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The ‘looking glass’ is a bit fogged up, somehow.

By Mike Cunningham On August 4th, 2014

The Guardian, as ever, rattles off and echoes the knee-jerk condemnations of Israel’s attack on Gaza from the UN, Cameron, the USA, the EU Commission; as well as Ahmed bin Farouk, the owner of a grubby greasy-spoon cafe in Birmingham. Strange, is it not, that not many politicians or highly-placed and influential commentators and journalists even mention the true cause of all the death and destruction in Gaza, which is the fact that, one day after Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza, the terrorists of Hamas began planning the excavations which ran for MILES underneath the Israeli border with Gaza, excavated over years, and reinforced with the concrete which was allowed through the Israeli checkpoints because it was all agreed with the UN that such building material was necessary for reconstruction. No mention of the positioning within schools, hospitals and civilian infrastructure, and reinforcing the delivery and storage sites for the thousands of missiles and rockets which themselves terrorised a large part of Israel.

I listened the other morning to Paddy Ashdown, the former Lib-Dim leader as he parroted on about how Israel was laying waste to ‘humanitarian law’ as they sent their bombs and shells raining down on the ‘innocents’ of Gaza. Now I have never had a great deal of time for Ashdown, considering him a ‘useful idiot’ of the worst kind, always ready and available for a quick denunciation of who- or what-ever was at the top of that weeks BBC villains register; but even my jaw dropped when this ‘influential politician’ stated that Israel should never have struck back against the rockets of terrorist Hamas because, and I quote “The Israelis have the Iron Dome anti-missile system, so why attack Gaza?” The thought-process, if there was one, being that of, ‘Well its alright for Hamas to send dozens of rockets over Israel’s borders, because Israel can defend itself; so why should Israel even attempt to level Gaza, never mind any illusory playing-field?

If that is the type of mindset which informs our so-called leaders, methinks we should get either new advisers, or new leaders.


5 Responses to “The ‘looking glass’ is a bit fogged up, somehow.”

  1. The mindset of those who just say; “Israel has the Iron Dome, so why bother attacking Palestinians ?”, really do my head in. They never ask the basic questions first. Like, why does Israel need to develop, deploy, maintain and use, at great expense, such a system ? The answer to many is obvious, because Hamas is trying to kill them ! These are the same people, that tell us that, we need to send in the military against Serbs and the Taliban so as to protect peace and our way if life.

    They simply cannot get out of their mindset the sheer hypocrisy of their position. They seems to be able, in their minds, to justify war on Syria because a few kids have been allegedly gassed. Not there kids, or anybody else’s kids here in the UK, but someone else’s, to whom they have no responsibility.

    Maybe when the likes of BBC Stars, ‘Asian’ men and Senior Lib Dem politicians were going round raping little girls and boys, they had spoken up for them rather than cover for them, I would have some respect on matters on which they speak.

    I am a firm believer of, “get you own house in order, before you start telling others what to do with theirs !”

    Israel should have done more to stop the tunnels being built. They had the technology, but failed to implement it. What we are seeing is the failure by the Israeli Government to pay for and implement PLAN ‘A’. So now, what we are seeing, is PLAN ‘B’. Yes they are getting rid of the tunnels. But they should have been doing that anyway, and Hamas would not have been as strong.

    Even so, Israel has the right to defend itself. And Hamas can end it. But the Israeli’s are determined to press on regardless of the short, medium and long term consequences. They are so far in know, politically speaking, that they simply cannot pull back. Hamas and the IDF are locked into a downward spiral of hate and death. We should just leave them to it, we have problems of our own that we too have ignored long enough.

  2. You’re wasted here Mark.
    You write too much sense.

  3. Well said Mark!! All US economic and military aid to Israel should be stopped immediately.

  4. //Well its alright for Hamas to send dozens of rockets over Israel’s borders, because Israel can defend itself; so why should Israel even attempt to level Gaza, never mind any illusory playing-field?
    If that is the type of mindset which informs our so-called leaders, methinks we should get either //

    Youthinks Hamas started firing rockets before Israel moved against it?

    Well, youthinks wrong.

    //Israel has the right to defend itself. //

    Nobody is denying that. Every people have a right to defend themselves except Palestinians.

    As for the media, one very thin silver lining in this terrible human tragedy was that the western media have at least begun to approach objectivity and now finally treat the Palestinians as people who suffer when their children, friends or family are killed the same as Israelis do.
    The rage this outrageous neutrality generated among the pro-israel hacks was a minor comfort among all the death and destruction.

    There is a good chance that legal action will be taken against Israel for the blatant war crimes it committed in this latest conflict. The US should be in the dock too of course for – as Hilary Clinton told us – if they supply the weapons they’re partly responsible. The US has a knack for buying and bribing its way out of such situations; and Israel will probably want to demand exemption from prosecution in return for it stopping slaughtering Palestinians.

    However, there’s a good chance that some legal action before an international tribunal will at least reveal its misdeeds even to those people who have hitherto chosen to ignore them.

  5. Noel

    I really think you missed my rather, all to subtle, point. Why don’t you go back over it, and have another go, eh ?