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By ATWadmin On September 30th, 2008

I had a good chuckle to myself reading this article on Sarah Palin from the Belfast Telegraph/Independent. It basically suggests that she is an embarrassement to the McCain ticket and that she should be dropped because all those right-wingers in the New York Times (LOL!)

“The woman hoping to become the first female vice-president offered
excruciatingly poor answers on foreign policy and her understanding of the
$700bn rescue plan…”

Sure. I mean we are all in awe of Joe Biden’s easy grasp of all matters politic and his oratorial eloquence, yes?

It’s amazing how out of touch some UK commentary is with how the GOP base feel about Palin. Indeed, it is Palin’s self obvious magnetism, charm, grasp of the key issues and her ability to reach out to Main Street which has these biased gutless liberals in The Independent spinning their deceits. Left to her instincts Sarah Palin will acquit herself very well later this week. I also note the glib dismissal of any voices in the Dem camp questioning the wisdom of selecting Joe “Get up and walk” Biden. As if the thought had passed through any of their minds.


  1. "Indeed, it is Palin’s self obvious magnetism, charm, grasp of the key issues and her ability to reach out to Main Street which has these biased gutless liberals in The Independent spinning their deceits."

    Ah David, catch yourself on. I read there were even columnists in the National Review calling for her to drop out.

    She is likeable but "grasp of the issues" would be one of the last phrases I would ever associate with her.

  2. I wish her well, and will vote for McCain, but I can’t pretend that she is on my list of the top 100,000 Americans as being qualified to hold the office of President should it come to that.

    On the bright side,she has helped Tina Fey to become even more famous.

  3. David you constitute British commentary yourself. You seemed to miss all the pro Palin stuff out there on the right that kind of understandably and sensibly faded after her embarrasing interviews. There is no excuse for someone at that level to be inept at answering basic questions at a time like this.

    You list her qualities as though she were up there auditioning for Ms World not a serious role in politics. This is America holding elections not Italy.

    What grasp of issues?

    There is no way on earth you would have let a Democrat off the hook stumbling through those answers in that muddled incoherent manner. As if the thought had passed through your mind! And later this week when she has learned her script off by heart and whined her way through another set of questions she still won’t be up to the task.

    They all totally suck. McCain Obama Palin Biden. This crisis has shown them all up for what they are. Not the time to be putting these idiots on any pedestal.

  4. I grade them as follows, not on the campaign but as per their qualifications to be president

    McCain – B+
    Palin C-
    Obama C
    Biden B-

  5. Alison is right. None of them inspire. But if Obama got a fraction of the tough scrutiny Palin was subjected to he would be finished by now.

  6. Henry,

    You are right but she is not running for the Presidency so perhaps we should ask why Joe "Get up and walk" Biden has not been subjected to such intense scrutiny? One word – bias.

  7. What would them MSM have done if Palin said that President Roosevelt addressed the nation on television in 1929? MCCain’s campaign would be over, end of. Biden makes that comment and it is barely commentted on. The MSM is so in the tank for the Dems.

  8. Charles,

    She was probably nodding in agreement when Biden said it.

  9. Reg, I’m biting my nails, but reserving judgement for after Thursday’s debate. On Friday I will spin it differently!

  10. "Soon after Sarah Palin was elected mayor of the foothill town of Wasilla, Alaska, she startled a local music teacher by insisting in casual conversation that men and dinosaurs coexisted on an Earth created 6,000 years ago — about 65 million years after scientists say most dinosaurs became extinct — the teacher said."

    Full story here

  11. Is this the good Peter or the bad Peter? 😉

  12. Charles

    I think it’s relevant that the woman who could be POTUS in a few months time believes that the earth is only 6,000 years old.

    Never mind her scary "end of days" beliefs.

  13. "Reg, I’m biting my nails, but reserving judgement for after Thursday’s debate. On Friday I will spin it differently!"


    To be honest, I’d love to see it. Given both VP candidates’ reputations, it could be train-wreck TV. On the other hand, one of them may step up to the plate – my guess is that, if that happens, it will be Joe.

    Until Friday tis mere speculation though!

  14. I have admiration for Palin on a personal basis and agree with her on some of the issues. On the issues I disagree with her (gun control, gay marriage comes to mind) I don’t find her positions to be so extreme as to be dropped from the ticket.

    Where she is a liability is that she clearly is not prepared to assume the presidency. She is not sufficiently engaged in the major national and international issues of the day, as has been made clear by her performance in the few interviews she has given. I mean I was trying to will her to be better, but she was cringe worthy. Perhaps in 10 years time when she has more experience under her belt she will be in a better postion to run.

    Biden has said some stupid things, why stop a lifelong trend, but I don’t think anyone could argue that he has not been engaged in the international and national issues of the day, even if they disagree with him on those issues.

  15. David

    Not being funny or anything but I could have done a better job than her under what you guys view as ‘intense scrutiny’. It was nothing of the kind. She has a son in Iraq and couldn’t even answer basic questions on that area. If she can be emphatic on her forced pregnancy bullshit she can be emphatic on why her own son needs to risk his precious life eh

  16. Maybe she didn’t finesse the media "gotcha" game as well as some —

    but GO PALIN!

    I think she’s awesome.

  17. She’s impressive in a lot of ways, but she’s not presidential timber.

  18. She’ll be a great Vice President!

  19. Can you give me a guarantee that McCain will live four or eight years longer?

    If not, then she has to receive the vetting a Presidential nominee would get

  20. The issue is that all the points concerning Palin can equally be laid at the door of the Obamessiah.


    She IS an excellent candidate and it is the fear of her potential that has caused Team Obama and their media courtiers to go after her.

  21. David – I have not seen an interview with Obama in which he was as clearly unprepared as Palin. I really wish Palin would do better even though I am not voting for her because the image that is going out to the world is not helpful.

    And it isn’t merely Obama or media types wit hliberl sensitivities that are "going after her". She is doing herself in.

  22. Mahons,

    How many folks did a wrong footed and alarmed Team Obama send to Alaska within 24 hours of her nomination and why? The media are out to get a gotcha moment whilst a blind eye is turned to Obama and his 57 States and Joe "Get up and walk"!!

    My only concern about her is that she is strait-jacketed by the professionals. I think she is a star who should be let shine – or explode! Looking forward to the debate although won’t probably see it until Friday.

  23. David Vance –

    It seems to me that Sarah Palin was, briefly, an excellent candidate until the Republican Party got hold of her, then she became the uncandidate.

    The reason for that sudden outburst of joy among conservatives after her nomination was because they saw, at long long last, a politician in the mainstream who looked and sounded normal. She wasn’t a sociopath intent on stealing as much of our money as they could get away with, boss us around with as many laws as they could pass and then dress it up as ‘public service’.

    And then the Stupid Party locked her away and tried to fill her head with policy positions, interview techniques, debating strategy and all the rest of it.

    Result? Hesitation and no confidence in the face of Couric’s not especially hostile questioning simply because the Republicans tried to polish her up instead of realising she was good to go as she was.

    She could have put five points on the Republican poll in the last 48 hours simply by ripping into Wall Street and Washington over the Federal buy out of their chums. She could have told those big city big shots about balancing a budget, about common sense, not overreaching, she could have given them some homespun truths, but the party fools didn’t realise what they had.

  24. Reg,

    "Given both VP candidates’ reputations, it could be train-wreck TV. "

    Indeed. It has the potential to be the politics equivalent of the question of who would win in a fight between star wars imperial stormtroopers (who can’t hit the broad side of a barn) and a star trek security team (who always get killed the minute they show up).

    Probably the best thing either of them could do is let the other one talk, or both stay silent and run out the clock.

    But even if one of them lands a knockout blow, will it really matter? Probably the most famous line uttered in any of these debates ever, and a VP debate too, was ‘I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy" (and they still went on to lose).

  25. Frank, that was obama’s statergery. When in doubt, agree with the other guy. The problem with this however is that Biden might say something stupid and Palin will agree.

    Palin just needs to be herself, and not try to look too cute, a la Saturday Night Live.

  26. Pete,

    Yip – that is exactly my concern. I think she HAS the ability but I think it is being erased by those who claim to know better. They are wrong and Palin should be let rip..we’ll see how Biden does.

  27. Charles,

    "The problem with this however is that Biden might say something stupid and Palin will agree."

    LOL!! All too plausible. Or Palin will drop some clanger, and then Biden will top it with something dumber.

    SNL writers must be fearful that they are no longer needed. In Ireland, Dermot Morgan used to have the same thing going on with Michael Noonan. The original material from him was funny enough.

  28. she could have given them some homespun truths…

    Yeah, like the one about the earth being only 6,000 years old, and the dinosaurs cavorting with Adam and Eve.


  29. For those who cannot wait for the debates, you can ask Palin questions yourself here!

  30. Peter –

    Who’s the say Dino didn’t cavort with Adam & Eve? It’s a devout belief and one that I think ought to be respected. Let’s have some diversity here, man.

    That’s if the accusation is true of course. Since it comes from a liberal (spit) teacher (spit) via the Fluffington Post (spit spit spit) it’s fair to say Sarah Palin made the comment in this skinny weirdo’s dreams (all weirdo teachers are skinny).

    Let’s do a deal. I speak on behalf of the proud, patriotic and Christian West. When the wierdo commie teachers on huffpo start telling the muslims that really, no, don’t be stupid, the koran is not the literal word of your moon god, and when they tell the stupid hindoos that cows are food and not gods you morons, then they can start on Christianity.

  31. ..and don’t forget the Sikhs and their sacred turbans, and the Buddhists and their ‘Karma’ (or is that the Hindus again) and as for all the funny habits of the Orthodox Jews .. Oy vey!

  32. Dino cavorted with a lot of people back in the sixties.

  33. Why not just ask John McCain if Adam and Eve rode around on dinosaurs, after all, he was there 🙂

  34. Who’s the say Dino didn’t cavort with Adam & Eve? It’s a devout belief and one that I think ought to be respected. Let’s have some diversity here, man.

    Ok Pete. Lots of folks believe in lots of stupid things which have long been proved by science to be nonsense – witchcraft, flat-earth, sun goes round the earth, you get the idea?

    Here we have a woman who could be POTUS in less than a year and who believes that despite all the scientific evidence that the earth is 4.6 billion years sold, it is in fact only 6,000 years old, the equivalent of saying that the USA is only one mile wide. And you think this belief should be respected. Well excuse me for being disrespectful.

  35. Peter –

    Sarah Palin may believe that, but you don’t want to bet the farm on the word of a commie teacher with a history of attacking her.

    Still, there’s more evidence for the Biblical history of the world than there is for freedom and riches under socialism – who’s not being rational around here?

  36. Pete

    Palin attends a creationist church and has stood beside her preacher in public as he talked of the coming of the "last days".

    This is not some harmless eccentricity. This woman could have her finger on the nuclear button and that religious belief is relevant to this election.

  37. Peter –

    Yeah, but only the camel jockeys and lots of sand would be in danger.

    Now since Obama would have his finger on the button, and his preacher says "God damn America" …..

  38. Peter –

    By the way, I thought Palin was pro-life. All of a sudden, armageddon is upon us. Who knows anything about her? Where did she come from? Who is she? All these questions, yet if there’s one thing her opponents know, she’s about to kill us all.

    Come on, be serious. We live in an age of dopey claims and counter claims, but the one that says a woman would nuke the world because of her Christianity is a bit more dopey than the rest.

    And as most (probably) Obama fans would ask, why shouldn’t Iran have nukes anyway?!!

  39. Peter: I just heard Palin on talk radio (Hugh Hewitt) she doesn’t belong to any church. Her belief is fairly simple. She believes in God, and asks for guidance.

    Now, I understand that with Obama attending Trinity Church and "believing" in Black Liberation Theology, that it would be useful to draw a religious equivalence with Palin, but any such equivalence (ie. she’s a member of a nutty religion) is simply not based on any fact.

  40. And here she is at one of the churches to which "she doesn’t belong", getting the blessing of a witch hunting lunatic. About 7.15 in.

  41. I don’t fault Palin for her religious beliefs so long as she doesn’t try to impose them on anyone else. Actually, that is the position I’d take on almost any candidate (There are no Aztecs running – I draw my tolerance line at human sacrifice).

    I think she was a political choice (as was Biden), and she clearly has some talent for politics, although she appears to be gravely unprepared for the highest office. Maybe she’ll suprise me at the debate.

  42. Patty

    So she’s not a creationist then? Because believing that the earth is 6,000 years old would pass the "nutty" test for most of us.

  43. Frank

    Great link.

  44. And here she is at one of the churches to which "she doesn’t belong", getting the blessing of a witch hunting lunatic. About 7.15 in.

    LOL Frank, that is some crazy crap. She is as thick as a plank of wood.

  45. …and as mad as a bag of sausages.

  46. Should have been bottle of sausages! lol

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