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By ATWadmin On January 5th, 2007

Almost a year on from the cartoons protest in which groups of muslims were allowed to freely demonstrate their open hatred for this country and directly solict murder, one of the protestors Javed, 27, of Birmingham has been found guilty – using police video evidence witnessing him yelling: "Bomb, bomb Denmark, bomb, bomb USA."

Javed had claimed his chants against the two countries were "just slogans" and that he "regrets" saying them. I dont particularly care. It goes without saying that an extremist demonstration by say, the BNP, in which members called openly and directly in full view of everyone for immigrants’ destruction had occured they would have been rounded up and arrested on the spot.  And certainly no sane MP would be rushing to the side of one of the protestors (as occured last year) to suggest he is just a misguided silly little boy. I cant help wondering at the approach taken that day. However. The filmed evidence has allowed for them to be prosecuted. And the demo itself made it abundantly clear to those among us who deny any problem just how much hatred exists. The maximum penalty for soliciting murder is life in prison. I wonder.

Remanding him in custody, Judge Brian Barker said he would not pass sentence until several other trials relating to the protest had concluded – expected to be in April.  So there ARE more come then. That is a surprise. (There is currently no mention of an appeal)

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  1. I am in two minds about this. On the one hand I was angered and annoyed by the demo and my gut feeling was why should these people live here if they hate our customs and traditions so much but on the other I strongly disagree with criminal prosecutions against anyone purely for what they say – however vicious. Free speech to me means exactly that, however gross I find it. No doubt many people will applaud any lengthy jail sentence handed down in this case, but bear in mind a law used in this case which you might approve of could just as easily be used in other directions which you wouldn’t be happy with.

  2. I hate to say it but I have to agree with Colm….

    What should be done with those films instead is use them to identify those in that crowd and then put them under 24/7 surveilance

  3. Should Kenny Everett have been prosecuted for his outburst at the Conservative party Conference in 1983?

  4. MR, good point.

    And all while releasing/ignoring the terrorists who actually did bomb.

  5. Lord Adams of La Mon ?

  6. Colm

    I agree as well. Quelle Suprise!!

  7. Can someone remind me of what Kenny Everett said at the Tory conference in 1983? I’m having one of those curious moments again.

    Colm, much as I am normally on the Free Speech side of this argument have to disagree here. This was a deliberate, clear incitement to murder. The man wasnt prosecuted for saying ‘all danes are bastards’, he was prosecuted for trying to whip people up to go and kill Danes. When I think of the lynching parties here on ATW when someone simply uses a ‘forbidden word’ like ‘coon’ I have to wonder where these brave outraged voices are when its someone on the darker side of pale saying that people of a certain ethnicity or nationality should be murdered. Not that you are one of those ‘brave’ voices generally…

    My ten year old just saw this verdict on the news with the accompanying footage of ‘that’ demo. She is currently being treated to the sugar-coated version of Islam for this term’s RE topic. She wondered aloud in her best sarcastic voice whether or not they’d be sitting down to watch footage like that this term…bless.

  8. Can someone remind me of what Kenny Everett said at the Tory conference in 1983? I’m having one of those curious moments again.


    "In the 1983 electoral campaign, the Young Conservatives invited Kenny to their conference in an attempt to attract the youth vote. Egged on by film director Michael Winner, Kenny bounded onto the stage, wearing the enormously oversized foam rubber hands familiar from his mock-evangelical character Brother Lee Love. He shouted slogans like "Let’s bomb Russia!" and "Let’s kick Michael Foot’s stick away!" (Michael Foot was the elderly leader of the Labour party.)"

  9. Troll – they were put under surveillance and i sincerely believe that the police used the opportunity to track nutjobs. In a year they have had plenty of opportunity to ascertain who is doing what like we dont know already.

    Colm – this was pure incitement, I am of course in favour of free speech but telling people to go out and kill – nope. Besides i agree with DSD (more posts DSD btw!?) we react one way to some groups and change our minds for others. Given the nature of Islam such as it is telling people to go kill will have an enormous impact.. July 7 was proof of that.

  10. One aspect I’d like to raise is that (IMHO) it was wrong to prosecute for stirring up "racial hatred" – which race did he hate? It was simply incitement to murder – by the prosecution’s standards, arguably any crime committed has a racial element, which is ridiculous. This should have been dealt with without any reference to race.

  11. Kenny Everett was trying to be funny – this guy and his head-banger chums were inciting to murder. There’s a difference.

    "The maximum penalty for soliciting murder is life in prison."
    LOL! Sentence will not exceed five years (= 2.5 years inside, less time already served in custody = walks in one year or so).

  12. Alison –

    "I cant help wondering at the approach taken that day."

    I saw the demo on Sky News and wondered what the police were up to (or not), so I rang Scotland Yard and was told that orders had come down from on high that no arrests were to be made that day. If I wanted to no more I should call Kensington and Chelsea nick, which wqas in charge of the police operations that day, so I did. I was told by an obviously pissed off officer that orders had come ‘from the highest level’ that no arrests were to be made that day or on any other day regarding this and like-minded groups. He was as exasperated as me.

    Because of this I made an official complaint to the Met about Ian Blair and his force making no arrests. I wasn’t the only one. I was subsequently told by an officer at Scotland Yard that so many complaints were made that the previous policy of no arrests was reversed, footage was used to identify some individuals and a few arrests made.

    At the end of it all we’ll have a few token trials but that’s only because of the number of compaints made at the Met protecting islamic filth.

  13. Pete paints a scary picture. The police should not be reacting to pressure from either side on this issue. We are at war whether the majority want to believe it or not. To give carte blanche to any group to protest and incite as they please due to political correctness and fear. Places lives in jeopardy and emboldens those that would do us harm.

  14. Alison,

    The Blog is currently mothballed because I have a multitude of commitments elsewhere just now, both domestic and Net-related. I will endeavour to relaunch things soon but for now I simply dont have time to sit down and do decent posts…

  15. Pete – that is interesting and confirms my suspicions that some of those protestors were already under surveillance and to arrest any of them would have jeapordised their investigations. Well done the police then. I went to the cartoon protests in favour of free speech and we had one muslim complain that he thought the placard advocating womens rights scared him. The protestor (an Iranian) was later arrested and then charges dropped. They were sh1t stirring. And this is absolutely nothing like Kenny Everett. Purlease. These young men are being strongly influenced and encouraged by radicals and you want to suggest this is a parallel to Kenny Everett? Peoples lives are at stake. Direct incitement is plainly WRONG especially in the current climate. We ignored the direct incitement of Hooky and look at the effect it had in that mosque and to the men involved and July 7.