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By ATWadmin On September 2nd, 2008

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has welcomed as “realistic” an EU decision not to impose sanctions on his country over its recent invasion of Georgia.  But Mr Medvedev said it was “sad” that the EU, which held a crisis summit, still did not understand what motivated Russia into sending in troops. Don’t be too sad, Mr President. You see the bunch of gutless cowards that run the EU understand only too well what motivates Russia and they FEAR it. That is why they abandon Georgia and any other independent nation that Russia seeks to “liberate”in the near future.  The EU knows that without Russian energy, it will freeze and that is why its heart has already grown cold to the menace posed by imperial Russia in 2008.

12 Responses to “FROM RUSSIA, WITH LOVE….”

  1. Good title, especially since any likely EU response will not leave Russia shaken or stirred.

  2. >>especially since any likely EU response will not leave Russia shaken or stirred.<<

    Do you think any likely US response would have any other reaction? Well, we’re waiting for it. But as far as I remember, the US throws its weight only at countries that don’t have weapons of mass destruction.

    As for David’s post, it was EU diplomacy that got Russia to withdraw from Georgia.

  3. Memo to Noel

    The Russians have not withdrawn from Georgia.

    They have withdrawn from some parts of Georgia.

  4. Noel: Au contraire, we’ve troops in your adopted country of Germany protecting you and yours from Ivan, who happens to have WMD, and we’ve been there protecting them for decades. If you think without us there the Russians would be content with Georgia, you are sadly mistaken.

  5. Mahons, conceeded. Imagine, I totally forgot about the 40 years of the Cold War. Where’s my memory! Inexcusable.

    Still, the US will do at least as little as the EU about Georgia and probably even less, apart from let off clouds of hot air.

    BTW, has anyone done a language analysis on those zealots on the Israel thread to find out who they were in former lives?

  6. The only reason you have troops and missile defence systems stationed anywhere is for your interests and yours alone. And your interests includes a functioning Europe as well as protecting you from long range rogue attacks. While you choose to muscle flex as top dogs and self declared liberating world policeman and thus invite ‘rogue’ animosity, and whilst you shell out for the privilege… Europe will continue to benefit and it’s citizens don’t pay for the privilege. Smart.

  7. Noel: I would agree we aren’t going to do anything, in the big picture the Russian action is too small and risk too much.

    Alison: A free Europe is certainly in our interest, as is a free World. We have a blended motive, self-interest and interest for others. Not always easy to secure or meet with success, but we’ll keep trying.

  8. Strategically the EU needs to make a mega-push to wean itself off Russian gas-dependency, using whatever non-Russian sources of energy are available, but primarily home-grown and renewable, including nuclear. The alternative is growing dependence and growing servitude, like a junkie to his dealer.

  9. As foreign secretary David Miliband told Russia its continued support for South Ossetian independence was incredibly rude, the Russians continued with their purchase of another 700 square miles of Surrey.

    Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin said: "Sanction what? Maybe you cut off supplies of Colman’s mustard and H and P sauce, yes?

    "Or maybe you cut off supply of gas and oil. Oh wait, we have more gas and oil than all you put together. In fact I am having more gas in lower intestine than in all of North Sea. You want my gas?

    "Maybe we cut off your gas and no turn back on until you sing Bryan Adams song and give foot massage."

    He added: "Also I have wheat farm size of France so am being unlikely to starve. Or maybe I just take half of grain from farm and use it to bury Scotland. You know, for laugh.

    "But, oh no, maybe you cut off foreign investment, yes? Maybe you no buy our football teams, our mansions and our vast, highland shooting estates?

    "Anyway, who care? We go do business with Arab and Chinese who not give gold-plated, sweet and sour shit."

    daily mash

  10. Now that’s what I call a very pragmatic perspective on the whole affair.

    It also shows how the whole ‘art’ of diplomacy is based on convenience and hypocrisy…and still politicians want to send men to die for such nonsense.

  11. I have to laugh. The majority of my country’s inhabitants have been wringing their hands and flapping their lips over the barbaric American invasion of Iraq. Complaining the whole untort affair was orchestrated by the desire to obtain Iraqi oil.

    Now the shoe’s on the other foot and the whimps in Brussels are kissing Putin’s ar*e because they’re afraid that Russia will cease supplies of oil and natural gas to Europe.

    It all boils down to necessity and what a country or union is willing to do to procure the necessary commodity. In the case of the European Union the powers that be have decided to throw away moral principles.

  12. It all boils down to necessity and what a country or union is willing to do to procure the necessary commodity. In the case of the European Union the powers that be have decided to throw away moral principles

    Europe has been getting Oil and Gas from Russia since the cold war.