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On This Day…28.12

By ATWadmin On December 28th, 2006

1065 – Consecration of Westminster Abbey in London.

1879 – Collapse of the Tay Railway Bridge in Scotland as the train from Edinburgh to Dundee is travelling across. The engine and carriages fall into the river below – killing 90 people.

1895 – French film pioneers Auguste and Louis Lumière publicly unveil their Cinématographe at the Grand Café on the Boulevard des Capucines in Paris.

1937 – The Irish Free State becomes the Irish Republic. A new constitution – approved by a narrow majority – establishes the country as a sovereign state under the name of Eire.

1968 – Israeli commandos raid Beirut Airport – destroying 13 Arab aircraft.

1975 – Rescue teams fail to reach any of the 372 miners trapped by an underground explosion at a coal mine in north east India.

3 Responses to “On This Day…28.12”

  1. "1937 – The Irish Free State becomes the Irish Republic"

    McCanns grasp of history as flawed and inaccurate as ever.

    The Constitution of Ireland (Eire in the Irish Language) did indeed come into being in this year.
    The state was not declared a republic until 1948 however.

    Please DO TRY to improve your historical knowledge.

  2. ‘The state was not declared a republic until 1948 however.’

    Same resultant shite, different year. So what?

  3. So What?

    You get your facts totally wrong,pst a historic fact in the wrong decade, mix up two seperate episodes in history and your only response when corrected is ‘So What?’

    It’s something I would expect from the character ‘Lauren’ depicted as a modern day English schoolgirl in The Catherine Tate Show.

    ‘I’ve got my historical facts wrong again – am I bovvered?
    Does my face look bovvered??’

    Hilarious !