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By ATWadmin On November 1st, 2006

evil_pumpkin.jpgI was intrigued to read that a new movie has left some cinema-goer’s fainting in the aisles! The BBC reports that the horror film "Saw 3" has been slaying them in the back rows – and this movie is number one in the UK and USA apparently!   That got me thinking about the scariest movie I have even seen and I came up with three that caused a acing of the pulse…

1. Carrie – and yes, the very last scene made me jump!  I’ve been a Stephen King since then.

2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – watched it when a student – gory at the time!

3. Halloween – the first one from John Carpenter. It was a cracking scary movie without too much in your face violence. And Jamie Lee Curtis in her teen scream-queen prime. (Not that she was scary!)

So, at this time of the year as shadows lengthen and daylight fades, which movies have scared you?

9 Responses to “SEEN SEE SAW…?”

  1. For me it has to be Wolf Creek (2005).

    Made on a shoestring by Australian newcomer Greg McLean, it has few special effects and no paranormal elements. But Jeeze is it scary!

  2. ‘Rosemary’s baby’ When I saw it as a child.

  3. Yes, Rosemary’s Baby was tough on the nerves. The Exorcist is another classic and at the time I remember feeling shocked at the horror. But the most horrifying film of all is "The Tenant" by Roman Polanski. Shot in Paris, it really takes you inside a mind that is slowly losing its grip on reality and sinking into total despair and madness.

  4. The Exorcist.

  5. Since my mother is named Rosemary it has always had a certain chill for me.

    I watched Peter Lorre in "M" last night. An old black and white film about a child serial killer that may be among the scariest.

  6. BTW David I was sure you would list "The War Room" which depicts the successful inner circle of Bill Clinton’s election team as the most frightening movie ever.

  7. I’m not a fan of the horror genre and just about any film with sudden movement or loud noise does the trick, even if it is telegraphed in advance.

    I used to be alright as long as I had my back to a solid wall while watching, and then I saw The Evil Dead which featured hands coming through a wall and that was that.

  8. Nice new digs, David and co. Like it.

    First off, that stuff about people "fainting" in theaters is 100% bull-honkey. I’ll bet the bank those people were employees of Lion’s Gate/Twisted Films sent in as plants to get media attention.

    And you thought Halloween was scary? Why do people find that snail paced Michael Myers dude frightening? How can you not get away from that guy? All you have to do is run.

  9. I saw Rosemary’s Baby in a massive auditorium and there was one bit when the whole crowd let out a gasp of terror, and then all laughed at hearing everyone else. In such a crowd it was excellent.

    The Japanese "Ring" and "Ring 2" are great for a lonely night in, and the original "Night of the Hunter" with Robert Mitcham as a deranged preacher is not bad. "Hell Raiser" is very good and then blows it in the last few minutes, and the old British black and white "Dead of Night" is definitely worth a viewing.