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By David Vance On June 7th, 2016

The BBC has been salivating all day about how Hillary Clinton has “won” the Democrat nomination to be their Presidential candidate. Clearly there is not need to see how the people voted today, but then again this has always been a coronation. Vote Hillary, it’s the moral choice, right?Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.10.54


  1. It’s in the bag. She even had time to throw the first pitch in Japan. I know, I just saw it.

  2. She has the most votes. That is how it works.

  3. That’s not how it works, Mahons. The Democratic party rigs their presidential system with super-delegates to ensure the party selects the nominee, not their primary voters.

    Rather inconvenient for the rah-rah democracy, all votes matter meme they relentlessly push.

    I so hope Bernie kicks her ass in California tonight. Not that it will make a difference in Clinton’s coronation, but hopefully it will put pressure on the party to change their corrupt system.

    Trump’s nomination may serve the same purpose for the GOP, a moribund institution that exclusively caters to corporate interests, evangelical loonies and far right nut jobs over the best interests of the American middle class.

    I expect to be voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in November. Choosing the lesser of two evils no longer appeals to me, I’m going to pull the lever for a decent human being.

  4. But Hillary also won the most real votes ( popular votes )

    Sad but true

  5. The truth is that Clinton has about 2 million more actual votes thus far than Sanders. So the “rigging” claim isn’t what one would call accurate.
    Johnson has some appealing moments, but he is also reprehensible on foreign policy and unserious on several domestic positions.

  6. Libertarians are by definition not serious on foreign affairs etc

    It’s a secret handshake Dungeons and Dragons thing except that the Dungeons guys are more consistent across the board

  7. Hillary yep a total political outsider alright. Cept she’s a member of the worldwide political elite club called the Bilderberg group.
    Love to tell you all about it except it’s secret exclusive and us peasants or peons ain’t invited.

    This is true go Google it see Wikipedia.

  8. Democrat Votes mean nothing, they made sure of that after the 1968 convention and the riots. The party bosses pick the nominee the Primaries are just to build enthusiasm and to get the machine ready for the General Election.

    Sanders and his people are not going away. Hillary also is still under investigation by the FBI for the following Felonies Violation of the Official Records Act, Violation of the Espionage Act, and Bribery. All Felonies and one that she has admitted to.

    The Justice department will never bring her up on Charges Obama has destroyed Law Enforcement Especially at the National level, but if Comey recommends indictment the Democrat Party will have a hard decision.

    Do they proceed with her or do they push her out, and the people have no say in what they will do.

  9. Yes she is an outsider who lived in the White House for eight years and help create policy there and was in the secret handshake club of the U.S. Senate for years

    If she is an outsider who in the name of God is an insider

    Every lousy schmuck every angry landlord or U.S. Senator now pretends that there an outsider

    I don’t think that there were any outsiders That were major contenders at any point in this race

    Even the angry landlord was a NYC insider who gave bribes instead of receiving them

  10. It is fun I suppose to pretend that the nominees didn’t secure popular vote to get the nomination when in fact they did. McGovern, Carter and Obama were hardly the first choices of the party apparatus.

  11. And I believe that the deck-tilting ” super delegate ” system was created so as to make it much less likely that there ever be another McGovern or Carter.

    The establishment choice, Hillary this time, starts out with many organizational advantages, but now those advantages include many presumed votes before the first primary or caucus is held.

    The entire process is overly complex, inconsistent from state to state, and corrupt. There is no wonder that so very many Americans have a complete contempt for the system. I don’t agree with those who exclude themselves from the system entirely, including never voting, but I understand their position.

  12. Hillary did win fair and square. Also, she won on pledged delegates, ie, votes, and not super delegates.

    That being said, I think she is a wounded candidate b/c Sanders got pretty close and the Bernie bots are not going away any time soon. IMO, there’s not going to be a coming together (more a coming to get her) in the Dem Party.

  13. Both candidates are wounded, as they deserve to be, both parties are divided, and those divisions will be hard to paper over.

    It’s not good.

  14. Now the WWE of politics start. It’s going to be no holds barred when Trump and Clinton get after each other in the general.

    I do not underestimate Clinton for a second. She’s a professional, well funded, savey politician. Trump is going to have to up his game.

  15. This is a very gloomy time for American politics, for democracy in the US and in the world in general.
    Anyone who thinks this is “fun” obviously has no interest in the business of running a country and no affection for the American people.

  16. Trump better watch his ass.

    If he is too savage, that will hurt him.

    If he focuses on Vince Foster and Whitewater, he is an imbecile, since the American people won’t compare about that decades old laundry.

    He can effectively attack what I see as a poor tenure as Secretary of State, but Trump doesn’t seem to know much about Foreign Affairs and can’t prosecute those arguments.

    He can attack her for her involvement in the dirty Clinton Foundation, which would be interesting and which could cause damage.

  17. the American people won’t –care–

  18. Mahons, on June 8th, 2016 at 2:32 PM Said:

    It is fun I suppose to pretend that the nominees didn’t secure popular vote to get the nomination when in fact they did. McGovern, Carter and Obama were hardly the first choices of the party apparatus.

    Nobody is saying she didn’t get the majority of votes Mahons.

    What you’re refusing to acknowledge is that even if she didn’t she would still be the nominee.

    You don’t know your history, you don’t know the rules and structure of the political party that you belong to.

    After the 1968 Convention the DNC set up the nomination process of THEIR PARTY because you may be a member of the Democrat Party but you don’t run it. You don’t even hold a position in it.

    They did not want a repeat of a nightmare that made history and the system was structured that no matter what the Voters wanted the Party Bosses would control the outcome.

    What Sanders is doing by not dropping out is setting up a repeat of the 1968 Convention.

    It doesn’t surprise me that you don’t understand how the party that you belong to works, most people don’t pay attention to how the sausage is made. In your case it applies to more things than this.

  19. for those interested in what the 1968 convention was


  20. There could be violence and discord at both conventions.

    Very many unhappy Democrats and Republicans and normal people out there.

  21. any violence at the Republican Convention will be violence brought by the paid protestors and agitators of the Democrat party.

    The right do not protest violently, especially the conservatives.

  22. Though no one will forget Trump’s very thinly veiled and public threat of riots in Cleveland if he didn’t get his way.

  23. nor should they, but if there is violence at the convention it won’t be from Trump supporters.

  24. Correct.

    They won’t start it anyway, and there will be no violence started by any other GOP types.

    The Trump supporters have been attacked many times, it would be well within their rights to fight back, esp if the Cleveland police / city govt prove to be as useless as those in San Jose.