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On This Day…

By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006

1605 – Guy Fawkes and several of his co-conspirators are arrested in London whilst attempting to blow-up the Houses of Parliament.  Guards discovered them planting 30 barrels of gun powder in the cellar beneath the building.  All are later executed for treason.

1872 – The Mary Celeste sets sail from New York harbour.  The ship is found on the 5th December between the Azores and the Portuguese coast, mysteriously abandoned by her crew.  The mystery was compounded by the fact that no distress signal had been sent.

1952 – In America, Dwight D. Eisenhower wins the US Presidential Election with Richard Nixon as his Vice President.

1972 – Three musicians from Sweden and one from Norway decide to form themselves into a group called Abba.

1991 – Millionaire publishing tycoon, Robert Maxwell, is found dead at sea – several hours after mysteriously disappearing from his yacht off the Canary Islands.

1997 – Bill Clinton wins a second Presidential term in the United States.

4 Responses to “On This Day…”

  1. I always liked Guy Fawkes. He was a brave soldier when he held a post of command with the Spanish army that captured Calais and apparently impressed all he met.
    He was described by contemporaries as "a man of excellent good natural parts, very resolute and universally learned", and was "sought by all the most distinguished in the Archduke’s camp for nobility and virtue". Another describes him as "a man of great piety, of exemplary temperance, of mild and chearful demeanour, an enemy of broils and disputes, a faithful friend, and remarkable for his punctual attendance upon religious observance".

    His co-conspirators were, by the way, not arrested on this day but several days later.

  2. He was also a terrorist, like a 17th century equivalent Brighton bomber, Paul Magee.

  3. Sorry, that should be Patrick Magee.

  4. On this day: The Glorious Revolution William III Prince of Orange landed at Brixham in southwest England on 5 November 1688