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By ATWadmin On December 27th, 2006

james-baker-17-1-2003.jpgWhen it comes to considering the "realism" of Mr James Baker and his reprehensible report on how to best surrender to the Jihadi in Iraq, Moonbattery has a bit of background that you might want to read…..

Baker is a senior partner in the Baker Botts law firm, which is representing Saudi Arabians against the families of 9/11 victims, despite openly acknowledging that their clients pour $millions into terrorist organisations. Baker’s Saudi friends are still at it, shoveling money at the terrorists in Iraq to finance the killing of American troops – a subject Baker takes care not to mention. Just as most of the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, so are most of the foreign fighters that have been killed or captured in Iraq, although you won’t learn this from reading the Baker report. Saudis are also the #1 nationality at luxurious Club Gitmo. When 29 Gitmo guests were recently turned over to the Saudis, they were promptly set free to resume their terrorist activities.


Baker is also up to his neck in the Carlyle Group, which does a great deal of business with the Saudi royal family.


The Iraq Surrender Group had many people suspecting that Baker is a fool. But maybe it’s those of us who expect him to promote his own country’s interests who are fools.

7 Responses to “CONSIDERING BAKER….”

  1. Well seriously, what did we expect? That anyone producing a report on this situation would actually do so in a reasoned, unbiased way?

    FOLLOW THE MONEY. Always works.

  2. ironic that information such as this is ‘moonbattery’ when a "leftist" points it out.

    this is old news (which i was, again, mocked for raising many months ago). where you naively consider it to be evidence of people working against the ‘bush doctrine’ or whitehouse policy, it is nothing of the sort. it is clear proof that that the bush family is up to their necks in blood industries and dubious practices. Bush senior, Bush junior and even john major were at one time linked to carlyle.
    there is no surrender in iraq, and never will be. this is merely the public view of the consolidation process.

    youll get there in the end david. theres hope for you yet.

  3. For an Administration which is regularly slated as being beholden to Jewish interests, it seems to jump whenever the saudis tell it to do so. Was Cheney not dispatched recently when one of the senior Saudi princes summoned him?

  4. allan,

    theres a book about called ‘house of bush/house of saud’

    i imagine it explains all.

  5. Daytripper, I’m curious. What’s a ‘blood industry’?

  6. >>>I’m curious.<<<

    so thats where the dangerously subversive bit comes from?

  7. Daytripper,

    How about for once you answer a straight question with something vaguely resmbling an answer? Try it sometime, you might even like it.