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By ATWadmin On January 6th, 2007

As Gary Glitter once sang.."Hello, Hello, It’s good to be back"..…(Oops, maybe Gary Glitter isn’t the BEST reference to start the year on, but so what?)

Great to be back with you all – and my sincere thanks to the ATW team for keeping things lively in my absence, good to see you can all argue without me even being in the nearby locality!

Whilst on holiday I have ENDURED watching CNN and Sky News for the past week or so.

Sheer liberal biased hell, I can tell you, with Sky News being easily the worst offender.

I’ve tried to summarise the key issues as I best understand of the past week or so…….

maryp.jpgFirst, I could not avoid the saturated media coverage of Saddam’s execution. I make three points to you….

1. The media’s own pompous disapproval of the death penalty as a means of enabling justice drove the entire debate. Iraq’s Government could do no right since the media had already concluded Saddam had not received a fair trial and thus any outcome short of returning him to power on a gilded throne was going to get slated.

2. Who would have thought Saddam was going to be posthumously presented as a latter day Mary Poppins….i.e. He fed the birds apparently, tuppence a bag? (Wonder were the "birds" concerned vultures?)

3. Saddam got what he deserved, plain and simple. Our media’s pathetic moral relativism means they cannot accept that any judgement be made, least of all by an elected Iraqi Government. The media whinging surrounding the "cell-phone" debate was contemptible given the astronomical scale of Hussein’s genocidal track record.

Next up, I followed the outcry from tenured scientists after the Government suggested that creating human/animal chimeras, in the name of scientific research (of courseRelieved.), may be a tad legally tricky. As you can tell, I entirely oppose this merging of the species and I can reveal, for the first time ever, what a human/animal chimera looks like.

795151-621298-thumbnail.jpg795151-621303-thumbnail.jpgHave a look at the horrendous results of merging jellyfish and a politician and then look below at the awful results…shocking, isn’t it? For goodness sake, ban it right here, right now!






earyh.jpgThen there was the launch of the media’s "Green Agenda" for 2007. Sky are having a "Green Britain" week, in which viewers can both actively reduce their carbon footprints AND provide evidence of how global warming is affecting Britain. There is no mention of any viewers being permitted to challenge the "consensus" viewpoint that MANKIND is driving global warming and that only raising taxation can solve this dreadful situation. Just as politicians line up to see who can be most green, so the Media channels are following. This unhealthy stifling of debate, helping politicians increase already punitive levels of taxation, is a serious threat to our liberty. Naturally, the green gurus are predicting that 2007 will be the warmest year ever, with calamitous weather events forecast. It’s a doomsday cult masquerading as good science, folks, and we won’t all be swallowing the Rev Al Gore codswallop being served up as new age gospel.

pelosi.bmpCNN went orgasmic over the swearing in of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and the return of the Democrats to POWER! I had to laugh at the relentless bias of CNN towards the Dems – not for nothing was this broadcaster known as the Clinton News Network. Mind you, they found some time out from their busy propagandising reporting for Pelosi, Clinton, Obama and co to run a story about how Republican Presidential contender Rudy Giuliani  – a likely Clinton opponent – has had a 140-page strategy dossier stolen which talked of his weaknesses: that stormy failed second marriage, that association with a disgraced official and those inconvenient views on the issues of the day. Fair and balanced – right?

I also picked up that CNN were running a special week’s programmes on the Religion of Pieces. Viewers are to be treated to a wide variety of insights into this most fashionable of religions, with special attention on the Hadj. Not sure if the presenters in the studio will be veiled – but I’m sure that will come.  

And those were just some of the stories that caught me eye, as broadcast through a liberal prism. Is it any wonder that Eurabia is so hopeless, with such slanted homogenous trash being pumped out 24/7?

I wonder if a Fox News channel could work in Europe, or is it too late to avoid the ongoing descent into euro-dhimmitude, dressed up in hollow multiculti rhetoric?

9 Responses to “IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK……”

  1. We watch the US Fox News instead of the No 10 mouthpiece, the BBC. We asre tuned into the Duke fiasco, the Minutemen, the bias against the Folks, the Natalie Holloway saga etc as much as you guys. I do not want a Fox Europe because it would end up like Sky News, another leftish program that spews out the same MSM trash as the BBC etc.

  2. Keith,

    Is Euroland doomed to a left wing liberal MSM?

  3. Welcome back, David. Did you do much traveling? They say that it broadens the mind.

  4. ‘Till you can’t get your head through the door, Ed.

  5. Might that be one of the Doors of Perception?

  6. "’Till you can’t get your head through the door, Ed."

    I can understand how that might be a problem, David. My sympathy.

  7. "Naturally, the green gurus are predicting that 2007 will be the warmest year ever, with calamitous weather events forecast."

    It will be the warmest ever, yet again. The entire northern hemisphere has experienced its mildest ever autumn and so far its mildest ever winter, since records began. When will you guys get it?

    When NY and London are under water in 2050 you’ll still be denying the obvious.

  8. Peter,

    No I won’t – I’m building an ark!

  9. "When NY and London are under water in 2050 you’ll still be denying the obvious."

    LOL. Peter. New York was supposed to have been submerged decades ago!