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The darkness amidst the light

By ATWadmin On December 30th, 2006

255px-Korean_peninsula_at_night.jpgRead a small snip about how Kim Jong-IL, the premier, head lad and all-round good sport of North Korea has announced a week of celebrations of the birth and works of Mozart. This departure from the usual round of stirring music with titles such as “Let’s Support our Supreme Commander with Arms” is raising eyebrows in PyongYang, but, as it’s the Supreme Leader’s desire, the eyebrow raising will only go so far! Not only a Mozart fan, Kim JongIL is no mean sportsman, having hit no less than eleven holes-in-one during his first round of golf!

Wry smiles apart at the lunacy which normally surrounds this dangerous smiling fool, we should just feel a little sorrow for the millions who labour in silence so this puny clown with the intellect of a gnat can prance around on the world stage, brandishing his nuclear explosive technology and (pro rata) the world’s largest standing army as his entry cards to the ‘2007 class of the great and the good’!

The photograph depicts a satellite image of the Korean peninsula, and highlights the difference between the capitalist South and the totalitarian North. Readers have to make their own minds up as to which is the more successful, or indeed acceptable, of the two economies!

Memo to George W.:- Howzabout a spot of regime-change? 

Strange indeed is the silence from just about all left-leaning commentators on the crushing dictatorship which gives a tiny fraction of it’s inhabitants the good life, and the huge majority of North Koreans the dregs which that same fraction discards on the dust!


10 Responses to “The darkness amidst the light”

  1. >>>Strange indeed is the silence from just about all left-leaning commentators<<<

    i never tire of reading such pointless bombast. which rings even more hollow, when it comes from yet another overt supremacist.

  2. Daytripper: there is no denying that the North lies in darkness while the free South is lit. What say you? Or are you silent about this?

  3. >>Daytripper: there is no denying that the North lies in darkness while the free South is lit<<

    Are we still talking about Korea here ? 🙂 Just messing,

    there’s no denying the terrible state that North Korea is in.

  4. LOL Kloot

    Did you have a good Christmas and Happy New Year! :o)

  5. Hi Aileen,

    Christmas wasnt too bad. Thanks. Unfortunately picked up a tummy bug thats going around.

    Hope yours went well. Best wishes for the New Year to you.

  6. Now hold on a minute! It is evident from the satellite photograph that South Korea (capitalist) is contributing much to man-made CO2 production and that is bad. North Korea (communist) is contributing little or nothing and that is good so one can only deduce from these facts that leftists will prefer a North Korean type of regime. They wouldn’t want to go and live there, of course.

  7. Swear to God – I once had a lefty say that it’s a GOOD thing that N. Korea is in the dark. There are lots of good reasons for it, too. They were proud of N. Korea.

    Oh shoot – that might have actually been Tripper who said all that. Tripper? Did you say any of that stuff to me before??!

  8. Shhh. Very quiet here. Not a word from the left. Have they moved to NK?

  9. how insecure are all you people?

  10. Still quiet on the left – shhhh.