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The 60-second Squatters

By ATWadmin On December 28th, 2006

I’ve just looked at the little clock my monitor displays at the bottom right-hand side.  It says 8:07.  I rose from my bed at 6:40.  That means in the time it has taken me to eat my breakfast and turn on the computer, another 87 immigrants on average have arrived on these shores.  I live on a cul-de-sac with approximately 20 dwellings.  In other words, four such streets in this town could have been populated by the number of aliens which arrived here whilst I was busily munching away on an English breakfast.

Is anyone else as totally outraged and disgusted by this ethnic assault (for that’s what it is!) on our country, facilitated by a government ideologically committed to accommodating anything and everything which will dilute the predominantly white Judeo-Christian make-up of this society?  The media is fascinated and appalled by the number of Eastern Europeans who are coming here.  According to these statistics they only constitute around 20% of the total.  The rest are bombarding us from Africa and Asia.  And we all know what religion most of these bleeders will subscribe to!

I make no apology for my emotive language.  I am totally sick and tired of seeing a veritable United Nations group photoshoot every time I venture into the shopping areas of our major cities.  I am sick and tired of Auntie Beeb flashing on our television screens pictures of people supposedly representative of the majority population who are, in fact, ethnic jigsaw pieces in their grand puzzle of viewer indoctrination.  I am fed up with hearing about ‘this body set up to help immigrants’ or ‘that body established to facilitate Islamic cultural rights’.  I am outraged by the BBC’s attempt to cover, say, education stories of our age by deliberately choosing schools to report from that haven’t one white kid in the entire enrolment.  And before the cacophony of Leftists start denouncing me, they should realise that it is the Establishment that is creating racial issues (albeit subtly) here – not I.

‘We are a nation of immigrants’ say the Lefties.  Bulldung!  We had little in the way of what you might call ‘mass immigration’ waves here for 1,000 years.  Those who did arrive did so in far smaller numbers that Blair’s cabal have welcomed; and did so at a time when the country was considerably less overcrowded than it is now.  We have relatively easy borders to defend compared with other EU countries (our only land border is 200 miles long).  What we don’t have is a government willing to defend them and, more importantly, to preserve the ethnic cultural fabric responsible for underpinning this country throughout history.

25 Responses to “The 60-second Squatters”

  1. The truths stings, BB. And the truth about mass immigration to this country WILL come out one day.

  2. Think of them as 80 able and willing capable workers and intelligent and interesting human beings who will add to the wealth and intellectual well-being of the nation and challenge the lazy, dope smoking, dole scrounging degenerate, indigenous, chav masses. Plus 7 dodgy types we need to keep an eye on.

    The Vikings, the Normans, the Saxons and all the rest have came and "changed" British society. By and large Chinese, Indian and West Indian migration has added to the spice and gaiety of the nation.

    Change is good, as long as the new comers integrate.

    It is the leftist mantra of “celebrate diversity” and “Multi-cultralist” ghetto-isation and segregation that has done the damage.

  3. NRG
    Good post. But the numbers have to be controlled and at present they appear to be out of control.

  4. Glad to find some common ground!

  5. anyone of these immigrants could become a world class cricketer like Monty panesar; another race-hate post.
    If the English Rugby Team World Cup Winners2003, or the Ashes 2005 Team heard you say what you’ve said, well put it this way you’d need to visit a dentist.

  6. The Chemical Equation of Leftist Thought:

    Truth about immigration matters = ‘race hate post’.


  7. It’s annoying how lefties use the ‘racist’ slur whenever they’re getting hammered by facts as an attempt to silence the opponent. Indeed, it’s often fun just to guess how long it will be before that over-used card is played. Well, Sir Percy, this is teh internet and you’ll have to come up with an argument to support your case for making us Anglo-saxon-celts a minority in our own land.
    Please put forward your arguments.

  8. sure allan,
    I’m into mutli-culturalism and integration, the best way in my view is to show respect and tolerance and encourage people into the wonders of the good side of British Culture: like fair-play. ( not that the Irish saw much of that )
    I made a comment on sport for example, and believe that by encouraging alienated pakistanis to play cricket, they can become active participants and citizens, and be proud.
    constantly critizing them and playing on their weakness , sows division and hatred, which harms us all, makes the world a dangerous place, and keeps us all afraid of each other.
    where religious differences occur, then we can’t integrate that, nor should we, but where there is cross cultural pollination in industry and sexual fertilisation that’s a good thing, e.g mixed marriages. ( i took a half-cast girl to bed last xmas, it was beautiful, when I went to the pub later, my mates said " you’re glowing ".
    Did my bit for integration 🙂
    Narrow minded bigots spoil the show and only cause great and terrible and lasting damage, confront them.

  9. ‘i took a half-cast girl to bed last xmas…’

    This entire sentence says more about you than you’ll ever know.

  10. Sir Percy: that was a load of incoherent drivel. Your sole argument seems to be that the borders of the country should be left open so that you can get a shag. I’m not really bothered about your sex life but I do want the Anglo-saxon majority in the UK to be maintained and that immigration policy should be tailored to suit. Now try and put a better argument.

  11. Allan

    I think his arguments are all shagged out!

  12. Don’t know what you’re complaining about. The Scots and Irish have intermingled so much that the only Anglo-Saxons left are inbred half wits. Just ask A McCann – his line is poisoned with Oirish genetic material.

  13. allan
    move to berkshire, you won’t see a non-white face.
    wasn’t it a certain chancellor who talked about keeping the racial stock pure of bastadisation?
    see where that talk leads.

    so mcann have you never slept with an italian, or a non-white?

  14. allan
    you can’t even see my logic mate, as yours is based on fear, prejudice and sectarianism.. all emotionalal stress.
    its simple you just can’t stand wogs polluting up the neighbourhood like Mr.Mcann and it makes you seethe.
    no arguement will assist you, as you need to change your outlook, and challenge your own bigotry.

    my question is.
    what are you going to do about these foreigners, invading the land like muslim hordes, as ATW likes to put it.
    am hopeing one day you’ll threaten to take up arms, then we can put you all where you belong, in a cell

    put up or shut up?

  15. Allan posted:
    "Your sole argument seems to be that the borders of the country should be left open so that you can get a shag."


  16. Percy, why don’t YOU leave the country because you obviously can’t stand the indigenous people?

  17. no allan, I’m just big enough and open-minded enough to include everyone and show generosity.

  18. NRG I agree with a lot of your post. Except that there are lots of reasons for a significant number of the locals to have trouble fitting into the workplace,one of which is hidden diabilities, including mental health problems, one of the least sexy diversity issues and at the bottom of the pile!

    I think that there can be a balance between integration and multiculturism. A lit to do with culture is inked to religion and that shouldn;t in the main be a problem. One of the barriers to integration is that some on the right (but not all) think that ethnic minorities have no business adopting our culture and some (not all) on the left are so busy running our culture down as to make it unappealing to be part of.

    Peter I agree as well and one group who suffer int he end from this are those from different ethnoc backgrounds who are making their contribution

  19. ethnic even

  20. Percy, I’m sure that your previous posts have achieved your aim of making you feel all warm-hearted with that nice, smug glow typical of the irresponsible lefty who never stays around areas where the policies which he/she advocates have had their full, devastating effect on the locals.

  21. allan,
    nothings simple, look at the brain drain caused in no small part by property prices hitting the roof;, we need immigrants; in my city brighton we’ve no problems with the immigrants. we do have problems with heroin. I know there are issues further north, but hey if the British Empire goes globe-trotting this is what you get. Don’t cry about it. England is rich from its plunders. why don’t you leave if it so bad.

  22. Allan – he lives off the state he criticises and whose enemies, the IRA, he varies between supporting and claiming to have been a member of depending on which phase of his illness he is in. Fried his brains on drugs and lives off benefits. He’s trapped. You can read his ravings on Balrog – even issues threats there LOL

  23. allan, this might interest you:
    Brain drain from UK is ‘worst in the world’
    If we are to talk about immigration problems in the UK, it ought to be weighed in the balance with this curious exodus. My complaint with A McCann is that his writings are always one-sided.

    Perhaps if he reads this he would post a thread on the "Brain Drain ", as its the other side of the coin; and its much healthier for one’s mind to have a balanced perspective before coming to a judgement.
    Ne c’est pas?

  24. The brain drain from Europe is well established and will get worse as the influence of Islam increases. Australia, New Zealand and America will be the destinations of choice for the brightest and best of the next generation.

    Europeans would rather leave themselves than deny entry to incompatible cultures. It may be that the horror of the Nazi era has left us morally unequipped to deal with the situation.

    If we could only see that the later day nazis are the Islamists we could perhaps stir ourselves.

  25. There was a report on the BBC of a brain drain affecting Iran. Normally, anything on the BBC has to be quarantined owing to muslim bias but I know some Iranians in this country and they westernise very quickly when a touch of alcohol is added.
    I’m relatively relaxed about Iranians as compared with Pakistanis and Arabs. They should be repatriated and soon.