts are as presented, he has a lot to answer for.

    If true then this goes back to the question of how we should deal with warfare committed by extremists.
    When you’re dealing with a disease like say cancers or plagues, you have to be prepared to be ruthless. No question. I don’t believe in giving extremists a platform in a free Western country, simply because they haven’t earnt the right and don’t have the framework that brought us to free speech.

    That is like allowing a virus to flourish because it has a right to free expression in the body, just as healthy cells do.
    If this man is guilty of what these guys say he is then give hime life in prison.

  8. Michael Hastings (he of the Merc which went up in flames) wrote a very good piece about Bergdahl for Rolling Stone in 2012. He sounded like a troubled soul looking for a place in the world and a bit of adventure.

  9. But what is the US ‘mission’ in Afghanistan? Bergdahl claims to be disgusted by that mission and left his post, but at least he lived whereas Pat Tillman was equally disgusted and got 3 bullets in the head from his own side. Here is that ‘mission’:


    In the face of Afghanistan’s unprecedented boom in opium production, neighboring Iran is trying to baton down its border to slow down smuggling, building moats, walls and other large-scale projects. Iran spent more than $26 million last year alone on the border projects which also include large embankments, new border posts and lengths of barbed wire along parts of its 2,000-kilometer (1,200-mile) border with Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Neighboring Afghanistan has all the makings of a narco-state and is the main source of drugs coming into Iran and headed to other markets in Europe and the United States.

    All those years since 2002 under US military control, and the drugs continue to reach record production levels. These facts are not unrelated.

  10. It’s pretty clear from the Rolling Stone article that Bergdahl was the ‘bookish’ sort, and quite unsuited to army life.
    That should hold him in good stead if he writes a book about his years in captivity (which I’m sure he will), and maybe a bit of the truth that Allan alludes to will be revealed in it’s pages.

  11. Of course, the worst thing about this whole sordid affair is as David points out, a US hating imposter (non-national) fraudulent president supporting a US hating fradulent army deserter. Both should be lynched from the nearest tree.

  12. I see that his home town is cancelling the homecoming party..
    What a fiasco.


  13. He might quite simply have cracked. In December 1944 alone there were estimated to be 18,000 deserters or AWOL American soldiers in Paris itself.

    I don’t approve of the deal which I believe to have been an amoral stunt that violated the law by the President, but Bergdahl as the evil heavy here seems to me to be the wrong focus.

  14. according to those that served with him after he disappeared the attacks on the american positions started hitting exactly where the weak spots were, and the afghan tactics in the field changed to exactly match our tactics.

    There is no such things as coincidence.

  15. Actually there are plenty of coincidences in real life. Everything absolutely does not happen for a reason.

    ” No coincidences ” is the stock in trade of the Truthers, who backfill events to fit the tall tale.

    But this stinks to high heaven. I will listen to the grunts who served in that unit before I listen to the likes of Hagel and Obama.

    I don’t know how this Bergdahl ever walks the streets in Idaho or anywhere in America again. This won’t be forgotten. The story is just getting started.

  16. bullshit… that’s your crap trying to tie the paranoia and idiocy of the truthers to that statement.

    Look up synchronicity, and then occams razor, Probability and outcome dictate 99% of events. The fact that we can’t predict the results of everything is due only to our ignorance of all the factors.

    Truthers fill in the blanks with lunacy, that doesn’t disprove or make illegitimate the fact that there are no coincidences.

    American makes continual statements that his nation is evil, and his fellow soldiers are fools. Walks off base and then the enemy starts copying our tactics and hitting our weak points. What is more likely it’s coincidence or the loon gave them the information?

  17. He very well may have been a wink link. But we surely can wait until the full story comes in before ATW’s armchair warriors (none of whom ever served in combat) condemn him. Some people crack under combat situations, he may have been one of them. Want to know how many soldiers who served honorably had to leave the front because of Battle Fatigue? Plenty.

    Do we really want to isolate some guy who may have had a breakdown in a war zone as much as the people who sent our troops to that war zone and kept them there beyond all reason?

  18. It is noted that his principal critics are contemporary combat veterans from his own unit.

    Without them, this isn’t a story.

  19. Apparently his commanding officer seems not to share their opinion. And his fellows deserve no more or less credibility than anyone else. The American cult of the serving soldier elevates people who may very well be less than perfect.

    Was he weak, perhaps strange, did his fellows treat him as the runt of the litter, let us wait and see. Serving troops are no more humane, intelligent or than anyone else on Earth. They re human and subject to the same possibility of error misjudgment, prejudice etc. It may be that this soldier turns out ot be a coward or a traitor or something else. But we don’t know yet.

  20. And may I point out that he served. In harms way. Which is far more than most Americans who are quite content to let others do so, who have failed to challenge their politicians as to why they have allowed this farce of a war to continue. Are we not concentrating on him instead of ourselves?

  21. Senior officers should be listened to, but it is noted that that ambitious senior officers may wish to be in the political good graces of the commander in chief.

    And may I point out that he served. In harms way. Which is far more than most Americans who are quite content to let others do so

    I’ve made this basic point here a million times here. The weak, soft, unwilling to sacrifice one cent or one minute American public is very willing to let others bear all the burdens.

    But again this criticism emanates from those who served right with him until he deserted, and from the families of those who apparently were killed when looking for him. We should listen to them, not uncritically, but we should listen to them, and not allow any president or major national media to dismiss them out of hand.

  22. I agree that we shouldn’t demonise the man, but according to this link and others it wasn’t the first time he’d gone AWOL, or decided that you Americans and your army are the pits… 😉
    The point being that he was a volunteer, a professional soldier.


    This fiasco makes your President look either totally naieve or a helper of America’s enemies.
    Incidentally Bowe’s dad just gives me the creeps.

  23. Bergdahl ‘declared himself a warrior for Islam and played soccer with his captors after being found by the Taliban wandering along a roadside cursing America’
    Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl converted to Islam during his captivity by the Taliban

    Bergdahl would play soccer with his captors and was permitted to carry a firearm
    But was also imprisoned ‘like an animal’ after escaping for five days in June 2010

    Top secret files have been obtained that claim US officials were aware of his conversion to Islam

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2650070/Bowe-Bergdahl-healthy-psychologists-helping-regain-control-emotions.html#ixzz33qeCc3Vk

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