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By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006

Is anyone surprised to read that Pumpkin look-a-like (Hat-tip to my friend Alex Kane) Peter Hain would prefer to make "the rich" bear more of the burden for reducing carbon emissions by relating green taxes to income.

The Northern Ireland secretary, campaigning to become deputy prime minister under Gordon Brown, also suggested “innovative ways” were needed to stop the super-wealthy “racing away” from those on average incomes.  Redistribution of wealth or "theft" as it is technically known is never far from the surface amongst our political elite. 

Hain also advocates introducing “progressive” green taxes to hit those on big incomes hardest. So it’s not to do with how environmentally "responsible" one is, it’s to do with how much you EARN?

And therein lies the reality behind the so-called Green Agenda. In the hands of monsters like NuLabour, it just becomes ANOTHER blunt weapon to impose punitive taxation on those people who do not rely on Government for their income.

Hain should be congratulated for showing us all the petty hateful vindictiveness that lies at the heart of this cabal in power.

It looks like Labour and the Conservatives will now compete on who can impose the greatest level of taxation on the British people – in order to save the Planet, naturally. 


  1. Labour in wealth distribution policy shocker!

    The only surprise is that it’s taken them nearly 10 years. Ah, ten years without the Tories!


    Wealth redistribution is also offical Conservative policy! We have a choice between left,left and uberleft. For now anyway…

  3. "monsters like NuLabour"

    A tad over the top?

    No doubt the rich emit more carbon per head than the poor. They take more flights, drive bigger cars, have bigger houses and more domestic appliances, etc.

    Personally I think congestion charging will do more to reduce carbon emissions. When we have to pay per mile of motoring we’ll change our behaviour.

  4. Peter,

    True. I’ll rephrase, "thieves like NuLabour"…