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By ATWadmin On December 28th, 2006

Did you read that Labour Chairperson, the excremental Hazel Blears, has been out on the demo line protesting in her constituency  in Salford, Greater Manchester, where the local hospital is to partially close as part of the controversial NHS shake-up throughout the country.

And who is behind this shake-up? That’s right, the Labour Government in which Ms Blears plays such a prominent part!

So, just to repeat, the Labour Chairperson, the intrepid Ms Blears, is keen to be photographed opposing Labour policy in motion! This follows the Labour Home Secretary John Reid’s presence at protests against hospital cuts in his Airdrie and Shotts constituency in April!

Perhaps Labour has decided that the Conservatives are such a poor opposition that they may as well oppose themselves? This lot in power are SO cynical, so calculating, that they are quite happy to be seen opposing the very policies they introduce!

3 Responses to “HYPOCRITES….”

  1. I don,t share the view that the Labour Party are cynical or calculating. The current Labour party are undeserning of such compliments, but the confused unfocused Chairperson, Hazel Blears, really takes the biscuit.

  2. What a ludicrous state of affairs.

  3. Even the writers of the most inane tv farce couldn’t think up a plot to match what is going on in the pantomime that is currently playing at that music hall to end all music halls, – called the Westminster Playhouse. .

    They must be rehearsing for that new ‘Carry On’ film – ‘Up the Government’. The casting, for which, I will leave to your imagination. Mr Blobby is suggested for Asst.P.M. – and I hear Basil Brush has refused a part, as being too small a challenge for his talent and abilities…