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Donald Trump on Alex Jones Show

By Phantom On December 3rd, 2015

I remember when I mentioned Alex Jones here four years ago, Patty said that she had never heard of him. I understood that, since most people don’t know who Alex Jones is. He has millions of listeners, but a really small percentage of the market.

Alex Jones is more than anything else a conspiracy theorist. He is at the center of them, somtimes he appears to start them. In late 1999, he told his listeners that Y2K would lead to disaster, and that war with Russia was about to start. He is a 9/11 Truther. He believes that the Boston Bombing, the Sandy School gun murders, and the Oklahoma City bombing were all False Flag operations, where the US murdered its own people in order to implicate others. Etc.

Besides being a fearmonger, Alex Jones lies a lot. Details upon request.

Jones has long had a chummy relationship with the fringe personality Ron Paul, and with his son Rand Paul. He is friendly with the governor of Texas.

But yesterday, Alex Jones stepped into the big time. He scored a 30 minute interview with Donald Trump, who at this point really could win the Republican nomination for president. Trump is an ” all publicity is good ” media whore, so his motives are transparent. But what does this tell us about America in 2015, when the leading Republican candidate has given an interview to a foaming at the mouth lunatic?

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  1. The entire purpose of Alex Jewnes is to discredit the truth, and he does indeed state much truth in a foaming-mouthed manner which does exactly that. But there was one interview which really did nail the truth down, and it was with Aaron Russo in 2007, who really did mean it. Amazingly, the number of viewings of this excerpt which was in the hundreds of thousands is now back to 5,000:


  2. I think that the main purpose of the Alex Jones is to make money.

    There is much to be made by keeping his segment of the American public terrified all the time.

  3. Phantom, on December 3rd, 2015 at 10:17 PM Said:

    I think that the main purpose of the Alex Jones is to make money.

    And who own Jewnes’s show?

  4. 2 nutz for the price of one

  5. Oh look – it’s the white man who fled Philly’s enrichment process

  6. There are advertisers who reach an audience who wants to buy guns, partially assembled / barely legal guns designed to evade the few regulations that exist, body armor, survivalist food supplies, water filtration kits, bags to take a dump in ( swear to god, he has ads for that ), ” patriot made ” clothing.

    Step right up, he sells all of it. There’s a sucker born every minute.

  7. for all the Jones Fans


  8. Troll – I opened your link in the hope that there would be some kind of reasoned debunking of Jones. Instead, it’s an excerpt of the sorry state of your mind. Now why don’t you open my link at 10.15pm and hear some reality?

  9. “But what does this tell us about America in 2015, when the leading Republican candidate has given an interview to a foaming at the mouth lunatic?”

    Not much that we don’t already know, I am afraid. If you’ll recall, when Bill Clinton ran for office he famously offered us the information (on Late Night Comedy I believe) that he wears boxer shorts for underwear rather than tidy whities.

    Both Hillary Clinton and Obama have been filmed doing a silly dance routine on The Ellen Show while running.

    I think “in the old days” if we researched it we would find pie contests and other ridiculous activities as politicians ran for office.

  10. Nixon said “Sock it to me” on Laugh In

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qRZvlZZ0DY

  12. Clinton, Nixon and the others did silly things.

    Trump just gave a thirty minute interview with a crypto fascist fearmongering lunatic

    Alex Jones is being mainstreamed, and that is a really bad thing. If this guy is normal, is there anything that is beyond the pale?

  13. Alex Jones will never be Mainstream, it only shows that Trump as good as he is with PR still needs a handler.

  14. Patty/Phantom/Troll

    Here’s a lovely holiday film to get you all in the romantic mood and feeling even dreamier about your C.I.C. 🙂


  15. god gag me with a spoon…. Colm play the Trailer I posted. Now that’s a movie

  16. Jones/Trump/Russo — the three stooges with the same number of letters.

  17. A conspiracy loon who is so nuts even A@A isn’t a fan. Wow.

  18. Alex Jones indeed goes over the top now and again (and when he does he is higly entertaining and hilarious!), but I seriously highly recommend watching his shows for a while before simply dismissing him as many idiots do. About 80-90% of it is bang-on correct and uncovers far more TRUTH than the scum in our mainstream media ever will.

  19. Trump called Alex Jones to thank him after the election

    You heard it here first, boys, you heard it here first.

    Alex Jones is exceptionally tight with the president elect.

  20. President-elect Donald Trump called Alex Jones, the radio host, provocateur and operator of Infowars.com, to thank him for his support after winning the presidency, according to Jones, who described the call in a 5-minute video posted over the weekend.

    “He said, Listen, Alex, I just talked to kings and queens of the world, world leaders, you name it, but he said it doesn’t matter, I wanted to talk to you, to thank your audience, and I’ll be on the next few weeks to thank them,” Jones recounted. “I said is this is a private call? And he said no, I want to thank your viewers, thank your listeners for standing up for this republic, we know what you did early on, throughout this campaign, standing up for what’s right.


  21. Oh groan… not more Alex Jones 🙁

    Is it never going to end?

  22. It will end in four to eight years Harri

  23. I guess I need to listen to Alex Jones more.

  24. Patty

    It is 5% truth, 20% selling various snake oil products, including edible silver, 30% idiotic paranoia along controlled demolition lines, and 45% comedy.

    You must listen.

  25. The interview you posted was dated 12/2015 – a time when Trump was being asked to apologize for stating the fact that some Muslims did in fact celebrate the collapse of the two towers on 9/11.

    It seems so long ago.

    Trump really is brilliant. He managed to bypass the traditional Progressive Dem gatekeepers.

    God bless President Trump and Alex Jones. Thank God for the truth.

  26. By the way, your favorite economist Paul Krugman forecast in the early hours of the morning after Trump became President-elect that the future market would fall and fall and the entire economy was going to tank and it would be years and years for prosperity to return!!

    hahahahaha!!!! your economist, Paul Krugman, was/is so, so, so wrong. Just like you.!!!

  27. The interview you posted was dated 12/2015

    I don’t think you were supossed to have noticed that Patty?

    Is this Liberal regressive grieving going to go on for too much longer 😉


  28. Do keep in mind that Alex Jones is the king of the conspiracy theorists.

    He has been the main popularizer of ” truther ” theories involving

    Sandy Hook
    Boston Bombing
    Oklahoma City
    Many more including ” Hillary Clinton wants war with Russia “

    Never forget this anytime you hear Alex Jones

  29. The interview from 12/2015 that Phantom posted explains completely why Trump is now calling and thanking Alex Jones.

    Alex jones was one of the few media outlets not to attack Trump when Trump started speaking out against radical islamic terrors.

    One year ago.. only one year ago, thanks to the MSM and political correctness, we were not allowed to say “islamic terror” – it seems so long ago.

    Trump is known to be very loyal. So of course he is going to call and go on air, in public, and thank Alex Jones. He’s a stand-up guy. Not a politician.

  30. Patty

    The election just happened.

    You guys have the attention span of a gnat.

  31. It does seem like Hillary wants war with Russia.

  32. Patty

    Do you think it makes sense for a president elect to be associated with a Truther / general conspiracy theorist nut?

  33. Well, Phantom, unlike you, I was not caught entirely off-guard at the results of the election.

    I kind of suspected that the Trump Wave was Yuuuuge!!!

    And I know why, too.

  34. Phantom- I don’t know Alex Jones but I certainly have more respect for Trump’s opinion of ALex Jones than I do for your opinion of Alex Jones.

    I don’t mean to be hurtful, but I think you are blinded by conventional wisdom and the bubble you inhabit.

  35. What problem do you have with what I say about Alex Jones

    I introduced you to him. You claimed not to know him when I first mentioned him.

  36. Phantom’s always said Alex Jones is a liar and a fantasist, but when Jones says that Trump called him, well that happened.

  37. Trump has been on the Jones show, ( see video ) and he has said that he will be on the show again in the near future.

    Alex Jones’s worldview is very influential to Donald Trump. You can’t understand Trump without knowing how Alex Jones influences him.

  38. Alex Jones to be interviewed on NBC

    The psychotic liar who is a major force in the Trump movement moves to greater prominence.

  39. Did anyone see Megyn Kelly’s Alex Jones interview last night?

    I thought that it was good, and I didn’t necessarily expect it to be good.

  40. Conspiracy nuts are predicting a new Civil War

  41. Did anyone see Megyn Kelly’s Alex Jones interview last night?

    I doubt it, I doubt it very much Phantom.

    It is now more than apparent, you are the only one who is a fanboy of Alex youknowwho.

  42. Harri

    Alex Jones is a significant, and visible ally to Donald Trump ( and your boy Tommy Robinson )

    He’s friendly to Matt Drudge, to Michael Savage, and has mentioned altnewsmedia.net by name. ( Something that I’ve never heard any other US media figure do ) He is the source of nearly all of Allan’s lunatic theories.

    You seem to never want him discussed, despite his rise to significance, a rise greatly aided by Donald Trump’s appearance on his show.

    There is a conspiracist thread in the Trump regime, which is why the Trump/Alex Jones friendship is a natural one.

    You are embarrassed by this. But we are not going to look away, and not going to stop discussing one of Trump’s most significant allies, the guy who gave Trump street cred among all the many conspiracists in America, and beyond.

  43. Phantom

    And may you and AJ enjoy a long loving relationship.


  44. We will continue to look at the man behind the curtain.

    Thank you for your support.

  45. Phantom

    You old conspiracy theorist you.