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By ATWadmin On July 21st, 2008

Well folks – better late than never! Squarespace has just gone through a major upgrade and the architecture behind what you are reading looks quite radically different so I hope this all comes out looking fine!

So, what’s been happening in the world today? 

I see the macho man UK PM Gordon Brown has warned Iran to back off it’s atomic plans to wipe Israel off the map. I wonder if ANYONE in Tehran takes Brown seriously on this? I doubt it – the most he can do is talk about unspecified economic sanctions that will not pass muster through the UN. A paperweight tiger is Mr Broon.


Then I note that Bin Laden’s driver has pleaded not guilty to the charges of war crimes being levelled against him. Seeing as how he was carrying two ground to air missiles – allegedly – when he was stopped by US forces in Afghanistan, I wonder what his defence will be? Someone planted them? He was looking after them for a fiend friend  perhaps?


14 Responses to “THE NEW SQUARESPACE!”

  1. The look and feel of the site has not changed this end. Will it?

  2. Phantom,

    Nope – It’s all changed at my end!!

  3. David: I said the same words this morning trying on an old pair of pants.

    Does carrying around missles in Afghanistan constitute a war crime per se? It would seem to be par for the course, akin to us carrying cell phones.

  4. exactly mahons. i think what david means is that anybody pointing anything at our guys is committing a war crime. it certainly puts wholesale destruction of an entire country into perspective.

  5. bad tripper

    Destruction of a country? What kind of condition do you think Afghanistan was in in late 2001?

  6. Mahons, Daytripper,

    All the usual horseshit as ever. So why do you think a poor, fawning, innocent (pretend) local might just have a pair of Stinger SAMs with him? Defending his country from the evil Satan eagle?

    It’s the reason I read and don’t post (usually). Why do you come here?

  7. NSE: I can’t speak for DT, but I suppose I come here in daily hope for the rare contributions made by philosophers such as yourself that would be the envy of Periclean Athens.

    I actually was jesting as to the fact that weapons such a missles are almost a fashion item in Afghanistan. The intentions of the Bin Laden driver are probably not kind ones, and I’d have had no problem with him being shot down in the battlefield. However, the possession of weapons, even in Afghanistan while possibly a crime isn’t to my knowledge a war crime.

  8. The only thing that has changed for me is that there are no lines seperating comments anymore.

  9. whats that Colm no line you won’t cross in your comments?

    David what has changed in the background? or more importantly those of us that do posts have any new features been added or any taken away? or is it more even behind the seen stuff that is only up on your level?

  10. Troll

    You know I never cross the line into smuttiness 😉

  11. never not you Colm..:)

  12. Troll

    Perhaps I should have said " I never cross the line away from smuttiness "

  13. All,

    Bear with me, this upgrade has caused me all kinds of problems..I’m working on it.

  14. Seems to be working fine from my end David. I can comment and post without any problems.