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By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006

795151-536769-thumbnail.jpgIt’s simple. Saddam Hussein is a genocidal monster who has terrorised his own people for decades.

Today, within hours,  Iraqi court is preparing to give its verdict on whether Saddam Hussein is guilty of crimes against humanity and if so, whether he should be executed. 

Most Iraqis believe that he is guilty on all counts and therefore he should be legally executed.

In Iraq, hanging is the prescribed form of punishment.

No doubt the Saddamites and their Jihadi co-horts will attempt to murder even more people in the wake of the likely pronouncement from the Iraqi court. Let us hope that they too will follow the fate of their evil master. Hussein will shortly exit this world, and a much harsher punishment awaits him in the next.


Shock Horror

Saddam has been found INNOCENT, he’s been pardoned and will assume his role as President.

No, only joking, he’s gonna hang. The BBC’s John Simpson has gone into mourning already – read his moving tribute to Saddam here.

6 Responses to “LET HIM DANGLE….”

  1. I for one am happy. Justice is served. He’s been sentenced in an open court of a democraticly elected government. I hope he does a little dance in the air.

  2. As long as the hangman doesn’t give enough rope to snap his neck. I want him to slowly strangle in agony for several minutes at least in from of cameras brodcasting all around the world. It will hopefully send a message to his like around the world what happens to those who defy the greatest nation under god on earth!!

  3. AE,

    ‘what happens to those who defy the greatest nation under god on earth!!’

    Glad to see you’re humble enough to concede there may be greater countries on other worlds.

  4. The Iraqi tried and sentenced him. I am confident that he was given a fair trial.

    Ramsey Clark was kicked out of the courtroom! LOL!

  5. >>I want him to slowly strangle in agony for several minutes at least in from of cameras..<<

    I see the sadists are in good form tonight. While it’s difficult to feel sympathy for a mass murderer like Saddam, we must not forget that he was to a great extent the child of the west, including France and the US, and was given moral backing by these states precisely at the time when he was carrying out his worst deeds, incl. the ones that brought him the death penalty.

    >>what happens to those who defy the greatest nation under god<<
    I presume this hype-artist is referring to the US.
    Defy America?Why he was once the darling of the US right.


    This picture was taken just shortly after Saddam first used the blister agent of mustard gas, an event widely known at the time.

  6. I got a rush of pleasure seeing his statue toppled and another when I heard that he had been captured as they were key momnets that signaled an end to the torture that he has inflicted on others. I was even pleased to hear about his sons, not for their deaths directly but again because it meant that they could cause no more harm. His execution will not do anything positive for me.