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and repeat after me: Labour is for the Working Man

By Mike Cunningham On April 13th, 2015


8 Responses to “and repeat after me: Labour is for the Working Man”

  1. It’s far, far worse than that poster:

    The LABOUR party under Blair helped invade another country (Iraq), where hundreds of our countrymen were killed and maimed in an illegal war.
    A couple of years before that he presided over our invasion of Afghanistan: More deaths and maiming.

    A few years prior to all that the Labour scumbag opened up our borders to third-world Muslims from around the world, thus ensuring that any conflict with these people would be brought to the streets of the UK for the foreseeable future.
    And so it has come to pass.

    In an Age of Reason (which this one certainly is NOT), Blair would have gone to the gallows.

  2. Your country had plenty of muslims before 1997.

    I saw them there.

  3. …yes Phantom, but not the ones we’re up against now..

  4. That simply isn’t true.

    Look at the London Transport bombings. One of the bombers was born in Bradford to a respected local businessman who emigrated in the 1960s. One emigrated to Britain from Jamaica in 1990, and was married to a girl from County Down. One was born in Leeds in the early 1970s. The youngest was also born in Leeds in the 1980s.

    Abu Hamza entered Britain under Mrs Thatcher’s government (who also granted him citizenship).

    The two men who carried out the Lee Rigby murder were both born in England to Christian parents.

    The idea that modern Islamic terrorism in Britain is Blair’s fault is insane.

  5. The

  6. The paki child rapists are in Cambridge now.

    Yet more ‘enrichment’

    Pakistani-born father of five faces years in jail after he is convicted of grooming girls as young as 12 with McDonald’s, cash, cigarettes and alcohol
    Married businessman Mohammed Khubaib convicted of raping girl, 14
    Also guilty of trafficking girls as young as 12 over more than two years
    Co-defendant cleared of raping 16-year-old and seven trafficking charges
    Conviction part of Cambridgeshire Police’s probe into child sex offences

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3037099/Pakistani-born-father-five-faces-years-jail-convicted-grooming-girls-young-12.html#ixzz3XDLfmsjI

  7. Seamus, are you really that dumb?

    Let me explain again: It matters not a jot whether those examples you gave were Europeanised citizens, or came here in the 60’s.
    They are Muslims (or became Muslims) that lived through a period when the UK declared war on countries that were of their own Muslim faith.
    What do you expect they would feel watching the Blair government firstly invade Afghanistan (a Sunni Muslim country), and then later illegally invading Iraq? (another Sunni Muslim country).

    If they were peaceable before, they soon changed their mind after 2001.

  8. Bernard, on April 13th, 2015 at 7:26 PM Said:

    Seamus, are you really that dumb?

    Surely, that is a a rhetorical question 😉