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yes please!

By ATWadmin On January 3rd, 2007

…..Lets feel proud of these guys.

"If you’re a Brit and you’re stuck in a tricky situation in some war zone you might well hope and pray that the SAS will turn up to rescue you. You might even be a bit miffed if they didn’t, so often do they seem to rescue people in such situations. However, if you’re an Italian climber stuck 24,000 feet up the Himalayas, you haven’t eaten for three days and acute mountain sickness means you can’t move, you probably wouldn’t in your wildest dreams imagine that a joint SAS/SBS team would come round the corner and rescue you from what was otherwise likely to be certain death.

But that is precisely what happened to Roberto Marabotto."

"There hasn’t been much in the past year to make us proud but these guys and the Paras have managed it"  


Nice to see the media acknowledge it.

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