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The Hitlercratic Oath

By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006

At first I thought I’d been propelled back in time when I read this excerpt in today’s Sunday Times.  The Nazis preferred to execute those who were not of the Aryan Race; some contemporary doctors prefer execution on the grounds of a newborn’s disability.  How the ghost of the Fuhrer must be giggling!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not for the promotion of life for life’s sake.  For example, there are some babies born with such horrific disabilities they could not survive more than a few hours.  I remember reading about a case here in West Yorkshire from the 1970s when a baby was born anencephalic (without the top of its skull in place).  Given that no human being can survive without its crown and that meningitis would have set in within the space of a few minutes, the baby would have spent the rest of its very short life in absolute agony.  In such circumstances the doctors would have been better to asphyxiate the baby instantly to prevent its suffering.  Instead, they kept it on a drip for two days in order to show they had attempted to prolong the impossible – life itself.

However, we are not talking about these rare and noteworthy cases  The so-called doctors in this article are talking about involuntary euthanasia not for the benefit of the child, but to spare parents the emotional and financial burden of caring for their offspring.  Am I the only one to find this consensus of opinion utterly deplorable?  Caring for disabled people in a professional capacity can be tiring enough; it must be very hard for the parents concerned.  With respect, that is not the issue here.  Disabled babies have as much entitlement to life as everybody else.  For parents who cannot cope there is a multitude of agencies out there offering help and support services.  In return for the hard work and effort, you get to spend your life with people who have an unconditional approach to love, and who are as delightful to be with as anyone ‘normal’ in society (in many cases they are a far better quality of person).

What will be interesting is the response of the liberal masses: those who protest about the taking of human life in terms of the death penalty for creatures like Saddam Hussain, yet are content to play footsie with appalling ideas such as this in the name of parental choice.  The mind boggles!!

4 Responses to “The Hitlercratic Oath”

  1. Very thought provoking story Andrew.

  2. I for one hope the rope breaks when they go to hang Saddam… at least five or six times until they get it right.

    Was hugely surprised when I saw this story. It is indeed one step away from getting rid of a child because it isn’t blond and blue eyed.

  3. "In such circumstances the doctors would have been better to asphyxiate the baby instantly to prevent its suffering."

    This is morally wrong and am surprised you contemplate it.
    How is this ANY differnet from the involuntary euthenasia you oppose?

  4. It is different because the baby would have zero chance of survival more than a few days; day which would be spent in terrible pain.

    It is vastly different.