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By ATWadmin On December 27th, 2006

Delighted to read that Tony Blair’s Labour Party is losing a member every 20 minutes and will have none left within seven years if that rate continues, according to one of the candidates for the party’s deputy leadership.

Jon Cruddas, the MP for Dagenham, said the party had lost more than 160,000 members between 2000 and 2006. If it continued in the same way, the last member of the party would leave in April 2013, around the end of a fourth term for Labour under its new leadership if it wins the next general election. Labour’s membership peaked at 405,000 after Tony Blair came to power in 1997. The most recent official estimates show it had fallen to 198,025 by the end of last year, but MPs say it is likely to have fallen further since then.

It’s amazing to watch the disintegration of NuLabour, hopelessly corrupted by years in power, out of touch with what people really care about, and proven to be every bit as inept as the Major administration it replaced.

9 Responses to “THE DEATH OF LABOUR?”

  1. Cruddas is the evil bastard that says that it doesnt matter that thousands of people voted BNP in Dagenham because soon mass immigration to his constituency will have changed the demographic to a point where they are irrelevant anyway – the vast majority of voters will be non-indigenous people with no interest in voting against heir own interests. Idiot Leftists like him are better recruitment ads for the BNP than anything they themselves could come up with.

    The Labour team in my true-blue constituency in 2005 seemed to consist of three people, including the candidate who had been bussed in from Salford – who had he upset at Milbank? – they seemed almost sheepish about campaigning. Even our UKIP team managed more bodies than that…

  2. How many times is it that we read of murders committed by illegals in this country who should have been deported before their crime was committed but were not? The point here is that NOT deporting such illegals is the policy: it is NuLab’s policy to displace the indigenous Britons with absolutely anyone else, even murderers. The reason why I’m saying it is because that is what is happening and I see it everywhere that my eyes are open.

  3. It’s no surprise that Labour are losing members by the minute — more people vote for candidates on Big Brother than general elections these days.
    Hardly a shock when you consider the miniscule policy differences between the two main parties. A choice of light brown or beige.

    What is sorely needed is a genuine centre right party with realistic policies on the NHS, immigration, crime and taxation — things that Joe Public desperately care about. Instead we’re stuck with an entirely discredited and distrusted govt flanked by a policy-free opposition who seem apologetic for actually existing.

    The sooner David forms such a party the better.

  4. The death of Labour is the cause of Ireland.

  5. And right on cue, here comes Garfield with something utterly incomprehensible about how wonderful the Oirish are. Or something.

    Good work, keep it up.

  6. DSD – do you have any links to Cruddas’s apparent desire to be exiled/expelled from their roots in Dagenham? I believe that it’s the sort of betrayal of which he and NuLab are capable but if you can provide a link to him as quoted, that will do it for me.

  7. DSD, insert between ‘desire’ and ‘to’ the words ‘for white constituents’.
    Apologies for the hasty typing.

  8. Hang on…I think it was Laban Tall who picked up on it originally…here’s one link to something he said right after the Council Elections.


    Changing the vote with demographics. Aint that grand. The fact that demographics are the reason they nearly took the goddamn Council seems to have escaped the stupid bastard. Like I said, what a great recruitment ad.

  9. NuLab really does want to see the end of the British working class. It’s despicable.