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Auntie Says Goodbye to Saddam

By ATWadmin On December 30th, 2006

If anyone was awake in the early hours of this morning as I was, they will have had the opportunity to witness the contrasting analytical styles of Sky News and BBC News 24 as they brought us the joyous news that Saddam’s neck had just been extended another 8 inches.  Whilst the former concentrated on the years of his brutal rule and the numerous atrocities carried out on his orders, Auntie was busying herself searching through the journalistic woodwork for anyone who opposed the sentence on ‘human rights grounds’, or ‘compassionate grounds’, or who believed the whole trial was something of a farce.  As the day progressed we had John Simpson telling us how Saddam’s unflinching lack of emotion, nay, veritable bravery, on the gallows would be seen as an energising rally to all those who continue to kill Iraqis and Allies alike to further his legacy.

I repeat: why are we compelled by law to pay money to fund the innate stomach-churning bias of this supposedly ‘politically neutral’ behemoth of insipid Leftism?


If only he had watched Jaws!

6 Responses to “Auntie Says Goodbye to Saddam”

  1. I’m just watching the 10.30 news on BBC1. It was stated by the blonde talking head that "hopes that Saddam’s execution would bring peace were dashed by a series of car bombs" followed by GWB quoted as warning that Saddam’s execution WOULD NOT END THE VIOLENCE. The BBC did not say whose ‘hopes’ were dashed. Would someone, JR perhaps, please clarify?

    Then John Simpson remarked that Saddam’s spirited defence during his trial and his calmness in the face of death will strengthen his legend – FFS! Firstly, Saddam was not tortured or beaten during his period in detention – had he so been, would he be "spirited"? And secondly, ‘legend’? Seriously, the BBC are building his ‘legend’, and his body isn’t yet cold.

    And now Matt Frei is getting ready to celebrate the milestone of 3000 US dead in Iraq when it arrives.

    What a crock of sh*t the BBC is.

  2. Take a look at the BBC’s ‘Have Your Say’ on this….


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    I’ve presorted it for you in ”Readers Recommended sequence,That’s because I’m a nice guy who tries to help. 🙂

    Basically it’s the fault of the nasty Americans.

    No surprise there then, though I have to wonder if the people who post to this BBC feature aren’t actually trying to game the editorial preferences of the Beeb simply to see their name on a website?

    Whether it’s deeply felt or is simply an attempt at 15 seconds of fame, the drivel is inspired.

    God Bless America and Good Luck Britain…:)

    Happy New Year to you and the Blog.

  3. And to you, Jeff. Have a good ’07.

  4. Andrew,

    good post. I just caught the 11 pm news on Radio 4, and they’d managed to track down a Kurdish woman living in London who condemned it – she opposes the death penalty, and wanted him to "rot in jail". I’ve no idea who she is other than the details above. No other opinions were heard.

  5. I was going to point to the BBC’s ‘Have Your Say’ forum but Jeff has beaten me to it. Well I’ll second his recommendation anyway.

  6. Saddam should have some interesting company as he spends eterntiy in damnation along with Milosovic, Hitler, Napoleon, Arafat etc. 🙂