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By ATWadmin On July 23rd, 2008

I may despise government and some of the politicised talking heads at the top of our police forces but I do have lots of time for those in our security services who quietly just get on with the job of protecting us from the Islamic killers who would murder us by the dozen, given the chance.  So it is revealed that Scotland Yard has disrupted 13 terrorist networks in London in the last financial year.

During the 12 month period, there was an average of a suspected terrorist incident in London every other day. There were 181 incidents, slightly up on the previous year’s figure of 177 and police took 4,346 calls on the anti-terrorism hotline. The figures were revealed in a document prepared for the Metropolitan Police Authority. Its author Supt Neil Haynes, from Scotland Yard’s Specialist Operations unit, said disrupting a network could involve several features. “Some cases may result in the foiling of a planned major bombing campaign, others may reduce the funding or resources available to mount such an attack,” he said.

And yet some pretend that there is no Jihad against us! 13 terror networks in London in one year. They guys disrupting these terror cells are doing a great job – but sadly, as with the IRA, the terrorists only need to be lucky once. Are we prepared?


  1. Credit where credit’s due.
    They’re on the frontline these guys

  2. True percy.

  3. "Are we prepared?"

    Sadly, as time passes, any sort of preparedness will errode.


    The terrorists know this and will use the public’s short memory to strike again.

  4. Here’s an article from the Daily mail that’ll make you shake your head:


  5. congrats to the yard, it shows that even though the politicians aren’t vigalent our police are.

  6. you know the link to the original story is not working