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Ignored By The Ignorant

By ATWadmin On December 28th, 2006

Could you honestly imagine the Americans conveniently forgetting to celebrate the fourth of July?  Most countries show some respect towards the date their nation was created.  We have US Independence Day, Australia Day, Norway National Day on the 17th of May, etc.  Even the internationally illegitimate Northern Cyprus has a ‘national day’.  It just happens to be on my birthday – November 15th.

Irrespective of whether the birth of a nation arose from independence, union or from a creation of international law, it is important to remember the occasion – not by deifying terrorists like the Irish did earlier this year, but by promoting the national character and its achievements since that founding moment.  The birth of this United Kingdom took place on January 16th 1707, when the Union of England and Scotland came into being.  Wales had never been a nation in its own right and had never possessed a parliament of its own.  Thus, the amalgamation of England and Wales in 1536 is not usually regarded as the birth of the United Kingdom.  The lynchpin of the Union came almost 300 years ago, only to be complimented by the addition of Ireland 95 years later.

A Union of the Crowns had existed between the two countries since 1603.  Attempts had been made to unite England and Scotland on three previous occasions.  This time, the Union had the backing of both seats of government (even if for differing reasons).  What is perhaps telling was the desire for Union amongst the Scottish political class stemming from a desire to rid the country of a financial disaster created by the Darien scheme.  No other union between two former states anywhere in the world has been as successful as that between ourselves and the Scots.  Yugoslavia, Indonesia, the USSR, India and the island of Ireland are all evidence of the spectacular failures in the drive to create nations on false footings.  What these have in common is the fragmentation that took place because the fundamentals necessary to keep any territory constitutionally united were, and are, just not there.

By contrast, not only has the Union created and interdependent and interwoven mosaic of politics, economics, culture and institutional loyalty, it also developed the engine by which the British Empire was built.  Yet what are the ruling classes promising by way of a tercentennial celebration?  Nothing!  We will be ‘honoured’ by a commemorative £2 coin.  A convenient excuse peddled by spin doctors will be the likelihood of Scottish people associating the Act of Union with a discredited Scottish Labour Party, and react accordingly.  What rot!  Why couldn’t the government set up an independent organisation designed to promote the event?

Elementary dear folks!  This is a government embarrassed by our history.  Oh yes it wants to celebrate Britain’s role in the ‘abolition of slavery’, when in fact the UK only took the initial steps (admirable though they were) to end slavery as a practice of Western powers.  Slavery still continues today in many of the countries and regions where it was founded.  But Lefties aren’t listening to the facts.  For them, Britain is the be-all and end-all of historical negativity: a country they plan to see suffer indefinitely for its ‘historical wrongs’ as they use its institutions and very society as a platform of empowerment for one set of groups least able to identify with it, and for another set least prepared to contribute to its economic aggrandisement.

It may seem far-fetched.  However, I believe the curse of anti-Britishness pervades the mind of the most Blairite minister every bit as much as it does the likes of Galloway and Benn.  Alas, they are in the Establishment ascendancy.  For the Left we must bow the knee to ‘Muslimness, ethnicness and gayness’, but woe betide any of us who profess to take pride in the traditional ideas of ‘Britishness‘.

9 Responses to “Ignored By The Ignorant”

  1. Andrew

    The Scottish parliament was bribed by titles and English gold to vote itself out of existence. It was not the Scots’ finest hour.

    Scotland now has its own parliament again. Somehow I can’t see too much enthusiasm for commemorating the act of 1707. The union will ony survive on the basis of devolution.

  2. There was no ‘bribery’. Scotland’s parliament entered into a Union for a number of benefits – mutual benefits for both England and Scotland.

    If you’re going to talk about the lack of finest hours, look at the record of politics SINCE devolution.

  3. Scotland was bankrupted by the Darien scheme, an ill-concieved plan to set up a colony in central America, so the proposal for union came at the right time to bail out Scotland.
    England’s best step is to end the union now and get shot of NuLab. Note that NuLab is imposed on England by Scots MPs.

  4. Poor old Rabbie Burns would not be happy reading the above.

  5. ill-concieved ?? ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’!

  6. Obviously, this is on the top of Red Ken’s ‘to do’ list… http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=425142&in_page_id=1770

  7. Allan

    Here’s an interesting scenario. Scots nats become the largest party in Edinburgh next May. They succeed in getting a referendum on independence and then they win it narrowly.

    What would a Labour government under Gordon Brown do in response? As you point out, Scottish independence would put the Tories back in power at the next Westminster election, probably with a large majority. What a dilemma for Gordon!

  8. Red Ken is influenced by Jesuitism. Fidel was a product of Jesuitism as was Clinton. How many others are out there working for the cause.

    To ‘subject and subdue an imperial nation’ is a prime aim of jesuit policy. The crossroad of all heresy is in these lands of ours. Is it any wonder that Britishness is under attack.

    If you have any doubt read the Jesuit oath that used to reside in the American 62nd Congress, 3rd Session, of the United States Congressional Record (House Calendar No. 397, Report No. 1523, 15 February, 1913, pp. 3215-3216),

  9. CONSPIRATOR, we are ALL influenced by the Jesuits. They are the foot soldiers of Christ and the Holy Roman father. Be thankful for their benevolent role in supervising the destruction of pagan masonry.