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Moderates Emerge?

By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006

2,500 Muslims living near the planned mega mosque site in east London have signed a petition against the plan. Referring to the group Tablighi Jamaat, behind the plans, Asif Shakoor, chairman of the Sunni Friends of Newham, said: ‘It is radicalising the younger generation. We have to make a stand’.

This is good news.  In addition to this the mosque’s backers have fallen foul of planning laws.

It also looks like the MCB are finding their ludicrous position on Holocaust Day increasingly difficult to maintain. The MCB has had to take on more moderates in light of a government threat to ditch them. The moderates are now forcing a change in position.

Ruth Kelly, the Communities Secretary, challenged the council  to end its boycott  and threatened the change of ‘partners’ if the council refused to budge. At a meeting in London she said: “I can’t help wondering why those in leadership positions who say they want to achieve religious tolerance and a cohesive society would choose to boycott an event which marks, above all, our common humanity and respect for each other.”

Ironically, in the face of unusual and strong criticism from an Anglican bishop towards ‘muslim hypocrisy’ this weekend, the MCB were quick to accuse the church of precisely what they themselves have been terribly guilty of over Holocaust Day – which kind of underlined his point rather well I thought.



4 Responses to “Moderates Emerge?”

  1. Good news indeed.

    I dispute that they are moderates. I have no time for moderates. We need anti terrorist muslims to speak out. Moderates would seek to meet them half way.

  2. yeah maybe moderates is the wrong word as it goes. there is a tendancy to conflate the term moderate with someone who opposes terrorism, in desperation i guess. Im not so certain you can moderately submit to Islam anyway. Some muslims making a stand againt terrorism and (possibly) backwardness would be more accurate.

  3. Well this is an interesting development.

  4. perhaps a tiny ray of light?