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Now It’s GI Barack

By ATWadmin On September 7th, 2008

DESPITE failing to mention it in either of his two autobiographies, Barack Obama has remembered that he once considered enlisting in the US military.

You know, I actually did. I had to sign up for Selective Service when I graduated from high school. And I was growing up in Hawaii. And I have friends whose parents were in the military. There are a lot of Army, military bases there.

And I actually always thought of the military as an ennobling and, you know, honourable option. But keep in mind that I graduated in 1979. The Vietnam War had come to an end. We weren’t engaged in an active military conflict at that point. And so, it’s not an option that I ever decided to pursue.

Well fair play to you B. Hussein old son. It’s not your fault the US wasn’t engaged in any active military conflict at the time. If it were, no doubt you’d have been off to the recruiting office demanding to do your bit for Old Glory. Some scurrilous buggers will put it about that you’re making it up, but the rest of us believe you.

26 Responses to “Now It’s GI Barack”

  1. Apparently, Obama could NOT have signed up for Selective Service in 1979 because Selective Service was not reinstated until 1980.

  2. IT does seem daft that he claims he chose not to join because the US was not in a conflict at that time. Is he really saying he would only have considered it if he could have been dropped straight into a war zone. Mmmm I agree with you here Pete, very fishy indeed.

  3. one little problem with that statement

    [1979] Iran seized 66 Americans at the American Embassy in Tehran (November 4) and held 52 of them for 444 days, while the Iranian government won several concessions from the United States, in the process severely harming the prestige of the United States and the political career of President Jimmy Carter. The hostages were released on the day President Ronald Reagan took office (January 20, 1981).

    That sounds like a good reason to sign up, but I guess watching those embassy personnel being paraded around didn’t inspire him. Funny thing is he might have had the chance to meet Imamadjihad back then since he was one of the hostage takers, maybe Barry could have talked him out of it…lol

  4. The man really will say anything, tell any lie, if it can grub him a few more votes from the gullible. What utter BS.

  5. Kerry served in Vietnam, with distinction, while Bush stayed stateside (awol for a good few months).

    But the republican attack-dogs laid into Kerry as if he was a draft-dodger and their guy was a (stateside) hero. Now they lay into Obama, because he was too young for Nam. And they elevate McCain, the same guy they vilified as a traitor when he (a) ran against Dubya for the nomination in 2000 and (b) proposed campaign finance reform after that.

    Whata buncha two-faced jerks.

  6. Patty,

    "Apparently, Obama could NOT have signed up for Selective Service in 1979 because Selective Service was not reinstated until 1980."

    It isn’t that simple.

    Not so. Guys born after 31 December 1959 who were at least eighteen years old at the time registration was reinstated (in mid-1980) were required to register. That group would have included Barack Obama.

    – snopes


  7. Frank: Yes, it was retroactive in 1980, but in 1979 Obama could not have signed up as he said he did.

  8. Where did he say it happened in 1979?

    And don’t tell me ‘when he graduated’ because that doesn’t mean he signed up in 1979.

  9. What a non story. First, as I recall (having turned 18 in 1982) you signed up when you became 18. At the Post Office. I think you had to register if you were in a certain age group and Obama would have then had to sign up as well. I don’t think he was using 1979 as a time when he signed up but a a reference point from when he graduated.

    Not a comment I am sure he needed to make, but in any event a story as supid as many of those dogging the Republicans.

    Lord could we address the real issues?

    Also, let the record reflect that after I registered for the Selective Service the Berlin Wall Came down and the Soviet Union collapsed. Does anyone ever thank me?

  10. Kerry was a SCUM BAG that threw his medals away at a protest and told lies to a grand jury about war atrocities… screw him

  11. I will Thank You Mahons, I joined when Ronald Reagan took office.

  12. "But the republican attack-dogs laid into Kerry as if he was a draft-dodger and their guy was a (stateside) hero."

    He was a traitor who gave aid and comfort to the enemy which was acknowledged with thanks by said enemy after the war…but not a draft-dodger, which I’m sure makes it perfectly all right.


    Of course it’s a story. The fact that the by far the most anti-military presidential candidate even the Dems have ever fielded is claiming he once thought about signing up is a story about what a lying weasel the man is. How can Americans trust a man who will clearly tell any lie he can just to get elected with the White House?


    Most of us wingnuts think McCain’s a jerk, but at least he has the courage of his convictions and genuinely thinks his policies on things like CFR are best for America even though we think he is dead wrong. If you think Obama is interested in anything but the power then you really are hopelessly addicted to the Kool-Aid.

  13. DSD

    You are a perfect example of the blinkered bigoted right, incapable of seeing anything decent in anyone outside Rightworld. Even McCain is described as a jerk because he fails to tick all the rightworld boxes.

    Still, at least you’re honest enough to describe yourself as a wingnut.

  14. Barack as Borat..that’s brilliant 🙂

    Well said Peter. The US election is like re runs of Dallas.

  15. First victims of the campaign against Palin?

    "MSNBC is removing Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as the anchors of live political events, bowing to growing criticism that they are too opinionated to be seen as neutral in the heat of the presidential campaign."

  16. Henry

    No doubt Fox will follow suit, with its entire "fair and balanced" team.

  17. B.S. from B.O.

    Obama only registered for Selective Service because you must in order to receive funding for college.

    I had to register, notwithstanding the fact I had been selected for an NROTC Scholarship. I was notified of my scholarship when I was 17, I was told by the Navy and my school, that I had to register in order to receive the scholarship.

  18. DSD -we all had to sign up, it was mandatory.

    Troll – is my memory shot or didn’t we all had to register after Reagan became President, he was the one who brought it back. Unless you mean that is when you actually enlisted.

  19. Mahons –

    No-one’s offering an argument that you didn’t have to sign up.

    The point is that Obama claims he would have enlisted, if only the prospect was there to get involved in some major action.

    Considering even the rich field of political electoral history, this is high grade bs.

  20. Pete – It strikes me as foolish verbal wandering of a guy whose been talking nonstop for two years, rather than an actual insistence that he had had some military vocation.

  21. You know, I’d buy it. He probably did think about it; the Barry Obama of 1979 is very different from the Barack Obama of 2008. A lot of my friends thought about it at that time, especially those who didn’t have a direct path through college to a career in mind. The economy was kind of rough, back then.

    And, I’m sure he did register for Selective Service. I think he has the date wrong, but that’s understandable too. It was a long time ago. I filled out the card, even though I was on active duty at the time. I think the radio ad slogan was, "It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s the law."

    He’s smart, and disciplined. He might have made a pretty good military man. I can picture him as a drill sargeant; he might have gotten his degree in the service and been commissioned. He’d probably be LtC Obama now, if he had, commanding a battalion or a squadron.

  22. Baracks the type of guy that got shot by friendly fire in vietnam by his own troops…LOL

    as I said if seizing our embassy and and a president that empowered islamic terrorism didn’t make you realize there would be plenty of things to do in the military than I guess nothing would

  23. Mahons: re: your 3:04 Thank you. 🙂

  24. hey Mahons here’s a good article you might learn from

  25. Troll: What opinions of the Dixiecrats do you disagree with?

    As always, I am astounded by your lack of understanding of American History.

  26. as usual you missed the whole point of the article