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By ATWadmin On December 28th, 2006

adamspaisley-203.jpgAs predicted, the Sinn/IRA/DUP show continues to run and run – now in full on Festive Panto mode.

Comes the news – gasp! – that the IRA’s best buddies in Sinn Fein are calling a special meeting of its executive to discuss the issue of republican backing for policing in Northern Ireland. Gerry Adams said the party’s executive council would meet in Dublin on Friday. He said he would put forward a motion asking for a special party-wide conference "on the policing issue". Sinn Fein support for policing would be viewed by the political elite as removing one of the main obstacles to restoring devolution.

This is all just a pathetic joke. OF COURSE Sinn Fein/IRA (unless you are in the DUP in which case just drop the inconvenient Sinn Fein part) will deign to back Policing, subject to the usual lethal caveats.  The MSM will hail it as of being of monumental significance, the hand of history will scrawl a few more twisted words. The DUP will then pretend to "grudgingly" accept this as "a breakthrough" and then crow that they have achieved something.

This is the usual crafted political choreography we have seen over the years – its all a faux breakthrough – a panto for the politically stupid, or wicked. Of course it’s sad to see the IRA and the DUP edge closer together on the basis of the bastardisation of policing but in this corrupt political landscape, what else do you expect? Pursuing devolution at the cost of democracy appears to be the choice the DUP have made, and they know it. When the UUP sold out their principles, there were none more critical than the DUP. Now it seems that they have morphed into the UUP. More Kipper politics – two-faced and gutless!

8 Responses to “PANTOMIME TO RUN AND RUN….”

  1. I get the feeling David has just booked his week away after this news, as in his heart he knows devolution IS democracy, as voted by the overwhelmingly majority.
    That’s politics, that’s life.
    The people have spoken, now open the champagne !

  2. Sir Percy,

    I will open the champagne on New Year’s Eve! Have a great new year!

  3. Same to you David, as its also my birthday on New Years Day.

    San Miguel is the only lager I’ll drink when out and about, so I can say 100 % , though I may disagree with your views, your tastes are excellent.

    Have a fantastic New Year.

  4. Most people in the world would regard an opposition and a government as democracy.

  5. Samuel
    norn iron is special needs, its pampered

  6. Good come back;)

  7. ""Unionism will be interested in the quality of delivery on the ground when it comes to support for policing and the rule of law."

    Republicanism will be interested in the quality of delivery on the ground when it comes to policing and the rule of law too. From the police.

    It’s not up to the people to impress the police. It’s the other way around. But with goodwill on all sides this can be made to work.

  8. Ian, enters stage left in comedy social worker uniform and dog collar and cheesy grin. Spots Gerry, forlorn, sitting on roadside, possessions, (a few broken pistols) tied up in spotted handkerchief attached to the end of a pole. Clothed as Green, white and orange elf with fading swastika and shamrock emblem

    Ian: What’s wrong old foe?

    Gerry, the gang is angry with me because they cannot kill and bomb any more, I gave them 26 million pieces of gold but they are still not happy now I have to go to London to seek my fortune.

    Ian, (aside) If I make this knave a Prince I will be King.
    (to Gerry) Fear not, come home with me to the great castle on the hill and sit at my right hand because your days of murder, maiming, destroying and criminality are over.

    Audience: OH NO THEY AREN’T