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“form an orderly queue on the left, please!”

By ATWadmin On January 4th, 2007

"Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,

Send these, the homeless, tempest_tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

statue liberty.jpegThese words form the final lines of a poem by Emma Lazarus, and the whole may be found as part of the gigantic memorial known as the Statue of Liberty. This monolith was possibly the first sight for millions of migrants which flooded the shores of the United States of America, in what was possibly the greatest orderly, controlled and voluntary migration in human history.



We in Britain don’t have a similar ‘welcome mat’ at any of the many entry points for the uncontrolled flood of ‘asylum seekers’ who sneak in to our country these days, because we were never asked if we wanted to host get stuffed.jpgthese guys, or these, or in fact these; but if there was to be a single image which symbolises official attitudes to anyone who objects to the sewage which infests our cities, it might be proposed that this be the ultimate symbol of Government attitudes to protesters!


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  1. LOL. Yes too true. The other image might be a pair of hands washing. Cant figure a way to be robust on asylum? Dont bother! Wash your hands of it and let the public pay the price.

  2. These posts come from Bob Oris in the states


    Catholic Archbishop Complains About Enforcement of U.S. Laws

    On Dec 12, US federal authorities arrested 1300 illegal aliens at six meat-packing plants in the US.

    In response, Denver Roman Archbishop Charles Chaput immediately fired off a letter condemning this enforcement of US law. Below are some quotes from His Grace, as reported in the Dec 13 issue of the Greeley, Colorado, Tribune, in an article titled, "Archbishop Says Raid Put Human Face on Flaws of Immigration System:"

    "Dramatic, get-tough arrests of more and more average workers will not solve our immigration crisis."

    Comment – Roman bishops don’t like criminals that serve Catholic interests being arrested – be they illegal aliens, or pervert priests!

    The bishop also lightened his letter with a little humour:

    "As I’ve said many times in the past, the Church supports the law."

    That’s a hot one!!

    And, he strangely said:

    "But as Catholics, we also need to vigorously question the timing, manner and focus of these latest arrests. Staged on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe and barely two weeks before Christmas…"

    Does anyone in their right mind think US authorities took the Catholic liturgical calendar into account when planning these arrests???

    Instead – as American bible-believing Protestants we "need to vigorously question" the loyalty of Catholics to the USA!!

    Are you praying daily that God protect the USA from illegal immigration and – the Roman Catholic Church? If not, you need to start.

    Catholic Felons Helping Illegal Aliens
    The Catholic Church and Roman Catholics continue to boast about their openly breaking US law in helping illegal aliens. This was reported in the Oct 5 Catholic News Service article, "Band of Angels Leaves Food, Water for People Crossing US Border."

    The article describes the activities of "Angeles del Desierto" (Angels of the Desert), a group of Catholics from San Diego parishes who travel the border and leave "water, clothing, and food at strategic desert locations to help people (illegal aliens) on their journey."

    This group is headed up by a Mexican who was described as "a legal US resident."

    US Federal law is being broken here. But does the Catholic Church care? The Federal Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 8, USC 1324 says:

    "Any person who encourages or induces an alien to reside, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such residence is in violation of law, shall be punished as provided for each alien in respect to whom such a violation occurs…fined under title 18…imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both."

    It is a felony for any person (including Catholics) to:

    "Assist an alien he/she should reasonably know is illegally in the US…by transporting, sheltering, or assisting him/her."

    Comment – The Catholic Church can freely get away with these crimes because they know George Bush, our so-called "security" leader, has proven during his presidency he prefers a wide-open border with Mexico! To Bush and his rich friends, making a quick dollar in the global economy is more important than maintaining the integrity of the United States of America.

    Another comment – And Bush still has millions of Americans convinced his top priority is "national security." What a joke!

  3. Every terrorist knows that the way into the US is through Mexico. In poll after poll, great majorities of Americans state their wish for controlled borders, and Bush ignores them because the corporations want ever-cheaper labour.

  4. How many terrorist attacks on US soil have been carried out by people who have arrived over the Mexican border ?

  5. Colm,

    One that I know of:

  6. SCM,

    Your astounding bigotry is rare these days. God bless you.

    On Archbishop Caput – don’t you think he was merely questioning the proportionality of the application of the US laws in question rather than questioning the law itself?

    As for you questioning his (and other Catholics) loyalty to the USA? LOL!! A somewhat hysterical reaction, I’m afraid.

    The actions of the "Angeles del Desierto" strike me as being those of people filled with Christian decency and it is dubious whether they could be construed as breaking the law you quoted.

  7. "This monolith was possibly the first sight for millions of migrants"

    As every sixth grader knows, the Statue of Liberty isn’t a monolith. It’s metal, not stone, and consists of 350 sections, excluding the pedestal which was constructed in the U.S.A.

  8. Ed

    Educational Standards are slipping. Thirty years ago every fifth grader would have known that 😉


    Thanks for the interesting info – Let’s hope it’s at least another 90 odd years before another ‘Pancho’ attacks the US.

  9. Reg,

    Sorry forgot no words condeming anything Catholic allowed.

    Shouting bigot will not work.

    Democracy is in complete opposition to Catholic doctrine or are you ignorant of that. The US is being used by the Church (Remember Spelly’s war-Vietnam)

    The changing composition of the US population is what the Catholic Church wants. Same of course in the UK
    In Scotland they brought over Polish priests – no doubt to afford integration.

    I am no bigot but if that is what you want to say then ok. Cardinal O’Brien of Scotlasnd says that protestants in Scotland want ‘to punch a pape’. Of course he is not a bigot

  10. That Chaput guy in Denver is out of CONTROL. Do you know that I wrote a letter to the Archdiocese of Denver a couple of years ago because of statements from that loony-tune? Obviously what I said then didn’t sink in. What a whack. Mexicans are mostly Catholic so I suppose the Catholic Church is blinded by the dollar signs.

    Colm, formal records of the crimes committed by illegal aliens are not kept. There is a site that displays what they can find in the media. I will find it for you. If robbing, murdering, and raping (even raping young children), and identity theft is an acceptable side effect of not securing the borders, then there is no hope for you. Although there may have been no terrorist attack by moslems who snuck in through the southern (or northern) borders – the risk that we take in not securing those borders is unacceptable. (what about the millenium attack that was thwarted? I believe we caught them at the Canadian border….)

    The illegals in this country have got to go and the borders must be secured. Bush has not been listening – it is a big issue here. The Republican party needs to take note or they will continue to lose.

  11. Monica

    I was only asking, not judging. I believe every nation has the right to determine it’s borders and entry policies. I have no problem with people being removed from any country they enter without official agreement. No-one has the right to enter any country illegally and demand permission to stay there.

  12. Colm, if I know that the US’s border with Mexico is wide-open, and you know that the US’s border with Mexico is wide-open, then would-be terrorists know that the US’s border with Mexico is wide-open.
    Your question is a real hostage to fortune.

  13. Allan

    But thankfully they have been remarkably unsuccesfull at exploiting that fact. Either that or the Mexican authorities have been very good at keeping them out.

  14. Folks,

    Is it right that those leaders of the catholic faith in the US and the UK should encourage immigration. They are after all citizens of two states the US and the Vatican.
    You cannot serve two masters.
    We know their master is the pope and therefore will seek to assist his goal of being the world leader both civil and spiritual.

  15. SCM, I think you’ll find that the Vatican’s only citizens are those who work there, about 600 at any one time. Once employment is terminated, a Vatican employee reverts to single citizenship. Only the papal nuncio and other diplomat staff members have dual citizenship in the U.S.A.

  16. Meant to say those who both *live* and work there. Many employees—translators, guides and so on—live in Rome but work in Vatican. They aren’t Vatican citizens.

  17. So the very princes of the church have no citizenship
    A prince always has citizenship of his country.

  18. As far as I know, the thwarted millenium attack is the only one that the American public has heard of. There is some evidence showing that the bombing of the Alfred Murrah building in Oklahoma City had a mid-east connection. I’m not sure if the first attack on the WTC (’93?) was perpetrated by an illegal who snuck across the borders. Probably not… Oh! I think one of the DC snipers was here illegaly. Maybe not, I’ll have to check that.

    In any case, it is not prudent to leave ones borders wide open. That applies to countries as well as individuals!

    As for SCM – I have no idea what HE’s getting at. Just spit it out, hon. What are you driving at? The Vatican has plans to take over the world?

  19. Ed Lee,
    When Pope John XXIII was asked how many people worked at the Vatican, his reply was "Oh, about half of them." So much for your theories!

    SCM, What’s with this dual citizenship thingy? Every religious person has a dual citizenship unless you accept the Theocracy concept.

    Since the moral law transcends politics, a Christian whether Catholic or not can only be the citizen of ONE kingdom (of heaven) but he can be (and in fact IS) a pilgrim temporarily residing in another kingdom (the world) and following its laws etc. as any pilgrim should.

  20. Allan@Aberdeen,
    So do you think closing the borders will solve the problem? In industries where outsourcing is possible, outsourcing will happen. And where it’s difficult, corporations will shift their operations beyond the boundaries of the US, thereby solving their problem without governmental assistance. That’s one of the corollaries to globalisation.

  21. Adrian? Is that OUR Adrian? How are you??!!

  22. test

  23. Hey Hi Monica! 🙂 How were Christmas and New Year? I just got a few days’ break so make sure you’re well stocked on ICBMs.

  24. here is what our immigration policy has turned into

    Guardsmen overrun at the Border


  25. Monica,

    Don’t pick on SCM. He doesn’t like Bill Clinton because Bill is really a Jesuit disguised as a Baptist.

  26. Glad you dropped in and left some comments Adrian. Our holidays were great and I hope that yours were too.

    Alan – so that’s his problem. lol!

  27. BTW Alan – there is a bloggers convention being planned for the first weekend in June. It’s down in Virginia I think, right outside Wash. DC. Troll and I would love to try to make it and I think you should, too.

  28. >>>As far as I know, the thwarted millenium attack is the only one that the American public has heard of. There is some evidence showing that the bombing of the Alfred Murrah building in Oklahoma City had a mid-east connection. I’m not sure if the first attack on the WTC (’93?) was perpetrated by an illegal who snuck across the borders. Probably not… Oh! I think one of the DC snipers was here illegaly. Maybe not, I’ll have to check that.<<<

    monica, need a tinfoil hat? i should have a spare somewhere.

  29. Which part of that qualified for tin foil?

  30. >>>Which part of that qualified for tin foil?<<<

    on the same basis that i get accused of being a ‘conspiracy theorist’, all of it.

  31. Mike Cunningham: The U.S. has always had a sort of dual view of immigrants, dating back to the first waves. Many welcome the immigrants as invigorating the nation, others are opposed to what they see as different people who don’t "share" common values. I lean towards the school of thought that believe that immigration has and continues to be one of the nation’s bedrocks.
    Having spent two weeks in Ireland I got a kick out of many of the natives complaining about the immigrants there in terms not used since . . .well since the Irish themselves were immigrating into America in the 19th Century. I don’t have the same handle on the attitudes in the UK, but having gone into so many places themselves without, shall we say, invitation, can the British people seriously think in the age of a global economy that they should be immune to immigration themselves?
    I don’t think the Catholic Church’s support of immigrants in the US is money-based as some of the commentators have suggested. It appears to me to be more based on their mission to protect the poor and the politically vunerable. I also think that they have called attention to some of the excesses of the anti-immigration movement to their credit.
    I have no idea where a middle-eastern allegation of the Oklahoma bombing comes from, other than sever paranoia. That crime was committted by a socially inept cretin who was home grown.

  32. Mahons,

    Agree re the "socially inept cretin" Timolthy McVeigh. From Wikipedia:


    McVeigh was raised in Western New York State, being born in Pendleton (near Buffalo) and received his high school diploma from Starpoint High School in Lockport, New York . His parents divorced when he was ten years old. McVeigh had been a registered member of the Republican Party in New York and was a member of the National Rifle Association while in the military.

    Religious beliefs

    After his parents’ divorce, McVeigh and his siblings lived with their father, a devout Roman Catholic who often attended Daily Mass. Some degree of religious conviction may have remained with him throughout his life. In a recorded interview with Time Magazine he professed his belief in "a God". The Guardian reported that McVeigh wrote a letter claiming to be an agnostic.

    BTW – I live about 70 miles east of Lockport, and, now that the Jets and Giants lost yesterday, we will have NO New York teams in the Super Bowl!

  33. Alan: Thanks for the information. Please rest assured that I do not consider all of those people residing within 70 miles of Lockport to be socially inept cretins, just certain Buffalo Bills fans.

    The Jets and Giants thankfully ended their seasons on the same day, thus paving the way for early coverage of pitchers and catchers reporting to Yankee spring training.

  34. Monica and Troll should be happy.

    What I mean is, they should be happy that the Philadelphia Eagles won yesterday, not that Timothy McVeigh was a member of the National Rifle Association.

  35. Alan: In these times of declining conservative power you have to allow them some moment of glory.