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Bombs Midnight Pardon?

By ATWadmin On December 30th, 2006

Any normal political party in a given democratic situation would give their support to the police and institutions of the State in which they live as a matter of necessity.  However, in Ulster, we are not dealing with a normal political party.  Nor are we talking about government ministers with any semblance of moral perspective.  Thus, it is entirely right for the pro-Union majority to ask what concessions (and there will have been some, you can mark my words) have been given in order for the IRA to assent to conditionally supporting the PSNI (‘conditionally’ refers to the inevitable reality as opposed to the cheap words uttered by this collective scat)?

Have members of the government been doing a bit of Monty Pythonesque ‘nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, squire’ on the vexed issue of on-the-runs?  Let me make one thing clear: these terrorists cowardly hiding from the reach of justice should be treated in exactly the same way as Mr Tikrit was treated at 3am this morning.  Why should they be accommodated in order for the Provos to accept what parties who can honestly claim to be constitutional accept as their duty?  We all know the IRA is split from top-to-bottom on this issue and Adams will be desperate to obtain notable ‘goodies’ in order for the anticipated gaggle of the worst plebs in the British Isles to give a cursory nod to the role the Provos have envisaged for themselves as it, in truth, will be to hollow out the PSNI from within.

Many of those hiding in the metaphorical Irish pig pens from the reaches of the judicial system are guilty of denying the right of unfettered life to a great number of people.  There is absolutely no reason why the United Kingdom should permit these animals to return peaceably as an incentive to evoke cheap and, ultimately, meaningless platitudes from a bunch of terrorists and murderers.

12 Responses to “Bombs Midnight Pardon?”

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    The name comes from "Ulster 1912".

  2. Keep up the good work, Crawford!

  3. The very idea that the British Government would stoop so low as to cement a deal with terrorists by accepting an amnesty for more terrorists!

    How could anyone believe such an outlandish idea?

    It’s just as likely that the Government would agree to release some four hundred terrorists who were already behind bars, in the hope that both Terror crews would call a halt to the killings, the criminal activities, the drug rackets, the fuel smuggling, the bank robberies, the protection racketry……………………………………
    ……………………………..etc., etc. in the hope that peace might return, and Devolved Government would take place!

  4. I like to wander in here from time to time to watch the unionist project unravelling from the inside.This site offers a unique perspective on a facinating socio-political phenomenon. I have occasionally posted comments , usually with a different moniker but mostly I just come to enjoy the view. Andrew McCann is a particular favourite. His unique blend of strident xenophobia, overblown hyperbole and flatulent self regard never fails to amuse. Please ensure that he remains a prominent contributor over the coming year, and what a prospect 2007 presents us with. Elections everywhere, how will the DUP handle the shinners endorsement of the PSNI ? Will the SNP go for the constitutional jugular ? Will the jocks have the bottle to cut the apron strings (never mind the purse strings) ? A particularly facinating (and realistic)scenario would see Gordon Brown returned to no 10 with the support of Scottish Labour MP’s whilst also seeing Labour with a smaller number of members in Holyrood than the SNP, and no Tory MP’s at all for Scotland. If that doesn’t trigger constitutional meltdown in the 300th year after the AOU then AmcC is a raving republican….what fun we’re in for. Keep up the good work.

  5. Church leaders in tolerance call

    "The decisions we make will either take us forward into a shared future with a mindset of moving forward together or leave us in the past trapped by our grudges and prejudices," they said.

    "We ask everyone to reject those words, attitudes and actions which fuel prejudice and sectarianism."

    Could we have a typical comment from an ATW regular, along the lines that these church leaders are all gutless cowards, provo apologists/sympathisers/appeasers .. delete as appropriate.
    Just for the record AmcCann, you understand.

  6. Could we have a statement of what you have swallowed/smoked/snorted/injected today – just for the record Junkie, you understand…..

    Looking forward to you posting more threats against me on Balrog. Pillock.

  7. oooh nasty nasty
    I don’t take drugs.

    Now let’s have no more deflections
    a comment on the church leaders statement please.
    Ball not man!

  8. ‘His unique blend of strident xenophobia, overblown hyperbole and flatulent self regard never fails to amuse.’

    I’m always around to offer the sort of perspective that incentivises mediocre jackasses, who float around the blogosphere like a turd en route to the sea, to post comments that give a clear insight into their own talents for irrelevant petulance – as the above quote amply illustrates.

  9. Who float around the blogosphere like a turd en route to the sea.

    Good metaphor although it could also aptly describe yourself and your little Englander attitude as your beloved UK slowly fragments.

  10. ‘although it could also aptly describe yourself and your little Englander attitude as your beloved UK slowly fragments.’

    Only a total ignoramus could use the term ‘Little Englander’ and then talk about my ‘beloved UK’ in the same sentence. Historically they are mutually exclusive.

    The Union will be around long after you and I are gone, matey!

  11. Don’t they have sewage treatment plants in Yorkshire ?

  12. We’re barely on the electric (LOL!).