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By ATWadmin On September 8th, 2007

Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Osama Bin Laden….. eh?

I was reflecting on Bin Laden’s latest video release and thinking about his key points which reduce to;

1. Democrats were voted in to end the war so they need to get on with this.

2. We need to fight global warming right now, it’s a real and present danger.

3. We need a change in taxation.

How different is that from what Clinton and Obama want? So, will it be OBL for ’08?


  1. Whatever else you think of the man, you cant deny he’s a keen analyst of western politics – knows all the boxes to tick doesnt he?

  2. Osama’s contribution to the environment has hardly been inspring thus far — crashing four planes and creating the world’s largest dust cloud on 9/11 can’t have helped much. And the amount of guff he comes out with has merely damaged the ozone layer still further.

    Seriously though, I’m old enough to remember the tinpot dictator Idi Amin offering all sorts of ‘helpful’ governmental advice to the UK in the 70s and we all know how well his efforts paid of in Uganda. Fundamentalist tossers like Bin Laden should be roundly ignored.

  3. This is a recording aimed squarely at the wavering bloc of Americans, unsure of the best way forward. He aims to present himself as a reasonable man, not driven by hatred or even revenge but merely self defence.
    Bin Laden is attempting to split his enemy, even discussing democracy which he his never had any praise or even acceptance of. He seeks a truce and the best way to do this is to cause the people of America to wobble and see him as a semi respectable adversary, from whom they can walk away proud, and in safety. But I believe the west would be wrong to do so. Bin Laden seeks time to recover his organisations financial and military strength. He will strike again. But now he seeks a period of disingenuous peace, in order to rebuild, as sanctioned by the Koran.

  4. I agree with MC, it is attempt to exploit divisions in the West by placing himself on one side of the political divide. He underestimates just how marginal the Chomsky loving far left is and manages to overestimate their gullibility, which is no mean feat.

  5. Reads like a presidential address.

  6. So those caves of Pakistan/Afghanistan are much more sophisticated than we originally thought. They have ‘hair colourists" as bad as anything you’ll get at Peter Marx.

  7. Brian,

    Wonder has Osama his own aromatherapist?

  8. They have ‘hair colourists"

    He clearly wasnt one of the crowds of shoppers who besieged Boots stores back in May in search of the Holy Grail (Mecca for him) of cosmetics — an anti-ageing cream that actually seems to work. ‘Protect & Perfect’ produces younger-looking skin in just four weeks, "enlivening your complexion". Would have gone down well in those caves – endless sleepless nights running from cave to cave to escape British and US special forces is taking its toll on old Osama. The product sounded just right for him too (in so many ways).

    He looked like utter shit! His beard is the least of his beauty/aging issues.

  9. Alison,

    Do you remember when Gerry Adams dyed his beard, there were quite a few jokes about Grecian 2000! May be Gerry bought two for one, and sent ole Osama the free one.

  10. Maybe! Though his beard looks false to me. He looks a bit like that muppet Sam the Eagle with a stuck on Peter Sellers style beard (though I concede thats insulting to Sam).

  11. Osama Bin Laden

    I’ve got news for new. Your god doesn’t exist, but of course you’ll never know that because when death comes to you (probably soon by the look of you) you’ll not be conscious to realise that Allah is not welcoming you to the next world, because neither Allah nor the next world actually exist. So you are promoting world-wide slaughter in the name of a non-existent deity and a barbaric medieval superstition that goes by the name of islam.

  12. The video from Bin Laden was just so bizarre. He was making points about America as if he was just having an idle chat with someone, rather than being the most wanted man on the planet. His beard seems a lot blacker than the last video as well?…

  13. That wasn’t obama. Someone done up to look like him but not him. He’s dead.

    I love the fact that everyonwe see’s conspiracy and falsehood in everything that comes out of the Bush administration but no one questions that this guy doesn’t even look like OBL besides the bad dye job…

  14. –That wasn’t obama. Someone done up to look like him but not him. He’s dead.–

    No, it wasn’t Obama!

    Probably not Osama either. It is very strange to see this black bearded guy ramble on. Maybe he is dead.

  15. it was him alright.
    He just happens to be wearing a ridiculous black beard because it happens to be his trademark.

    He remains a dangerous and cunning enemy. His aims have not changed, nor have his beliefs. He appears to be concilitory, take this as an indication that now is the time to strike with commitment to destroy his power structure. He is weak, we must hit home our advantage, because we have no God given right to victory, just the opportunity to extract victory.

  16. Troll,

    *WE* can laugh at and dismiss what seems to us a really transparent attempt to manipulate the Left. But whether or not it was broadcast from a cave or by an actor, the stuff he is coming out with could be a speech by the majority of the Democrat candidates. All he’d have to do is finally give up trying to take credit for 9/11 and say it was all just a CIA/Mossad plot and the Truthers would be putting him on T-Shirts tomorrow.

    Or Ron Paul of course, though Ron Paul would probably have mentioned the ‘Zionist Lobby’ a lot more and global warming a bit less.