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By ATWadmin On December 26th, 2006

brownPA250906_228x242.jpgDid you read that hard-pressed families have been forced to hand over almost £120,000 in tax to Gordon Brown since Labour came to power in 1997? The eye-watering sum – which is the equivalent of working solely for the Treasury for four years – is enough to pay for a four-bedroom holiday home in the Dordogne, a new Aston Martin Vanquish sports car or five years of Eton school fees.

The Office for National Statistics has found that £70,000 of the money has been raised through direct taxes – such as income tax, national insurance and council tax. But the remaining £50,000 has been raised through indirect taxes – often dubbed ‘stealth’ taxes – such as vehicle excise duty, stamp duty and the TV licence fee.

So around 40% of the taxes Brown has taken have come on the form of stealth taxes, making Britain one of the most heavily taxed countries in the West.

The figures also reveal that pensioners have been badly hit with the average retired household surrendering over £42,000 in taxes since 1997 – even although they are no longer earning. This is also disgraceful. But WHY do people continue to vote for a Government intent on stealing our wealth? Have we become stupified by Brown’s stealth taxation?


  1. Meanwhile, the super-rich continue to be a tax-free zone in Brown’s Britain:

    "Philip Beresford, who compiles the Sunday Times Rich List, estimates that about 200 of the 1,000 richest are avoiding tax on huge scale, which doesn’t sound too bad, until he adds that the richer they are the more likely they are to hide their wealth.

    In many cases, they don’t have to try too hard. Philip Green is not the only person to use Monaco as a home for his money. Since 1993, the British super-rich have been able to land in London in their private jets on Monday morning and fly back to Monaco, Switzerland or the Channel Islands on Thursday night. Despite enjoying the protection of Britain’s laws and the joys of its culture, a remarkably generous Treasury allowed them to pretend that they were really the residents of tax havens. A recent court case has begun the belated process of reducing the scope of the scam, but there is no sign of movement against billionaires in the Richard Branson mould who place the ultimate ownership of their businesses in tax havens or the foreign nationals who Gordon Brown allows to treat London as a duty-free shop."


  2. "Forced to hand over almost £120,000 in tax"!!!. And here’s the rest of us being crushed by Gordon Brown’s heavy tax burden. Still we can dream of that, "four-bedroom holiday home in the Dordogne", and "A new Aston Martin Vanquish" Seasons Greetings DV.

  3. Brown has been very inventive in spreading his tax haul over numerous taxes. He has also chosen his targets very carefully. Only rich people pay stamp duty and IHT according to the labour party, Even though that is a blatant lie , people only buy a house occassionally and die only once therefore it does not loom large in their thoughts.

    Secondly however precarious the economy is, it is still seen as a positive and therefore the statement "it’s the economy , stupid" still applies. As long as the economy holds up the natural apathy of the majority of voters will hold sway.

    Unfortunately the tories are too timid to attack Brown’s economic miracle (which is a house built on sand)because they want to be nice to everyone.

  4. As the late unlamented Leona Helmsley is quoted as saying: <i>"We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes."</i>

    How right she was.

  5. Peter, a petulant little leftist whine from the Guardian impresses no one around here.

    Wealth is not a cake, it is a yeast. Someone being rich does not make other people poor. Someone becoming wealthy generally creates more wealth and jobs for others along the way. High taxes reduce the incentive for people to start businesses and to become wealth build them, investing in research, training, creating jobs and so forth.

    I do not care about the great wealth of the few but the well-being of the many, which has been drastically attacked by Brown stealing from our wallets to create a centralist state system which he micro manages (badly). Brown has delivered higher taxes and worse public services for our money.

  6. NRG

    Those who don’t pay their dues are scroungers, whether they are millionaires or dole cheats. Green enjoys the priveleges of being British (to the extent of getting a knighthood) but pays nothing to support British society. That makes him a fair target for criticism.