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Seperate Nations, Seperate Solutions

By ATWadmin On October 6th, 2008

Leaders of Britain, Germany and Italy joined the French president at a hastily called summit in Paris to discuss the financial crisis facing Europe.

But Gordon Brown, Angela Merkel and Silvio Berlusconi all had very different agendas when they sat down to talk together – not least because the crisis has affected each of their countries differently

Who’d have thought that? Who’d have thought that different nations, with different national stories, distinct cultures, different governmental, judicial and administrative systems, different currencies and diversely structured economies would have found the troubles affecting them differently.

Golly gosh!

It rather undermines the case for a pan-EU solution to what are particular local factors. Since they’re also admitting that one-size-does-not-fit-all, it weakens the very case for the EU.

4 Responses to “Seperate Nations, Seperate Solutions”

  1. but comrad one plan will fix it all… just give us your money we shall distribute it each according to their needs

  2. Merkel ain’t falling for that crap twice.

  3. separate?

  4. There is always the possibility that this financial crisis will rend the EU asunder. Oh how I wish.