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By ATWadmin On July 25th, 2008

32 Responses to “Cowboy”

  1. Thanks Daphne, Good song.

    The Dixie Chicks won’t go down well with many of our more Right minded regulars , but hey they go down well with me !

  2. I don’t care.

    Does it make you happy?

  3. Yes

    I actually like country music, old and modern

  4. The Dixie Chics! BLASPHEMY

    this is a much better cowboy song

  5. Bite me Troll. 😉

  6. The Chix are the perfect Obamanian group. They’re more popular outside the US than in.

    Which should be fine with the gals, since they said they really didn’t like country fans.

  7. Gordon!

    Give the politics a break, these girls can saaang!

  8. Now here’s a good country song. I think it’s from your neck of the woods, Daphne.


  9. Aw, Daphne, that was a politics-free post. I carefully crafted it to be so. It’s true that they sell more tickets to concerts outside the US; it’s also true that they said they preferred more "progressive" fans.

    I hadn’t really paid attention to them until they showed up at the 2000 Grammys dressed, um, rather interestingly. There was a photo in the paper of the group; one of the dresses seemed to consist mostly of safety pins. My wife looked at it and commented, "Ah, the Dixie Biker Sluts from Hell."

  10. Christ, who told the twits they can sing?

    Feral cats have better harmony.

  11. Give the politics a break, these girls can saaang!

    Well said Daphne. Troll needs to take a leaf out of David’s book. He can and does hugely admire Elvis Costello despite his politics, and the same should be possible for all musical artists.

  12. Skye, clean your ears! 🙂

    They suck on the politics, but I refuse to choose my music based on ideology.

  13. Daphne,

    We can’t choose our music based on ideology, unless we only want to listen to Ted Nugent, Lee Greenwood (gawd I hate "God Bless the USA) and Anita Bryant.

    Artists tend to leftiness. Can’t be helped.

  14. Anita Bryant. I remember that name. Wasn’t she some sort of moral campaigner in the seventies ?

  15. Yes, Colm. She is a former Miss America, singer, and during the 70s campaigned mightily against gay rights.

  16. Then she had ‘gender reassingment surgery’ and changed her name to Pete Moore 🙂

  17. Gordon, your linkage actually pissed me off. That was a nasty song. Were you ripping on me?

  18. Gorden,

    That’s an interestingly ugly choice, but I think those sentiments about women originated in your part of the woods.

  19. Daphne

    Gordon’s idea of a joke. Insulting to you, but you can rise above it. Why he thinks you should want to see that video is beyond me.. Don;t let is piss you off.

  20. Colm,

    I was trying not descend into the sort of response you know I’m highly capable of because I kinda like him, but I did find this highly offensive. Is he saying southern girls are slutty? That is just no good.

  21. Daphne

    No I just think he wanted to link to a video with tits in that’s all. I may be wrong or being too generous, but I’m not sure he really menat anything nasty. Just a joke that backfired. Now if you can find a video clip of Dolly Parton singing 9 to 5 (inches ) with men in the audiences proving it then you’d be even….

  22. A vid of Minnesota men going all funny with each other would be more appropriate.

    Gordon, looking for some make-up love here honey.

  23. Daphne

    How do you know Gordon is from Minnesota (with the emphasis on Minne) ?

    Are Minnesotan men infamous for doing funny things with each other ?

  24. Because he said so.

    And I lived in the midwest for a good while, the men there have a much different view of women.

  25. Daphne,

    I was out to dinner. Consider an apology to be delivered; I wasn’t trying to say anything to you or about you by linking to the video.

    I just think it’s a funny video. It would be just as funny if the puppies were pixelated; it’s the whole reverent country ballad bent to a funny tack. I think it was done in Dallas, which I have some idea of being your villa de casa, but that’s the only connection to you.

    Do you really think it’s nasty?

    And no, I wasn’t ripping on you. And, while I live in Minnesota, I’m from New Mexico.

    (slinking back to my corner)

  26. Sorry Gordon. I was feeling all huffy, and that vid was nasty, and I got my feelings hurt, and went all womanish.

    We’re all good, I overreacted. Please accept my apologies for getting so twitchy. You’re fine. It was me.

    I’m glad you’re from New Mexico though, I like that so much better than Minnesota for absolutely no good reason.

  27. The funny thing about being from New Mexico, and living in Minnesota (for 25 years now) is that it still feels strange. Minnesota is some distant place that came up with politicians like Humphrey and (Eugene) McCarthy and Mondale.

    When I called home, not long after moving to Minnesota, I was talking to my dad. "Can you believe I live in Minnesota?" He said, in the same wondering tone, "I know. That is strange."

    In New Mexico, I lived 60 miles from the nearest natural body of water (the Pecos river, which was a trickle much of the year). In Minnesota, half the miles on your car are from having to drive around the lakes.

    Of course, in the winter, you can drive across the lakes.

  28. That’s nice. I’m glad to see Godon and Daphne have made up.

  29. I don’t think that Rodney Carrington is going into the music or comedy hall of fame any time soon.

    While I disagree with the Dixie Chicks on a number of things, I think that they are incredibly great musicians. They’re perhaps the best of the big country groups as respects musicianship and respect for tradition.

    Lets see more of the Chicks, not less. Leave censorship with the left, which is its natural home.

  30. A mere 16 months after September 11, Just before it all blew up with politics.

    I think that the Dixie Chicks were clumsy and wrong with some of the things that they said, but again, I think they’re sincere, good people who happen to be America’s best country group.

  31. I think so too Phantom. There’s enough other places for me to get all pissed politically, I’m not going there with my music.

    Let the singers sing.

  32. Hey Gordon, where do you blog?