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By ATWadmin On September 5th, 2008

Did you read that Euro politicians want TV regulators in the EU to set guidelines which would see
the end of anything deemed to portray women as sex objects or reinforce
gender stereotypes.

This could potentially mean an end to attractive women advertising perfume, housewives in the kitchen or men doing DIY. Such
classic adverts as the Diet Coke commercial featuring the bare-chested
builder, or Wonderbra’s “Hello Boys” featuring model Eva Herzigova
would have been banned.

The new rules come in a report by the EU’s women’s rights committee. (Where else, sigh?) Swedish
MEP Eva-Britt Svensson urged Britain and other members to use existing
equality, sexism and discrimination laws to control advertising. She
wants regulatory bodies set up to monitor ads and introduce a
“zero-tolerance” policy against “sexist insults or degrading images”.

No doubt we will be told this cannot happen but this is exactly the sort of worthless exercise that the EU excels at. So, before the ban comes in,  I give you Ms Herzigova’s finest hour. And to hell with the EU.  

19 Responses to “BANNING SEX?”

  1. I am going to have to see more photos before I make up my mind on this.

  2. You raised a few interesting points with that picture, David.

  3. The European Union cannot legislate morality any more than it can keep me from scratching my arse in public.

    It’s a big show by little cowards who don’t have the cojunes to stand up against terrorism because they are afraid the terrorists would hurt them. And besides they’d lose the battle.

    But the European Union can pass laws to terrorise its own citizens.

    WHY? Because it’s an acceptable display of power.

    The European Union promotes bullying, which is far more dangerous than showing some snogging, bonking, T&A themed brainless Brit soap opera!

  4. Mahons,

    I take the philosophical approach on this one myself. Ahem.

  5. It’s all very well mocking this but for those of us who have to go through life as an object of lust this is important, do you know how hard it is not to even be able to go to the shops without passers by undressing me with their eyes? I can’t help being so pretty.

  6. The EU is like a Students Union with real power.

  7. Oooh I know. What could be better than being degraded.

    To hell with the EU. What we need is Sarah Palin to speak out against it and next week ATW will fully endorse her views and fight to ban potraying women as nothing but superhorny sluts. Unfortunately judging by her daughter’s rather obvious abilities in this department David, she probably shares the same view as you!

    (I apologise for calling the off limits daughter a slut and making a joke at her expense. I mean really..women are not sexual creatures to whom double standards consistently apply)

  8. Why apologize, it says more about you than about her.

  9. I’m not the one campaigning at that level on a morality ticket boyo.

  10. Ms Behavin.

    However you are the one patronising women like Eva and the rest who make a great living from their looks. SURE it is superficial but it is also not for the EU to be our supernanny.

  11. Or the church

    No you’re quite right David. My joke about double standards got lost in it’s own deliberate attempt to illict an uncomfortable knee jerk dose of indigation.

    Hey, we wouldn’t mind if there was equality on this issue. Except that the only male torsos worth looking at these days are gay.

    And nothing would make a certain group shift uncomfortably in their seats about the sexual message it highlights, more than an aftershave advert featuring two gay men naked and slobbering over one another.

    But hey at least they are paid well!

  12. Ms Behavin’: And neither is her daughter, darling.

  13. Ms Behaving,

    I’m old enough to remember the ads for Old Spice and Blue Stratos which involved men involved in suvch activities as surfing and horse riding in a masculine manner, without even a hint of skin conditioner! LOL – I’m all for equality on this one – my beef is not the beefcakes or the cupcakes, it’s the EU. Which I loath!! And it has no sex appeal whatsoever!!

  14. Mahons: Yes sir, General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett!

    David: I’m very glad to hear you are all for equality and gay rights 🙂 Gay people need their totty too.

  15. Ms Behavin’: Melchie will do.

  16. Actually it’s:

    Darling: Melchie will do.

    And balance is restored to the universe 😉

  17. Thank goodness.

  18. Well, it might result in no ads altogether….not such a bad idea from my personal point of view. The business world trying to sell their products would probably heartily disagree with me though.

  19. Hmmmm…there might well be a case for restricting adverts or other media which portray a woman as a sex object (ie, ONLY as a sex object, nothing else than a sex object) but with most ads, sexuality is just one element in the mix. After all, both men and women want to be desired by (mostly) the opposite sex, and there’s nothing wrong with that, in the context of: we don’t want to be desired solely on that basis, as if there was nothing more to sexuality than mere animalistic urges.

    In that sense, I’m thinking of Kylie Minogue’s famous lingerie advert which ran in the cinemas several years ago. Would that be an example of what the EU seeks to ban? I would hope not, because Minogue was not a "mere" sex object in that ad. She was clearly in the controlling (rodeo) seat, she knew exactly what she was putting across, as underlined by the cheeky concluding line "So, to prove that this is the sexiest lingerie in the world, would all the men in the theatre please now stand up?…….No, I didn’t think you would". Humour hand in hand with mild eroticism. I don’t think that that particular advert was degrading to women, just as an example. Quite the opposite in fact. (Did I quote that line right? I think I’m going to have to look the ad up on YouTube, just to be sure…)