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By ATWadmin On December 28th, 2006

795151-609719-thumbnail.jpgDid you see that the man once described as "The Godfather of Godfathers" – IRA/Sinn Fein leader Martin McGuinness -has issued his message of hope for the New Year saying that "considerable progress" has been made over the Christmas on restoring power sharing to Northern Ireland. McGuinness said the constant contact between the Taoiseach and the British Prime Minister means an agreement on getting the institutions back up and running could be reached in the coming days. He also went onto say that the New Year will mark a fresh beginning for his party and the DUP.

Let me just say this. There can be NO accommodation between any decent democrat and the IRA. If the DUP negotiators have been dealing away over the holiday period, and I suspect they have, and are moving  ever closer to gaining agreement with the barbarians whose organisation is responsible for killing thousands of our fellow citizens, then shame on them. They will get their come uppance one way or another.  It’s a shame that Unionism is led by power hungry baboons.


  1. If they manage to get this show on the road by March, I predict that it will have collapsed again within 12 months, due to republican bad faith on policing and law, whatever they "sign up to" in the meantime.

  2. Solving NIs problems by having a police force acceptable to and involving criminals such as Kelly and McGuinness is as nonsensical as the idea that the ROI could solve it’s problems – another murder down there with armed Gardai on patrol only a couple of hundred yards away – by bringing their criminals into the running of the Gardai.Ridiculous suggestion for the ROI ? Yep – yet somehow it’s deemed the way forward for NI.

  3. Precisely, Madradin.

  4. MR

    NI is a failed political entity. It has special needs.

  5. Why is there no clamour for a multi-million pound enquiry into the collusion between SF elected representitives and IRA?

  6. Irish Republicanism is a failed political pathology. It needs quarantined.

  7. <Q>NI is a failed political entity</Q>

    How come ? Because a gang of begrudgers over the border resent it existing ? It has survived 80 years of attack. It has a better track record overall in education, health care and civil rights than it’s Southern Counterpart. It is safer to be here than it’s Southern Counterpart.

    When the loyalist feud was on – half a dozen killed – people like you claimed it proved NI was a failure.
    TWENTY SEVEN killed in the ROI this year- if the loyalist feud showed that NI was a failure where does that leave the ROI Henry ?

    We have just read about Haughey and Berties Finances will make interesting reading in the future – the ROI is like a banana republic.

  8. <Q>Why is there no clamour for a multi-million pound enquiry into the collusion between SF elected representitives and IRA?</Q>

    Be a lot cheaper to investigate the bums that Aren’t involved with the IRA NRG.

  9. where will you target your bitterness should there be a power-sharing assembly at Easter.
    Its going to be fun watching you guys flagellate yourselves.

  10. I’m completely at a loss as to why anyone wants to get this assembly up and running, other than for reasons of symbolism and fat salaries.
    All it will do is implement British policies and budgets. Exactly what did the last assembly acheive? Anyone?
    This money-guzzling talking shop, assuming it survives in the long term, will become an irrelevant sideshow to the important NI institutions — the seven ‘super councils’, which are likely to do more damage to the union than the provos could ever have dreamt of.

  11. HA,

    The "super" Councils will do more to divide, to isolate, to bungle, to destroy. I oppose the whole shebang, but then again, I’m an opposing kinda guy!

  12. DV
    I love the way you fluttered your eye-lids at the end of the post, now come on back to the flagellum, you’ve a few more daily lashes to go; being nice don’t suit you now, does it 😉

  13. MR

    "When the loyalist feud was on – half a dozen killed – people like you claimed it proved NI was a failure."

    I’ll defend what I say not what you claim people like me said. The loyalist feud showed that drugs bring violence. Just like they do in the south.

    You can deny the failure of the state until you are blue in the face but it is manifest. Comparing it to the south only makes you look foolish.

    I must admire your cheek in claiming the education system as a success. The most successful part of it are the Catholic schools which you want to replace with the kind of state monopoly which produces the english yob.

  14. Henry I think you’ve knocked him out with that one.

  15. There is a rumour that Sir Percy is a DUP politician who hopes to run for the Assembly. Care to deny it CS?
    Not only do the DUP negotiate behind our backs at meeting which are not minuted (the BBC tried to get the minutes of the preparation for gov committee after Alan McFarland said they should be asking for them as things were being said in private which would not be said in public and was told that the meeting where not recorded) but they ignore the numerous letters to the press attacking party policy.
    The consolation exercise was a sham.
    Did ANYONE witness a public debate about the merits of this deal?

  16. Mad,

    Claiming the republic is a banana republic really does make you sound foolish. Its just not backed up by fact.

  17. Henry – straw men ?

    <Q>people like you claimed it proved NI was a failure.</Q>

    People like you = shinners and terrorist apologists.

    How is NI a failure Henry ? It has survived despite 85 years of murder and agression . It has a better human and civil rights track record than your country.
    Just because YOU proclaim it a failure proves Zilch.
    It’s education system ? Very sectarian of you Henry to mention Ctaholic Schools – I guess the difference between our schools in the North was that the Government wern’t on their knees in front of the Bishops as happened in the South. No need for dodgy deals like Ahern (turn a blind eye to my personal life and the state will fund the abuse claims ) made with the Hierarchy.

    Come on Henry – you shinners have to realise , wishing something so and repeatedly shouting it does not support a claim

    Kloot – sorry if it hurts – but it is LIKE a banana republic. That was the claim – I chose my words carefully.

    Awash with dirty money, corrupt to the hilt ( Haughey and Ahern) and the gap between rich and poor is widening. Remember the days when Nigeria was going to be the powerhouse of Africa ? They too had Loads of money ….

    David – isn’t it time to lose the junkie again? He distracts from discussion.

  18. Mad,

    It doesnt hurt one bit mate because its just plain stupid what you are saying. Your bias against the ROI is preventing you from seeing the truth. Would you not admit that you are unlikely to ever offer up unsolicited credit to the ROI.

    However, someone not from this islands would have no problem giving credit where credit is due.

    Ive traded comments with you on this topic before so im not going to bother rehashing them. I know your not going to change your mind. Your dislike of the republic is too ingrained. As ive said before, you have to see it to believe. Maybe ask around with fellow countrymen and women of yours who have travelled and who continue to travel down south for work and social recreation.

  19. Hope the turkey and ham went down well over christmas.

  20. sam, its not true.
    Mad I think you need some medication to calm you down a bit; you’re very stressed out.
    A joint would work wonders on you.
    Did you hear the news: SF to support PSNI, DUP to share power. Its all over for you buddy, 2007 will be a joy to non-bigots.
    you lost ha ha ha.
    p.s try Tramadol, one a day