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By ATWadmin On July 10th, 2008

abuqadad.jpgSee the smile? He’s laughing – at us.

Abu Qatada, Al Qaeda’s ambassador in Europe, strolls along a busy London street fondling his prayer beads. This is the first photograph of the greying 47-year-old – said to be one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist suspects – since he was released on bail from a high-security prison after the courts ordered that he could not be sent home to Jordan because his human rights would have been breached.  Described by another judge as ‘a truly dangerous individual’, he remains an iconic figure for many supporters of jihad. Lawyers successfully argued in the Court of Appeal that Qatada could stay because evidence used against him in any prosecution in Jordan might have been obtained by torture – a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights. The fanatical preacher, who was 20 stone but slimmed down on prison food, was pictured on a shopping trip near the £800,000 home he shares with his wife and children. Exact details of the location where the Qatada family are living on benefits of an estimated £50,000 a year are protected by court orders.

Got that? He has an £800,000 house, he enjoys £50,000 annual welfare benefits, he cannot be deported – is it any wonder he grins?????? We have taken leave of our senses by allowing this situation to prevail and our enemies can smell how weak and un-serious we are in prosecuting them.


  1. Plus these guys are giving facial hair a bad name. Again, explain to me if he can’t go to Jordan why he has to remain in the UK? Give him a deportation notice and let HIM figure out where to go.

  2. Judges say this would be illegal and a breach of the …wait for it ..Human Rights Charter.

  3. If our taxes are funding his lifestyle he should be made to work. How about we give him a Government position as the Al Queda outreach spokesman. He can tell us that the reality of the situation is that his position in Government is preventing attacks on the UK. When there is an atrocity in the future he can blame the the Continuity Al Queda and dismiss them as having no mandate. In time these dissidents will see that by entering into Government they can live a better life style than they previously did on state handouts or as a barman….

  4. Jihad pays. Meanwhile pensioners who have worked all their lives and contributed to the state live on less than £100 per week.

  5. the lunatics are surely running the asylum, this is also what the ACLU and half the supreme court in the US wants to do for everyone in gitmo…

    Sorry Mahons, but ole billy was right, lets kill all the lawyers, will kill them tonight!

  6. Wow. You can own a house of that value and still get benefits. Good gig, Abu.

    I like the term we use here, "welfare", which bears an appropriate sting for someone who over a period of time takes from society without giving back.Benefits can be given to people who work, who contributed to the system, etc. This guy is by all indication someone who is a negative actor for Britain and for all humanity.

    Does he have to at least pretend to be looking for gainful employment?

  7. As his bail conditions prevent him from working, he does is unable to seek gainful employment. Thus his "wage" is paid to him for doing nothing.

  8. Well, since he is free to stay home and mind whatever children there are, maybe the good wife can get a job mopping the floor at Tesco’s

  9. You’re right Phantom, she should be working. What a drain to the system this leech is.

  10. Once again, The Bard is misunderstood by The Troll.

  11. Pretty hilarious understatement don`t you think?

    "his human rights would have been breached"

    Jordan has a history of rapidly dealing with "terrorists" who may threaten the powers that be.

    Could Mark Haddock make the same case?

  12. Human Rights Lawyers lawyers lawyers. ‘For they are marvellous in our eyes’.

    I thought his benefits had been stopped? They were. Im guessing….lawyers successfully argued his human rights were being breached on that too?

    I hope the next tube to get blown up is packed full of lawyers.

  13. How sad for you then Alison that they only got one lawyer, Fiona Stevenson, on 7/7.

  14. How sad then that her peers were and are so flippant about her rights and those of innocent others. As I said i trust the next jihadi bomber makes a bigger point. You can make out all you like im at fault Mahons but I aint the one smugly releasing key terrorists who are actively involved in that shit. You would do better directing your newly acquired conscience at "human rights" lawyers. No doubt their facial hair is a worry.

  15. The opposite is true, her peers believe that by protecting the rights of the least of us that they protect the rights of all of us. I don’t wish actively involved terrorists to be released at all, I want them tried, and if guilty convicted and imprisoned. And possibily groomed.

  16. So you ARE excusing these nutter HR activist lawyers then. I wondered why you had never been outright in condemning these obviously retarded people Mahons which always seemed strange to me since it is patently clear that these guys are simply on the make. There is nothing remotely noble about them.

  17. Everyone hates lawyers until they need one, but when they start getting the bills, the hate reappears! 😉

  18. Don’t get me wrong Alison. This guy should have a fair trial right before the hanging. These Islamists have been playing us for chumps for too long.

  19. Some in the Human Rights Industry and legal profession are clearly engaging in warfare via other means vs the US/UK/West. High minded rhetoric is a means to an end. US "civil rights lawyer" Lynne Stewart comes to mind here.

  20. Alison -I don’t share your hysteria, sue me (hee hee). There are lawyers with good intentions and those with bad intentions which shockingly seems to be the way all professions work. As I noted above, I think the decision was wrong, deport him. He has a right ot counsel and they have a duty to be zealous in their representation of him.

    If they cross a line (as Lynn Stewart did here in the US, punish them). If they do their job better than the QCs then isn’t the problem with the prosecution for not making their case?

  21. David,

    Sort of in the same region of concern, did you catch the great Michael Burleigh’s take on Iran today?

    A quote or two:

    No one in western intelligence really knows whether Iran has succeeded in installing ‘black ops’ teams in Europe or further afield that could mount terrorist attacks on civilian targets in the U.S. and allied countries, but it is certainly likely.

    The Israelis like to point to their successful June 1981 raid on a French-built nuclear reactor at Osirak, south of Baghdad, as proof that such acts of military audacity are effective.

    But, in fact, the lessons of history are otherwise. Former Iraqi officials have testified that immediately after Osirak, Saddam Hussein increased spending on his quest for a bomb from 400 million dollars to ten billion dollars, while ensuring that future efforts would be concealed and dispersed throughout Iraq.

    Since it is unlikely that Israel has the airforce capacity to do more than disable Iran’s nuclear programme, you can safely predict that an enraged Islamic regime will redouble its efforts to acquire a nuclear weapon.

    This in turn would spark a Middle Eastern arms race as Arab Sunni states seek to acquire nuclear weapons of their own. In fact, Iran’s neighbouring states would secretly welcome attacks, as it would give them the excuse to acquire their own bombs.

    He’s on the money of course. I wouldn’t like to be in Europe or the US when this particular shit hits the fan.

  22. Instead of “hysteria” the word i would choose to use Mahons is contempt. Total contempt.

    If the lawyers new best friends take out a few more of their odious kind in their next hysterical attack, it would seem poetic justice. Hee Hee. Its just as well one of his direct protégées Richard Reid, the would-be mid-Atlantic Shoe bomber was discovered when he was. Here’s hoping his influence is now benign.

    Lawyers have seen fit to ensure that there is no case for the prosecution by virtue of stating ‘might’. That is enough to send the entire legal profession into a state of righteous indignation that wreaks so badly that the human rights of others to walk around free from concern over this obvious criminal are a sideshow.

    Why should we even be in the position of defending the rights of such criminals when defending them does not result in a fair trial so much as a giant fix because he is a floating asylum seeker. The other option of course is to stick him in Gitmo but hey we can’t have that.

    Lawyers and the legal profession have created this enormous and dangerous vacuum, not governments, who wind up taking the blame. Does it not seem in the slightest bit bizarre that even a judge should find him so dangerous and then set him free. If he cannot do anything then what hope the prosecution.

    Why have a legal system at all when it is contorted so badly and fails so utterly. My contempt is shaped knowing that the people whoe created this grostesque legal loophole are making a tonne of money.

  23. Alison: Most human rights lawyers working these type of cases work them pro bono (which means free, not that they favor U2’s frontman). A terrible result, such as this case, is not their fault but the failure of the Crown to prosecute successfully and the failure of your government to pass effective legislation.

    And your contempt becomes hysteria when you wish to abandon the legal system entirely or wish for the death of innocent people.

  24. Thank you for making my point.

    Their dismissive attitudes to the man’s crimes and flippancy regards the dangers he poses outweigh any "hysteria" or "wish" on my part. Of course the accolades and the awards and the money to be made are not a part of it eh. I’m not the one ensuring the danger he poses is somehow irrelevant. You ignored my comment because you know the legal loophole that "noble" profession created is a mess of their own making. Pretending the Crown can wrangle that bureaucratic idiocy regards asylum seekers from certain countries successfully is utter nonsense. The Court of Appeal concluded SIAC had misdirected itself regards the M.O.Us *in law* and its decision could not stand because of the issue of evidence obtained by alleged torture in Jordan. Alleged torture trumps alleged crimes meaning we cannot deport a foreign national.

  25. Alison – Since it seems you hate the legal system, you hate defense lawyers and you wish them dead, it is difficult to see how you have convinced yourself that I have made your point.

    I have no idea about the fee arrangements in this particular case, what comments his lawyers made that are flippant or dismissive, or how they created a loophole. If you have any particulars you want to share on this case I’ll be happy to address them, but if you engage in generalities then that is all I can address.

    The Citizens of Rome gave up their rights long ago for the security of a dictatorship. It proved a mistake then, as it proves a mistake now.

    The solution to this type of result (a failure to deport this lunatic) is to add some meat to the government’s ability to deport aliens.

  26. You made it by ignoring what was relevant. Not exactly rocket science.

    Since the legal profession has no concern for the crimes this man has committed even when cited by a judge as dangerous and since he is now an active danger to the public c/ of legally drawn up bureacratic nonsense why do you suppose i should? You tread on snakes, you don’t feed them.

  27. I’m glad the USA didn’t sign on to the HRC. ThAnk you Mr Bush.

  28. I’m glad Mr Bush didn’t sigh the HRC.

  29. Whoops!

  30. Alison: I’ve ignored nothing. I’ve addressed all your points to the extent they can be discerned.

  31. Does it not seem strange to everyone here that a shadowy group such as the English Volunteer Force or the English Freedom Fighters do not emerge from the ether and simply nut these guys as they walk about the streets?

    Does it also not seem strange that the supposedly "sophisticated and ruthless" Al Queda never use bomb hoaxes to bring London transport to a standstill on a regular basis. All it takes is a "password" and a phonecall. Surely any "terrorist" group worthy of the name of "terrorist" could manage that?

  32. I’m jealous, I’m almost tempted to grow a beard and come out with some heavy shit..as I could do with the mansion, and perhaps a butler to serve me.

  33. Alison
    It is the law that you zealously defend your client.
    Mahons is right, the QC lost the case.

    The judgement sucks but that the process honey !

  34. Sam, 7/7 was a one-off i think b/c London is such a good base of operations for Al-Queda. How this guy remains unmolested is beyond me.

  35. Charles;
    He remains "unmolested" for the same reasons Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness remain "unmolested" I suspect.

  36. How this guy remains unmolested is beyond me.

    Who do you think should molest him? You aren’t advocating people take the law into their own hands are you?

    Sam Adams did jail time, and got shot and they both faced threats from dissidents.

  37. G! I’m not suggesting that it should, but MI5 and the CIA do "funny" things ya know!

  38. maybe its because he works for the state at some level. if he was a threat to the actual state, as opposed to the public state, he would not be walking the streets.

    the sooner people realise that Al Queda is an enormous hoax the better for everyone. Everything they have done so far has served the powers that be here much more than any of their mythical agenda.

  39. New York thinks not

  40. At the risk of suffering Alison’s superior movie knowledge, I’m reminded of the scene in "Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason." Bridget is bragging to her friends about her new beau.

    "He’s a human rights lawyer." All coo approvingly.

    I should offer our host a post titled, "Everything I know about the UK comes from Bridget Jones, To Sir With Love, A Clockwork Orange and Monty Python."

  41. "A Clockwork Orange," is that the one starring The Loyalist Workers Constitutional Stoppage," the maligning of sundry British politicians, the occasional murder and other sorts of deniable mayhem?

  42. Charles;
    "G! I’m not suggesting that it should, but MI5 and the CIA do "funny" things ya know!"

    What sort of "funny things" do they do? Could you let us know?

    Do you mean "funny things" like KINCORA BOYS HOME, or whatever the equivalent of that is in Texas.

    The Mossad do "funny things" as well, such as placing young ladies with big lips in the Presidents office.

    Is any of this as "funny" as MK Ultra experiments on innocent and helpless people.

    Quite a bundle of laughs when you start to go in to it is it not?

  43. Oh gawd. Monica Lewinski was a Mossad operation? Now that IS funny. Thanks, Sam! And they say truthers are grim, humorless bunch.

  44. Gordon;
    Do some research on "swallows" and "ravens."

    Isaiah 61:2 and the day of vengence of our God.

  45. Gordon;
    Do you know what is even funnier for Mr. Bill Jefferson Clinton? Hilary is a lesbian!

  46. "Hilary is a lesbian!"

    NAH, SAM………Hillary was not born on the Greek Isle of Lesbos. She’s a 100% American c..t!

  47. Do some research on "swallows"

    Are we back to Monica Lewinsky again ?

  48. Mahons: No. you believe that the legal loopholes in this issue are to be ignored and that somehow it will be argued successfully in court. Weird.

  49. Gordon: human rights lawyers are very trendy but very full of shit. So in that respect ‘the edge of reason’ seems appropriate.