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Saturday Night Jukebox!

By ATWadmin On December 31st, 2006


I’d like to pay tribute to another of my all-time favourite British bands tonight. Back in 1988/89, a bright new wave of British indie-pop surfaced, loosely known as the "Madchester" scene (as many of the bands hailed from Manchester). Drawing inspiration from 70’s dance music and 60’s psychedelic garage, bands such as Happy Mondays and Inspiral Carpets created something fresh and funky!

But there was one band that stood truly head and shoulders above the rest, and their music continues to stand the test of time. Their self-titled debut album was so magical, so perfect it could almost have fallen from heaven, it’s got to be one of the best British albums ever recorded. Even the admittedly weak vocals were more than made up for by their hugely talented guitarist, whose playing was compared by many to Hendrix (I never ever "got" Hendrix – to me his music is just a pretentious self-indulgent din, but this guy did it for me!) Sadly, years of legal wranglings and in-fighting took their toll on the band’s creativity, and five years later (after an interminably drawn-out wait, for what was to become the most eagerly awaited follow-up album of the 90’s) their second album failed to live up to expectations. Their inevitable break-up was messy and ignoble; music lovers averted their eyes and wept (well, I did, anyway). Sweet, sweet, the memories you gave me….

I’ll leave it to Granada TV presenter and Factory Records supremo Tony Wilson to introduce them…


** UPDATE: I just don’t know what it is about YouTube: when I play this clip by clicking on the "play" button here on ATW, the picture quality is poor and "jittery", and it keeps on pausing every 10 seconds or so while its buffering – very annoying for a music track. Whereas, when viewed at its original YouTube location, it plays perfectly. ??? If you’re having the same troubles, then you can view the clip at its source page, at this url:




One Response to “Saturday Night Jukebox!”

  1. Tom, I share much of your views on this, (but not the bit about Hendrix, but I’ll leave that aside)

    They had it all for a brief time, and then disappeared. They live on in some of the work by Ian Brown – his first album "Unfinished Monkey Business" is much better than the Roses "Second Coming", and includes a great dig at guitarist John Squire, reminiscent of Lennon’s "how do you sleep" swipe at McCartney.