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By ATWadmin On December 27th, 2006

Did you see that UK businesses have been warned by a Government watchdog they must individually quiz every member of staff on gay rights – or risk being sued for discrimination?

Industrial relations quango Acas has spent thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money drawing up a detailed 18-question test to establish whether workers are being unfair to any homosexual colleagues.

Employers are advised to use the so-called ‘audit tool’ on all staff, then check their answers against a special score sheet to ensure staff do not have a bad attitude. A poor score earns a ‘STOP’ warning, which, according to Acas, means the company is at risk of being sued for discrimination. Questions range from knowing how many gays live in the UK, to whether the business displays a ‘rainbow flag’ – a symbol of homosexual rights – on the premises.

The relentless advance of the militant gay agenda, especially in the State sector, under the guise of “equality” is one of the most sickening features of modern life. I see no reason why the tender sensitivities of gay people have to be given such priority and have so much taxpayer cash lavished on them. I oppose ALL discrimination in the work place but I sure as hell do not need those useless bozos in Acas quangoland to tell me how to do it. 

Most gay people are sensible enough to KEEP their sex lives OUT of their place of work, as indeed do most heterosexual people. Perhaps Acas needs to draw up another 18 question “audit” questionnaire to establish if gay people are being unfair to heterosexual work colleagues?

13 Responses to “GAY RIGHTS COME OUT ON TOP…..”

  1. Well said, David. Love the sinner, hate the sin.

  2. Forget about the issue of gay rigts, it is the state quizzing individuals to ensure that they are thinking in an politically approved manner. That is state control of a completely new order.

  3. "Employers are advised to use the so-called ‘audit tool’ on all staff"

    That could have been put rather better in retrospect couldnt it David?

    Well, it made me giggle anyway…

  4. DSD,


  5. Nice one DSD!

    The new rules apparently violate my right to freedom of religion which allows me to preach, practice and propagate any religion of my choice whether it discriminates against homosexuals or not so long as I don’t violate another person’s freedoms and rights.

  6. As always, bad legislation (most anti-discrimination legislation in fact) is gold-plated by our demented civil service.

    Staff who give the non-PC response to these questions would presumably have the right to sue their employers under legislation protecting them against religious discrimination, however, if they were to face any disciplinary action – or indeed were ordered to attend diversity and equality seminars – in order to be re-educated.

    Thus can one form of special pleading be used as a weapon against other forms of special pleading.

  7. The days of the Thought Police cannot be far off. I nominate George Galloway as the first commissioner.

  8. Peter,

    It’s a pity his admiration for Saddam did not quite extend to sharing his fate.

  9. The goverment is ushering in a very dangerous politically correct agenda. It is likely/possible (depending on how litigious gay rights groups prove to be) that under the new rules imposed in N Ireland from 1/1/06 and soon to be imposed in the rest of the UK:
    * a pupil can sue a teacher who says sex is only for marriage
    * a homosexual student can argue evangelical meetings should not be allowed on campus
    * schools could be forced to use pro-homosexual books
    * the Gideons will no longer be allowed to place bibles because they contain "hate speech" and hotels that have them could be compelled to remove them
    * wedding photographers who object to "gay marriages" could be sued for refusing to take bookings
    * printers who refuse to print leaflets extolling the virtues of homosexuality will be fined.

    This is not fantasy – if you do anything which "violates someone’s dignity" or "create an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment" for a homosexual you can be subject to fines from £500 – £25,000. These provisions will undoubtedly be used to intimidate or threaten anyone who does anything contrary to the homosexual rights agenda.

    Is this what you want? If not write to the PM – or if it is, write to him anyway, because that’s how democracy is supposed to work.

  10. Terry,

    The Sexual Orientation Regulations are indeed highly illiberal. Arguably, religious believers can rely on the provisions of other types of anti-discrimination/human rights leglisation to avoid having to comply with their worst aspects, but it is all hugely messy.

    Also, why should it only be religious believers who who have the right to argue that their beliefs are compromised by these regulations? If an atheist printer or wedding photogropehr doesn’t approve of homosexuality, there is no reason IMHO to force him to act contrary to his beliefs. It’s as unreasonable as compelling a non-socialist to carry out work for the Labour Party (perhaps I shouldn’t be giving Tony Blair ideas!)

  11. Sean, I agree totally – why should the atheist be compelled to adopt the gay rights agenda? Tell Mr Blair!


  12. Why not bring a couple of muslims in to work beside the gays? Would any lefty visitors remind me of how islam would treat gays?
    I do know one or two gays and they don’t walk about with "I am gay" tattooed on their foreheads. They get on with life and their business is their business: not mine nor the employer’s nor the state’s.

  13. I had a mate I used to work with – very camp, but no one was ever really 100% sure if he was actually gay or not. Then one late evening the topic of the traditional clandestine ‘dirty weekend’ at the cliche seedy hotel came up and somebody asked him if he’d ever had such an experience. The reply:

    "No, but if I did I suppose we’d have to sign in as Mister and Mister Smith wouldnt we?"

    Without a doubt the wittiest ‘coming out’ I’ve ever heard…

    If I remember rightly Muslim tops gay in Victimhood Poker, so we could see administrators dragged off for incitement to racial hatred for telling Muslims that its wrong to think homosexuals should be executed. All good fun.

    Anyone remember the Twilight Zone episode where the modern-day Nazi is transported back to 1940’s Germany and has a yellow star slapped on him before being shipped off to a gas chamber? I’d love to see a new variant whereby all those gay rights people that back up the Islamists get transported to the West Bank wearing nothing but pink tutus and ‘Allah loves homos’ T-Shirts, right in the middle of one of those subtle and tasty Hamas rallies with the rocket launchers and AK-47s.

    Yeah all right, I admit it, I’m just putting off coursework now.