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By Pete Moore On September 14th, 2014

The pantheon of scaremongering is huge and grows daily, but even so this is a cracker –

Business Insider: Why Independence Could Put Scotland In Danger Of Russian Invasion

I see that Business Insider’s editor is Yale educated. There’s a waste of an expensive education.


  1. Just suppose that the nuclear-submarine base were not in Scotland: would the Russians have any wish or need to patrol Scottish waters? Bear in mind who those nuclear weapons target. Given that fact, one would agree that the Russians have good reason to monitor the UK’s nuclear submarines. The writer does mention that question.

    I wonder if Norwegian and Danish waters are patrolled by Russian warships?

  2. This is madness.

    Then again, yesterday Ruth Dudley Edwards, a person much respected by several here, predicted that if independent, Scotland would soon fall into sectarian mayhem as in Northern Ireland (and the Brits haven’t even left there yet)

    In a way, it’s a pity the campaigns can’t last longer.

    BTW, Allan, did you seen that leading Jewish economist Joseph Stiglitz, surely a member of global Jewry if ever there was one, has come out on the side of independence for Scotland as a wise economic move.

    I reckon it’s the Jewish cabal that’s behind all this “Independence” movement.

  3. Noel – as long as the same cabal controls the issuance of money, it makes little difference how ‘independent’ a country is: its money is still controlled by others. Getting ‘independence’ from the City of London gives rise to the possibility that Scotland could crwate its own debt-free money. But what is of concern to the money-power is that the oil assets on which the City of London funds its gambling cash would no longer have the revenues streaming to its gamblers brokers. That would cause some problems and it’s why the indices took a hit when the ‘yes’ vote had a reported lead.

  4. Noel

    You think that will come as a surprise to Allan. Surely its a given that the Jewish cabal are behind ALL the world’s geo-political movements !

  5. The English are a bloody-minded lot.
    Sir Malcolm Rifkind has just penned a desperate appeal in the Telegraph to retain the Union. And what happens?
    He’s accused of being a Zionist shill, among other epithets, and reminded that he’s related to Leon Brittan (not his real name) who is under investigation for sex abuse.
    I would reckon most of the comments made would have been from the No camp, but such is the dislike of Rifkind they took the opposite tack because of his connections with the Tory party.

    That’s the degree to which many of the general public regard UK politicians…

  6. yet they re-elect them over and over.

    This whole independence thing is such a nice sideshow. I don’t care how it turns out, It’s a piss just watching the antics.

    It would be funny if they achieved with a vote what NI never could achieve through violence.

  7. “It would be funny if they achieved with a vote what NI never could achieve through violence.”

    I don’t understand your point. NI became an entity legally separate from the rest of Ireland because of the threat of violence.

  8. no NI has suffered terror from a group of it’s own people because those people don’t want to be British, not because they don’t want to be Irish.

    I know a lot of you think I confuse easily on this topic, and is early on my side of the pond but I kinda think that independence from England was more the issue than independence of NI from the ROI.

  9. Alex Salmond being blamed for risking Russia invading Scotland is nothing compared to the headline I glimpsed on a tabloid front page this morning – can’t find an internet link but the headline was brilliant ! It said


    He has a lot to answer for 🙂

  10. oh I want to see the pictures… 🙂

  11. //This whole independence thing is such a nice sideshow. I don’t care how it turns out,//

    Troll, first you declare you are prepared to stand by Britain “with unflinching resolve”, then a few hours later on the same day you don’t care if it falls apart.

    And you’re still trying to get people to take you seriously?

  12. Allans half right It’s not the jews. Its the Roswell Aliens with the Rand Corporation and the illuminati. A conspiracy within a conundrum wrapped in another conspiracy wrapped in bacon smothered with a thick layer of rich dark chocolate. Mmmmmmmmmmm